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  1. And all this is correct!! If you compare two Troll standard and DW you will noticed this. The line set is the same . there is different variations on brake setings though. Cord & span is the same . R Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  2. Troll DW-MDW and DW are the same profile - yes! MDW trol has vents. 5 vents in 5 cells. Trango is similar to Troll DW but.... it would be to long here for me to explain the difference between them.. It is small pack volume, gives nice openings, it is light, it is white only ( w central cell in different color possible !!
  3. trango has no vents!! It is Similar to TrollDW ( Troll - Dwain Weston )and it is not like Troll DW-MDV (MDV - vents )
  4. Hi Tom, I did not jump Trango in skydiving configuration, find that not necessary at all. For those who thinking about using the Trango for skydiving, I do not see any reason why this set up would not work well. Of course, with sale slider and bag might be very very nice canopy. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  5. hello, Pressurization works well in both ways. Small adjustment can be done, so that user rotate the sleeve around the wrist and tight it w velcro. However this is not necessary at all cause the vents covering wide selection of angles of attack. I have tried palms up and down and somehow likes better palms down. IMHO to track good, more than palms up or down is needed to accomplish great result. Best comment on that can be done by some top trackers in the world - Paul, Douggs, Joninge, Athle Doug, Elen... etc...
  6. Hello, As I was heavily involved in testing Trango canopy last year, I would like o comment few stuff. Trango is designed to be the choice for those BASE jumpers who does hike long and hard for their jumps. Norway, Dolomites, Alps.. Also for climbers, were every pound makes the difference. Trango is designed to be SLIDER UP canopy only and it is NOT designed for slider down stuff at all. Trango canopy is made from light material with well designed reinforcing. All on that canopy is designed in order to reduce the weight but not compromise the security. The canopy has small pack volume. I would say that 245 Trango ( when packed neat ) has volume of standard 180 sqft canopy. Lines on Trango are 725 spectra lines. I am using the soft links too, but that is not official recommendation from the Atair aerodynamics. Spectra lines does have less stretching capacity than dacron, but during the testing ( in slider up configuration only ) we have not find any problem w spectra. Nor that the opening shock were higher, nor that canopy was more prone to any sort of mal..... I was jumping w big hole mesh slider and w small mesh too. No problem. Usual misconception is that spectra has higher rate of line twists or tension knot. As line twist has nothing with lines, it is wired to accuse any type lines for that. Tension knot is the real and serious problem which bother every jumper due to mystery of ''why it happens''... I believe that spectra lines are less prone to tension knot too. lines are lighter, slicker and very handy for packing in to tail pocket which is designed smaller on Trango too. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  7. IMHO I guess, best answer to this Q is: Get the one rig set for S-off jumps and on for sub-term or term- jumps
  8. have u ever saw D&G black stylish F-male hand bag in black w ugly cream stitching?! Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  9. If you have choices, then I’d listen to the instructors recommendations as to what wingsuit would best be used on a first flight, especially since they do have an interest in the successful outcome of their student’s performance. must say that here in south Europe region I have not heard about any student performing front loop on the pull, regardless of the suit they wear. this lead me to the Q which is: how they perform the pull sequence in FL In can agree w part I quote and ad that same goes for the students in WS BASE, therefore they usually start w the simplest WS possible.. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  10. next time use black stitching!!! Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  11. due the position of MDV vent covers which during the first fold sit at the first fold making the fold very bulky. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  12. If you have the 245 troll in it w no MDV the canopy you may pack so that first fold is on the top of the pack tray. second is on the bottom of container but bit shorter so that you get clean 45 deg angle were the dynamic corners are. after this two folds rest of it just lie on the top and separate the first fold so that closing loop can get nicely through the centre of the canopy. IMPORTANT - do make the pack bit narrower that the taill pocket before you start w folding. Common mistake is: 1. to wide pack 2. to long first and second fold 3. to bulky pack in general. This is just for no MDV Trolls For MDV trols best is to pack as the post above saying! If it is packed like w no MDV than the pack feels to stiff on the upper part . Hope this helps!!
  13. Yuri's smell flight - true, there is a moment were all ''klick'' on the flight and you get something which is hard to repeat. Unfortunately that one flight can not be taken as an average flight even though I would be first one who would be more than happy to take this as a pure fact how V suit flies. Martin has made such flights , James , Jean Noel.... many guys has made some incredible flights. my 2.3 is more as an AVERAGE, so as something you can take in surviving calculation when exporing the possible cliffs...
