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  1. bdrake529

    Wingsuit photography book now available

    Congratulations Matt! Just placed my order.
  2. bdrake529

    HD GoPro wingsuit footage

    [url][/url] Congrats on the BASE race Neil. Though "fastest American" isn't something I'd be bragging about to the ladies... Curious why the footage is in 4:3. I realize the HeroHD has several record resolutions. But why no demo shots in 16:9 (of your footage, I've seen the other 16:9 samples)?
  3. bdrake529

    Visio and Wingsuiting

    Sort of. The Pro-Track has more jump information (averages of fall rates at different alt zones) but only records 119 seconds. The Viso will record for each jump: Exit Alt Deploy Alt Freefall Time Max Freefall fall rate Max Canopy fall rate It will record longer than 119 sec jumps. For the last jump in memory, it will allow you to replay the entire jump, displaying for each second either the alt or the fall rate. This gives you the most detailed jump "profile" of any free-fall logger I'm aware of (sans computer download). But you only get it for the last jump. All other jumps only have stored what I listed above. It has a "slow" setting which accommodates wingsuits on most jumps. On the few instances where you flare out too fast and "trick it', you can use that last jump playback function to figure out your true freefall time. If the N3 had the same "playback" function, it'd be hands-down better, but until it does (download update?), that's the one edge the Viso has (plus it's cheaper than the N3).
  4. bdrake529

    Wingsuit Syllabus Online for Comment

    Why? There is no AAD requirement (USPA-wise, dropzones may vary) for licensed jumpers. Why must someone with 200+ jumps suddenly procure an AAD to learn to use a wingsuit? If the student does not have an AAD in their gear, then they must either buy one (over $1000 new, plus installation cost), or borrow gear that has an AAD for their FFC. Is it really wise to have someone jump a rig other than their own for a FFC? Aren't they already dealing with a ton of new info/variables with the FFC alone? Add on top of that a container they're not used to and potentially a main canopy they haven't been flying regularly?
  5. bdrake529

    New V3 thread

    Anyone have any tips for packing/storing/transporting this suit? I'm specifically referring to the mylar in the legs. Is there an "approved" way to fold it so it doesn't break the mylar?
  6. bdrake529

    Prototype "Giboline 3"

    Mind posting the GPS data? Because without data, the current record is 7.0:1, so 3.7 ain't that impressive...
  7. bdrake529

    Wingsuit Photo contest (Bad Cross Poster)

    I second that. This is the only forum I check so I had no idea of the contest until it was mentioned here. Scotty is an active member of our community and the picture is wingsuit related. What's the problem? I just voted for you Scotty. Great picture. Good luck with the contest. It looks like you're currently in a 3-way tie.
  8. bdrake529


    Initially, I would stick your ass down. This kills your fall rate, but it makes the backflying much more stable. As you become comfortable in this position, gradually straighten your body out (and bring your head back, in line with your spine) until you're in an efficient body position. This position will become more stable with experience.
  9. bdrake529

    Los Angeles area wingsuits

    Elsinore, or possibly Perris.
  10. bdrake529

    socal next weekend?

    There's the big way wingsuit camp at Elsinore on the 24-25. I'll be flying at Elsinore this Saturday and should have a few birds to fly with.
  11. bdrake529

    Mirage SM1

    Badass! Is that Ward or someone else?
  12. bdrake529

    FlyLikeBrick Flight Manual - Video #7

    Link's you've posted recently are getting corrupted somehow. Here's the fixed link Thanks for the video Jarno. I cut my teeth with these.
  13. bdrake529

    Mercury Rising: Photos of the new Tony Suit

    Wow! Where do I order? Just kidding....sort of.
  14. bdrake529

    Looky what got delivered

    Congrats Monkey! That design really looks good with your signature colors. Less of a "Charlie Brown" vibe...
  15. bdrake529


    The VISO is perfect for anyone desiring a solid digital altimeter. It's cheaper than the Digitude and Suunto Vector and has a better display as well. Beyond its primary purpose, it comes with some great bonus features. But here is where L&B started to cut corners that keep it from being a true contender to the Neptune or Skytronic GFX. For example, for the last 200 jumps, the VISO stores exit alt, deploy alt, freefall time, max freefall speed and max canopy descent speed. Would it have been that hard to include avg. speeds (freefall and canopy) or time under canopy? This information can be inferred by the realtime (.25x, 1x, 2x, and 5x) playback feature (very cool) but this only works for the last jump. The interface is not intuitive but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it. While navigating the interface, the VISO beeps through a speaker that is just as loud as the OPTIMA or SOLO, so why weren't canopy alarms included? The wrist strap and attachment strategy presented are a joke. I can't imagine a single skydiver taking it seriously. To make this instrument truly usable, you'll have to buy instrument gloves or the additional L&B wrist-strap/finger loop combo. That adds roughly $30 to the price either way. The other downside is it does not have a computer interface. This means it can't be updated (save perhaps a recall to L&B) and jump data can't be downloaded. For the average jumper, these complaints may be unwarranted since the VISO works great as a visual digital altimeter. But for the data-hounds among us, the VISO falls short compaired to the Neptune or Skytronic GFX and the extra cost of either may be worth it.