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  1. Morpheus Technologies do sell the Atair canopies ! Troll canopies for BASE Radical for skydiving! For detailes please check w Morpheus guys Robi w regards
  2. no. The Atair - Slovenia will have the new web site soon. Don't be confused w Atair airospace cause the Atair aerodynamics has no relation w Atair USA It is different company. More about all on new web soon, very soon!! In the mean time best is to contact Stane or James (uncle charlie) or even me. owner of Radical 95 Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  3. yes, it is the basicly the same.... It has 9 cells and same number of lines. same as all the skies, helmets, cars, canopies, ws are the same... For more detailes best is to ask James or even better directly to: Stane Karjnc [email protected] ( designer of Radical and Troll DW )
  4. PM sent Darren... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  5. back surge-phenomenon can occur w any canopy and has nothing w vents on the bottom skin! back surge is clearly the brake setting problem ( often combined with the wind) same goes about forward surge. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  6. more terrible can it be?! Eddie, meister Eddie !!!!!!!!! So nice and good boy. Fantastic friend and hard work person. I will miss you so much Eddie. Fly and film free! Fly forever Eddie, and say hi to Dwain & Slim too, for me. So bad and sad Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  7. _____________________________________________________________ I tend to think the larger grippers at the end of the wing tend to ad a lot of drag. Like holding a small flag in each hand. It causes larger arm pressure, and makes for few people that can fly the suit maxed out for an entire skydive. _____________________________________________________________ If they feel this , they are not holding proper position for maxing out in terms of either FF time nor distance! Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  8. Hello, Nice stuff here Yuri. Every second of time and effort involved in reading those posts is absolutely worth it . Most common mistake on WS arena ( and in life in general ) is to try to learn something by using shortcuts, for example, like flying good only by picking the tips and tricks without trying to really understand the minimum of theory....why we fly or how we fly. All physics and mathematics here are accurate, but also require above average knowledge. Therefore my only suggestion here which goes to Yuri would be... to explain all this but without numbers, equations, etc...It is hard but it will be way better accepted. ( similar approach I had on articles on PF web site - Aerodynamics I and II ) If we give up from going to the theory we will soon be at the beginning, claming that the bigger is better, slower is better, etc.... If parachute manufactures had followed the same ignorant approach to theory or physics we would be still jumping and hanging under round canopies, not having knowledge of the square canopies and best canopy would be the one which hangs out in the air for the longest time. It is frustrating to feel lack of progress just because of lack of knowledge. Aerodynamics is very demanding science. WS flying is part of it and part of flying,and we are dealing with so many different variables and problems that is almost impossible to predict the results accurately enough.... Therefore guys, try to listen, read and understand what Yuri is saying, because this source ( theory ) can tell you a lot. My dream is to fly fast and for long time with the best possible glide ratio!! I want to have a hangglider with wingspan equal to the span of my arms. If we want to achieve that , one of the most crucial part is physics, or in particular, Theory of aerodynamics. It is a long journey, it is not easy and every help is appreciated. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  9. Do not agree with this. Smaller and well balanced wingsuit is way easier to get it off sable than just whatever bigger WS. One of the primary reasons why is recommended to start with small WS from the cliff is stability. If stability and transition in to the flight is screwed start will took long time. Size has important role in '' start flying faster'' but it is not the primary one! Average jumper w Phantom or Prodigy will have better result than when using really big one. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  10. get the vented canopy - period! Make sure you get proper canopy size for your weight too. Brake settings is all about your personal preferences, and can be adjusted in few jumps from the bridge. All discussion about four or five brake line set up is easy to solve too - personal preference + type of the canopy will say to you what is better. Learning on the field w good mentor is essential! Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  11. Respect to all but: This has to be canceled! ITW is not the wall for it nor the political moment is right. If one rescue or one fatality happen during this we all might forget the ITW. Te other place near by, ISW is closed (probably forever) why to risk ITW for such pointless record?! Technically and ethically , ITW is not the place for such event. Please do not ruin Italian BASE association hospitality! I am 100% against it Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  12. Troll w no MDV will serve you well enough for slider off jumps too... As long you know what MDV is for, you'll know what you might miss in case of serious off heading and cliff strike... ( Check w Richard ) All in all, no problem in using the Troll w no MDV for no slider jumping. MDV is better option to have for such jumps but for high enough jumps w not to much demanding landings ( meaning you have enough time under the canopy ) Troll w no vents will serve you just fine...
