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  1. A Straight Shot: Episode 1 Please check out the new EpicTV series "A Straight Shot" which features wingsuit BASE jumpers Vincent "Le Blond" Descols, Brian Drake, and Dan Vicary terrain flying in the Alps. We've got some great lines planned and will keep filming as long as we can keep the funding going for the helis. That will depend on good view #s, so if you like what you see and want to see more, please share and ask those you share it with to share. Thanks, Brian Brian Drake
  2. It's a joke. There is no data. Brian Drake
  3. Is the film going to be IMAX? Brian Drake
  4. Shouldn't it be EITHER 1 or 2? If you can fly a 2-way at 2.3, shouldn't a 2-way at 2.5 be a new record. Or a 3 way at 2.3? Brian Drake
  5. Here (most shots are Opteka on an HC5, some are Raynox 0.3x) As Spot said, it's perfect for what it's for. Brian Drake
  6. Here you go 1 and 2 RAM mount (D size arm). CX100 (in Tonfly box). Hypeye D Controller. Opteka 0.3x. Brian Drake
  7. Intellectual Property = IP = Imaginary Property
  8. Perhaps I'm a bit old-fashioned, but the word "lady" seems to be out of place there. "Trashy celebutante" may be more appropriate Brian Drake
  9. Excellent video Jarno. Very fun to watch. Brian Drake
  10. With that caveat allowed, then the lowest I've heard of in a wingsuit is 160 ft. Brian Drake
  11. I guess by copying my post, you've further underscored the idea. Phil and Brian, Logic Task Force Tag Team
  12. Good news about Paradive. But then Ori and Philip have said recently both Paradive and SkyKef have turned into even worse tandem-factories. I was referring to the fact that Shlomo HaMalech is probably what people would have called King Solomon in his day. But you're right, Shlomie at Paradive probably had a hand in inventing the parachute. Brian Drake
  13. It's that season. End of year video season that is. Here's mine. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. Brian Drake
  14. Who in turn probably copied it from King Solomon (or Shlomo to his pals). Brian Drake
  15. Well, Robi didn't invent the words "Phoenix", "Fly", "Wingsuit", "Ghost", "Vampire", "Phantom", etc... so he obviously ripped off those words from whomever coined them first. Robi also stole the idea of the wingsuit from Patrick DG, who stole the idea from his predecessors, who were really just ripping off DaVinci, who really was just ripping of whatever Greek came up with the story of Daedelus and Icarus. Robi also uses construction materials that he is copying from others. He didn't invent ZP, or zippers, or nylon thread. Heck, even by sewing, he's obviously a knock off of whatever person came up with that idea. The more you break it down, Robi is just a big ol' copy of a ton of people. Doesn't he have his own ideas? Brian Drake