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    only to die unfortunatuly. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
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    it is for both... as this is vector moving, calugo doing same as fish in the wather, also this what u are saying jarno... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
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    that cute animal use tail ( tail wing ) as engine, like birds use wings.... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  4. ***The last exit over total fog cover was nuts though. ***
  5. this year first place was not even near last year first place. whole concept there is questionable. Best is to come there w big mid '70s RW suit (Balloon suit) As it was made of bad ripstop, i guess there is not even one in good shape I'm talking average for the whole flight. If I stand up at my desk now and jump, there is a moment I'm flying and my decent rate is zero. Yay! I can fly! t agree w Tonto here... Average count. However whole concept of watching just vertical decent is entirely wrong. Heavier people can just dream about the low numbers, but often light people can just dream about heavier people performance (in case heavier know how to use the weight ) Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  6. Matt, You are right ,That is possible to happen, probably at the same rate like it happens on the reserve canopies (Talking on behalf of the PF suits I am making
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    answer to this is : Impossible!!!
  8. Radical has similarities but it is another , diffrend canopy. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  9. Using such strong negative words about canopy he has never jumped with or without WS is funny, to say at least. Cobalt is elliptical canopy and therefore has his characteristics which require extra care. Elliptical canopy combing w WS usually is more demanding than square. Require bit more care at packing and opening. Personally I was jumping w Ace, Impulse ( version of Cobalt) , FX , Velocity and Xaos, all well under 90sqft. Curently, I am using Radical 95 sqft, and had no cut away on any of them. When one asking me about the canopy for WS, I say, use the one which you know the best. I saw many cut aways in the past w all kind of the canopies. I am very careful on blaming equipment in general. Human error is in majority cases the reason. Like in other skydiving discipline, body position and packing play most important role than type of the canopy itself. Therefore, make sure to learn how to control flying, pull sequence, and opening process first Blaming canopy ( especially without experience ) is pointless. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  10. was hiking too, but all the jumps were made from alse exit and not #6. German luftwaffe was seriously demaged despite the loos of two croatian wingman though... next battle is scheduled for August Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  11. Thank you to BASEklubb for organizing the '07 boogie. Was really best than ever. 5 days with perfect weather and no rain
  12. if one go to RM state, it will also fly like dead body. Guys, I do understand what you mean, don't get me wrong but semi relax mode is a must but also this is a problem to keep for long time. At the end Tristan, go and check your style /relax mode/ let me know what you get. I am using semirelax mode with excelent outcome for about limited time. R Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  13. yes, yes... but i guess i am use to my v2 .... after 60 sec of my style flying the problem starts... simply the best way is to train from higher alt which i don't have so often near me. i guess i know how to fly thoug... relaxing in max performance... well try for yourself... you'll not cover much for sure... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  14. No..because those make 5 skydives, then jump of a rock, and start bragging about their performance, and then expect al boosts in peformance to come from the suit..then come to a dropzone, and make a 90 second skydive, flying half the distance the gay ballet performers do when they max out for fun... (and then reach for their mathbook to justify..) ha, haa... that was great description!!
  15. very ignorant approach mccordia... The human flying is not just math and theory, I agree w you in this but.... certainly can't be developed with the theory behind., keep this in mind too. Lack of understanding offten producing ignorance as the easiest answer. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  16. as we already speak at F&D. Next year the proposal is to jump from 7000 ft and fly to 3000 ft .... 90degree from flight line toward the LZ. This way the endurance problem will be eliminate. Whole competition will be visible, over the DZ and the wind factor greatly reduced as well. This will be good for all and especially for me because I can find such rock easy were I have only 4000 ft to fly Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  17. I was impressed about the performance russian guys and girls presented there. Dedication to this competition and training they went through was amazing. Who ever going to be there should know that going there without enough training is not good idea. As the competition organized in cooperation w Garmin and tracking derby I think it is very easy to check current possibilities each flyer can do. Flock were fast too!!
  18. flying w stearing lines outside of the ring is way different to the low experience jumpers than flying the standard conventional mode. combination: low experience, tight landing area and stearing lines outside has greater chance to end w broken legs or so than any line over. therefore my vote goes to keep the stearing lines in the ring and use tailgate. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  19. Hi all, I would like to ask if some of the USA jumpers are going to Kjerag for Heli boogie so to be there on June 18th the latest. If yes please send me the PM. thanks in advance Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  20. there any ws on the market which does not have sweptback arm wings ?
  21. guys, All this discussion slide off from the origin discussion. Main thing is that Jeb has right to do what he think he is capable to do. Will be allways those who will agree w him and those who wont. As far as his skill goes, Jeb have made in the past so many stunt and stuff in BASE what 99% of us wont even think to think about. Respect that. Also, he has right to kill himself if he want to as well. From the video it is hard to see whole approach, but I only dare to comment just general approach. I spoke w Jeb, and he knows what I think should be made differently in order to be safer in the future. He will take my or any other person opinion if he decide is worth to take. This is enough I guess... Honestly, skydiving WS-ting has so little in common w such flight. So little that it is hard to train this from the plane at the DZ. That is why in my opinion Luigi put himself in trouble on ONE jump. Regaring the press: They will always take whatever base jumper or skydiver does in their own way. I would not care so much about the press at all... (honestly-both society, base and skydiving, likes to say how dangerous and complicated all this is, when it is about how cool we are, but when we search for sponsors or legal event, suddenly, BASE or skydiving is super easy and safe, almost like tenis or golf) To discuss who is better in WS over Jeb's and Luigi stunt is pointless... Who think is not , can come on any rock and fly by close and find out who can do better.... after all, possibilities for shows like this are countless... it is up to us to give a try... Good luck Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  22. there is no politics in Hans observation Greeny! People like to play like super rebels and BASE jumpers - out and free from law. Hey those days are over. Even Douggs ended up on court!!!