  13. what we need to do or what we should at least try to do is to ensure that local authorities will accept our or Italian Base Association recommendations (written) rules and explanation of what the jumping ITW is! what are the consequences if one refuse to follow those rules. So if one die because disobeying rules - no big deal, let it be, pay the ultimate price!! so be it!!! Inspection shows that this and that happened and , well - RIP and go on! Pretty much the same as it is going on in climbing, canyoning, hiking.... It may sound harsh what I saying here, but BASE is very very young activity ( 25 years) and of course, therefore is not completely socially accepted. Same problems some similar now days sports had ( like climbing , free climbing, rafting, paragliding.... ) some countries have no problem w BASE, some has a lot of problem !! ( because they care for our health ..... well ) Obviously sometimes only hard way is the good way! Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  14. guys, he did not make any lazy pull nor obvious mistake.. PC hesitation is happening from time to time in skydiving and in BASE, and this is one reason why is good to open higher! ( 150m or higher ) Try to keep the speed and not to flare out before throwing the pilot chute. Trading softer opening with possible no opening is bad idea!! Same goes for regular base jumps. Pulling low every jump could be painful (very often it is) or fatal - very simple!! This is statistic! What could possibly go wrong?! - Well many things!! Random element of BASE or skydiving or flying or scuba diving or biking is - we can die!! So be careful Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  15. he landed ok and was not injured.... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  16. 150 m for exit, 150 m for opening. this is more or less what we deduct in calculations when considering the WS flight from some wall. 300m minus from total useable altitude. Of course, 150m is not enough to start some times nor recommended altitude for start too.... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  17. Cold or warm water (not more than 30 degrees of centigrade) for cleaning the PF suits the is just fine. The detergent can be normal or light one . The most important thing is to not to leave the suit to be in the water waiting. Booties are made from quality black leather which if it is long time in the water like to leek the black color out... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  18. Great person, great jumper and climber. RIP Peter Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  19. hike to Eiger is not hard when there is no snow. It is about 2.5 hours hike average, but can be done much faster... Guide is mandatory if you have no clue about how to get there.. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  20. Every pilot chute tend to strip/brake what ever is attached on it. BASE PC tend to strip the center cell, tend to strip the lines out of the tail pocket, etc... On skydive system PC tend to strip the bag from the lines (not opposite ), tend to strip the top of the canopy from the bottom platform, etc... ''Striping'' happening on every jump, regardless of the PC size. It is about proper construction and technology to prevent striping damage the parachute / harness/ jumper. Why we playing w different sizes of PC or bags , etc...?! What every jumper ( rigger ) is trying to do, is to find the balance which would work the best. Balance between fast and soft opening and fast and hard one. In our nature is to have fairly fast opening , but soft of course. The smaller PC is - the cleaner opening will be! !That is very simple rule from theoretical point of view, because it is the less power involved which works in opposite directions. Size of PC has nothing w line dump as long you have proper rubber band configuration. If rubber bands are bad than line dump will occur regardless of PC size (not thinking to compare 24'' and 48'' of course) Another point is that the PC task on both types of jumps ( BASE -Skydiving ) are the same!! PC's only job is to extract the parachute to the line stretch. When line stretch is made the PC has nothing to do w opening any more ( oscillation of PC in BASE here is not the subject) Regards Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  21. Question! Your V3 is brand new or not?! In case you jumping w brand new rig - don't worry, it will take about 10-15 jumps and after it will start work just fine - w no hesitation. In case your rig is not new - just keep the ''arch'' method for pull sequence but change the PC! Take the one which is about 1 or 2 inch bigger , not more than 2 inch. This will solve the problem Best regards Robert Pecnik [email protected]