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  1. Any video or GPS-track? If "No" then "done in yours dreams"
  2. Deniq

    V4/V3 zippers

    One good fresh example by BMW, how the "big brothers" improve the products:
  3. Deniq

    V4/V3 zippers

    I had similar problem on my old V3, i have a problem on my current wingsuit by Intrudair. After 50 - 100 jumps are any of small zippers brocken. Tony Suit use wide and more robust zippers in comparison to european producers. It can be solution for this problem...
  4. My first questions to PF-staff is: how looks the future of the wingsuit flying in consideration of limitation for plane surface by human body? Is wingsuit technology currently on limit of performance or not?
  5. I would like to say "thank you very much to organisation committee for nice competition days in Hungary". 80+ participants from different countries, lot of sun, fresh air and nice infrastructure on DZ - I like it! Results of the competition are very impressive! 3 of 4 days we had more of less zero-wind conditions. All records and best results were made during first day at the wind of about 5-10 m/s. I hope, organizer of the competition post all final data in the next days on the competition webpage. Here are the roughly places for wingsuit category: 1) 3,005 TonySuit Apache 2) 2,751 Phoenix-Fly V4 3) 2,703 TonySuit X-Bird 4) 2,691 Intrudair Manta 5) 2,610 Phoenix-Fly Venom
  6. In Russia, it is usually practice to steal energised power lines. Cooper and aluminium bring good money. Robbery use special technology for this act: electrical grounding for live line > shut-off due to automatic => stress-free job... P.S. More interesting is, if the thieves connect an junction on belowground oil piping under pressure!
  7. Deniq

    Apache X

    My rules for good results in "Speed" at PPC: 1) strong altitude wind in flight direction 2) GR ~ 1,0 3) wingsuit with low drag 4) weight is not important High drag for X-Bird is a reason, why Tony is on place 6 in this competition, after Phantom, Blade and V3s. Apache with his surface must have more drag then X-Bird...
  8. Deniq

    Apache X

    Different cliffs ;-) As far as i can see, the fastest time in official competition yesterday was Frode's 18.53 Thank you, outrager, for this link! My conclusion is: Apache is faster at short distances (short flight time). For longer distances (long flight time) is the result for Apache worse. Short start of Apache is maybe the main reason for this matter. But the steady-state forward speed after acceleration is low because of high drag. I would like to see results for Apache from Hungarian Competition and Gransee this year - results just for flight, without influence of start.
  9. Deniq

    Apache X

    Source: Fact 1: Tony's blog wrote on 14.07.2011, Tony is the fastest in his Apache with 18,37 seconds. Fact 2: Frode is official winner of base race 2011 with 29,37 seconds. My question is: could anybody please explain me the difference of 29,37 - 18,37 = 11 seconds?
  10. Yes, V3 is really fast wingsuit-roket! V4 have more drag and slower than V3, because of more fabric. Just see on Paralog-page in "Speed Competition", all first places are for V3s Let us see updated results for V4 at "Wings over Gransee" this year!
  11. What is with another manufacturer/models - no participants, disqualification (e.g. no cut-away for zippers) or just bad results?
  12. In this regard, I remember on one full-altitude jump in 2010 with Alejandro and Costyn in Spa at more or less same weather conditions Link: P.S. In Zwartberg we had last sunday nice day with full-altitude jumps and cloudless sky late afternoon
  13. Deniq

    Apache X

    Jeb, I copy here sentence from the topic for BIRDDOCTOR: My special proposal for you: go in August to Europa for "Hungarian Competition" (10-14 August) or "Wings over Gransee" (26-28 August) and show your really performance at the same weather conditions with others in fair contest. 1st place at "Wings over Gransee" and yours flight to Europa is for free (1000 Euro prize money).
  14. Deniq

    Apache X

    I am agreed with mccordia. You fly in the crack with ~120 mph (190 km/h) forward speed and after this bracke till ~75 mph (120 km/h). Jeb, yours data looks like swoop with a small canopy: 1st step - ~40 seconds acceleration in the crack with high fallrate, glide ratio about 1,8-2,0. 2nd step - ~20 seconds swoop with huge glide ratio. The same effect use the people in skydive competitions like "Wings over Gransee". Just see here one example: Helmut's peak for glide ratio is here about 9:1 Jeb, glide ratio maximizing for 10-20 seconds is more easier then continuous flying with good performance more then 1 minute