  14. Jarno, Yuri K. and french Jean Noel has as far as I know by far the best record of those infos. As well Martin Rosen from Sweden was playing a lot w GR/GPS before. Best average is around 2.3 and best glide was going up to 3 on some parts of the jumps. All flights were mostly no longer than 1' to 1'20'' I was playing recently on ITW diving down to sun plate edge and w accomulated speed was able to hit the road easy and open around 150m. Glide after I flat it out was constantly over 3 Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  15. In my opinion, all those facts what K.K. has placed are important. You can not say that A car is better just because has better engine than B car! There is way more factors which play. However, the fact which play huge roll in WS flying in determination of best: fly / glide/ hang...etc is the pilot fatigue. There is no doubt that good and trained and skilled pilot in slower and older toy will ''shoot down'' the weak pilot in fast and newest toy. In example, when the track pants came out the new line of performance were established, but this does not mean that Tracking is now simple... U put the pants on and you track like hell and ''out fly'' all others in older models... Training and understanding is mandatory.... to train how to use it. Shortcuts does not helps here. Same goes to WS. In the future the steps between two models will be smaller and smaller but to get this performance out from the suit will require more training too.. Frustrating... , I know, but isn't this one of the reason why we all like to jump?! Progress!! My personal experience here show me that I am able to hold so called 100% of performance for about 50sec maybe 60 sec, after that it drops down to 80-90% for another 30 sec. after... well I start to fail in performance. Stronger ( younger ) people w good natural strength and elasticity can do better than those like me. Luckily usually 60-90 sec is good enough time for BASE play ground so I am not unhappy w my performance!! With knowing that fact, we need to be honest and find the optimal flying time to ensure to give pilots/jumpers equal conditions. Would this be 30 sec or one minute or jump from the 7000f or lower it is up to us. My point is that flying for 2 min is far more up to pilot fatigue than flying skirt. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  16. Simple. You get accurate map in good scale (military or climbing one) You have exit altitude, you have point were you open. you take the flight. You open the canopy , You measure the canopy flight time. You get the opening altitude. Deduct that + the first 100 m off the usable altitude ( exit - landing ) and u get the rough info what was your average glide - simple. Guy at the time B.F.C. had no privilege to use GPS.but were able to measure the distance to the moon or circumference of the earth with amazing precision Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  17. yuri, questioning the vents again and supporting this w the picture ( probably taken from back flying person w GR less than 1 ) isn't really on the place. I guess, you place that question because u have nothing else to do... slow day maybe. From all theory placed here I guess what my answer would be?! Also, u know why the wing looks dirty. If the flyer hold this position during the entire flight, he will not travel far, nor the pressurization is something which is necessary here. angle of attack is way to high and suit is in stall. That is very common in flocking due the constant compensation to the slowest forward moving person. V2 is designed to fly not to fall. Same should be applied to all the flying skirts IMHO. in the future design ( of course if this is the goal ) I can say right on that we will see better flying suit with higher stall speed (in term of GR) but only if they are going to be flown properly. If not, those suits will fall like the brick. You know why, I have no doubt
  18. One thing is average boys, another is the question on the top of the thread...... Honestly GPS is a nice toy, but I only believe to this toy about 90% in BASE environment, when it is about measuring the G.R. (GPS and Map is my way) In skydiving, the different winds on different altitude ruin the data so often so much that is very hard to get the proper data.( Competition is another issue. Both jumper jumping same condition, but result we get is comparison between two or more jumpers. Still question is what was the real clear glide due the outside factors) It is not strange to see tracker out flying WS-er in BASE jumping. believe me. to get the performance out of the suit is not easy, nor the stopwatch is enough as the tool to get this performance..... Skydivers can't benefit from few factors BASE jumpers have: Accurate info about the certain points (exit, landing) Light thin rig. The skydiving rigs available now are terrible for WS and according to my comparison makes data much weaker. Personally, I admit here: I have strength to hold, what I believe is 100% for about 50 sec. 90% up to 90 sec. After I suck Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  19. WRONG. with good tracking skill GR is getting over 1.1. good WS - er is coming to 2.7-1. poor flying WS hardly moving forward. as you see from above, GR is from 0.- 3. Depends on flyer skill level and suit he wearing Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  20. RIP dear Benni. Very sad Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  21. read this ! I hope it is helpful! Would be shame to not to get this knowledge while is there. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  22. Hello Yuri, Will go slow trough your letter in order to put some comments and also to help a little to other reader. All in all I am happy to see you playing w the suit and test them . No doubt this way is one of the best ways to learn how to fly, and become good flyer. Nice job, continue w this. 1. Happy to see that you getting the feeling about moving forward. This is why we wear WS :) placing weight to legs is one of the ways to get the better glide. Works well for those people who has weak stomach muscle and legs. For good glide ( performance ) we need the de-arch position. Hips up, legs straight. Belly should be suck in to the body , not hanging out! Well, all this is hard and not really pleasant. Common mistake is compensation of incorrect body position by pulling the wings down, more , more and more... this leads to stall and unstable falling, while sending ''right'' perception of slow decent rate! I suggest you to get stomach and legs stronger instead of hanging weight to legs ( quit bad idea on hiking to the summit :) ) 2-3. Arm wing inflation problem: I am surprised you have problem w this! One of the biggest advantages on V2 and PF vents is the increased pressurization. This is what most of the good flyers feel after very few jumps. While on my previous designs (Skyflyer 3) the wing pressure become weaker as faster and flater flight was, on V2 or Phantom is opposite! Make sure that arms are in proper position and that you are not falling in stall position. Also, make sure your shoulders sits symmetrical. Vent position is on the correct position and works well on over hundred V2's. Gatorade bottle - good old Russian improvisation style - which I like a lot! :) Robert Pecnik [email protected]