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  1. Lets Rock " Go Army", U.S.A - Performers: Ben Borger & Eddie Barton - Camera: Rolf Brombach
  2. I am Jumping a Phantom1 and can't seem to figure out how to fly it with my leg wing all the way open. No matter how hard I arch if I open my leg wing all the way it tilts me head down. I can fly my leg wing half way open nicely, but would like to get to a point where i can open my leg wing more. Any one else having this problem when backflying the phantom? Any help would be great.................
  3. Granted I probably haven't jumped with the best of the best yet, but as of now I haven't found any suit I couldn't keep up with or even over take in full flight with my phantom, and this includes people flying Vampires. I am just wondering if the Vampire is truly a faster suit. Same person flying both suits how much more performance are we talking about. I herd rumor that the Vampire has about 30 percent more performance then the Phantom, but I'm not sure I'm sold on that just yet. Would love to hear what other people think. I have been thinking about getting a Vampire down the road, but I would like to do some more research and try and get a few jumps on a demo suit that way I can compare the two suits myself.
  4. So, you have noticed a big improvement in performance with the phantom2? Slower vertical speeds, faster horizontal speeds, better glide ratio, faster more solid inflation?
  5. Wow, it sounds like the phantom2 is a big improvement over the phantom. I just might have to put an order in myself. Better inflation, more forward speed and just as easy to fly.
  6. I currently fly the phantom1 for skydiving/ base, and I'm very comfortable with the phantom, so I'm not looking for another suit or a larger one, although, I have been thinking about up grading to the phantom2. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with both models and if it would be worth spending the money and going with the phantom2. Any help would be great, thanks..........
  7. I started flying my Phantom 1 and have a question about the leg wing and how to fly it. I noticed during my flights if I don't open the leg wing all the way and point my toes out putting positive tension on the leg wing it tends to flap around. Has anyone else noticed this? I would love to hear from someone that has experience with this suit and how to fly the leg wing.......... Thanks
  8. When flying a wing suit what part of your body actually controls your angle of attack. If your flying flat and want to go into a steep angle of attack what would you do to accomplish this. For max glide ratio, I was told I need to fly steep, but not sure if my head controls this, the wings, or something else……….I have 200 jumps on a prodigy, and just received my phantom, but 90% of my flights are solo.
  9. I own the first prodigy. How are the flights on the Progigy 2 compared to the Prodigy, have you noticed a big difference, or is the new design more cosmetic? I can see how the bigger leg wing would help with forward drive, but how about the arm wings.............
  10. Can someone please explain to me the proper technique for side-sliding in a wing suit. I have about a 150 wing suit jumps, but they are all solos.
  11. base754


    Wow, your a big guy, but thats hauling some serious ass.............How does your forward speed feel during these jumps?
  12. base754


    Okay, well let me try to ask this in a different way. Based, on what the prodigy is realistically capable of achieving horizontally what would your vertical speed need to be to obtain this. I understand there are lots of factors I’m sure, so I’m not looking for exact data, just a mere estimate so I have something to work toward, the rest I’m sure I will work out for time in the air. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. base754


    Thanks!!!!!!!! Wow, that’s impressive, but if that’s Yuri’s horizontal speed what would his vertical speed calculate out to being?
  14. base754


    Thanks, does Yuri post on here often, If not, do you have contact information on him?
  15. base754


    On average, what would be the ideal vertical speed in a prodigy to obtain the best glide ratio. I herd 75mph roughly, but wanted get a few opinions on this. I am currently working on finding the sweat spot for max glide ratio……….Also, when jumping my prodigy it always feels like the wind is trying to rip the grippers away from me, does anyone else feel this. They say you only need light tension on the grippers. I would love to hear from anybody with experience with this suit…………….c-ya