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  1. FBI warning disclaimer: There have been unconfirmed cases of death by people seven days after watching the following video. These incident are still under investigation.. watching is at your own risk! The Wingsuit Piano man is back with a new mind-boggling video. The Wingsuit Piano playing is now starting to take its toll and the side effects are getting worse and worse.. It even seems like the Wingsuit Piano Man is unable to answer simple questions: When asked about his conditione he answeres 'Rhyythen Flyythen Monkey Spacegoats Flyygen Flaagen Mölenthyyl.. ' His parents believe that some kind of Wingsuit Deamon has possesed their son and are currently looking for an Excorcist..
  2. yes, and asking the pilot to maybe go a bit slower... I might aswell go for one or two barrel rolls while exiting
  3. Yea man.. I thought it would look cool on the video to buzz by the tailwing only millimeters from it.. as in tailwing proximity flying.. totally rad aint it.. It scared the hell out of me and measures were taken to awoit this kind of incident in the future..
  4. Attention, attention! Groundbreaking news: Friday the 3rd of October Kaiserslautern, Germany. For the first time in human history the two entirely differen disciplines, wingsuit flying and piano playing have been brought together. A young German, who calls himself the Wingsuit Piano Man aka The black knight aka the High Nose Poet claims to have made this revolutionary discovery, while quote on quote 'I was completely bored out of my mind, because the dropzone was closed..' Professor Eddie Jessup from the Hopkins Univerity in Baltimore says: 'Combining wingsuit flying with playing the piano may have unpredictable effect on the health of the human mind and should be studied further.. When asked what it was like to play the piano while wearing a wingsuit, The Wingsuit Piano Man answered: ' Its was a completely new experience.. definitely better than sex while falling off a cliff, yet more sophisticated..
  5. I just bought the pressurized suit from and the legwing is a great asset of this suit. It needs a little practice, but the glider ratio is fantastic. On the last skyvan-boogie i did some nice cloud swoops with it. I can't imagine that the PF suit offers a performance better than the pressurized suit, because it has less surface because of the missing legwing. (The delivery time was only three days, which I found very cool.)
  6. have a look at this tracking suit is a very good option, because it offers a great performance + the trackpants and the legwing are one piece.
  7. I've done exactly what you referred to, many times. Another cool thing to do is to jump from the top (where the steel cables are fastened) of the golden gate bridge over the road and then track through the wires to avoit hitting the bridge. close to that bridge, there is a Cliff, which can be jumped on both sides and it's even possible to do some proximity flying. (the jetpack is a great tool to get to these exit points.) there are numerous of jumpable buildings, many earth sites, a few bridges and even some antennas which can be jumped in GTA. some of them are really cool, because one can outtrack ledges or other buildings. wonder how the new gta will turn out in terms of parachuting...
  8. yes I agree totally with that! in GTA you have to FIND your exit points and look for new sites. GTA is therefore definitely more fun, because one has more freedom to act, although the physics and the design of the canopy are trash
  9. "Published for its Educational, Historical, and Memorial Value . . . " in these manners the fatility list reminds me of a war memorial for WW II or so. In the village where I live we have a boerd with all the NAMES of the people of that town that died in WW II. It is supposed to remind you of the meaninglessness of the war, for which all these people had to die. Of course this is a different topic, but the fatility list is also there to say that this shouldn't happen again.
  10. [we don't learn more about basejumping when we know the jumpers name.] well, it shows that there are real persons involved in it, and this is what will make people think about the risk, because they can identify with what happened better. if one just reads about an accident that happened to "someone" it doesn't have the same effect, as if one reads about someone who had a family and friends and a life when he/she died. it makes you think, this might happen to you, too, if you don't take care or even though you take care...
  11. phoenix-fly: 140 Km/h average fall rate no wing between legs pressurized: 90-120 Km/h average fall rate + glide ratio 1.6 little wing between legs (These informations were given on the homepages of the two companies pressurized and Phoeniy-Fly) Now how about the quality and the lifetime of the suits?
  12. Adolf Playa Adolf Playa!
  13. So you've ordered a trigger? since when has it been available?
  14. cool. good to know. now what's a double wide trailer? she's so hot