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  1. Here's my current work in progress. Waiting for a 15mm drill to finish mounting the controller. Wes Vapor Pro (cutaway mod) Sony CX150 (Schumacher Box, Century .5 lens) Pentax K7 (10-17mm fisheye) (2) Gopros in 3D Housing Hypeye Pro A few questions: 1. On WVP, the forehead padding is all glued in, not velcroed. How have you routed your indicator for the hypeye? Pull it apart, cut, drill? 2. I was going to use the option to push the hypeye controller through a 15mm hole. I have a plan to be able to support it from the bottom so that it can't accidentally be pushed back through. That necessary? 3. Basically same question as #1, except for the tongue switch. All the padding around the mouth is glued in and no easy path to run the tongue switch. 4. Waiting on some hardware to replace what's there to make it cleaner (BHCS vs SHCS) and waiting to get it all done before taking the last bit off of the ringsight. 5. Not sure if I'm going to shoot 3D, or just have it be a backup photo/video. Just getting into video so not sure how the conversation goes with a tandem when there is an equipment problem and there is no photo/video to give them (at least with this setup, there would be 'something') Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Don't have a photo, but just got my new Vapor Pro, which has the screws on the side to take the top plate off. The top plate hangs over about 1/2" on each side. Looks to me it was done to prevent any snagging on the screws. About to start modifying the top plate and wanted to know if anyone else kept the overhang? I was going to remove the rear portion of the top plate and contour it to the rear of the helmet, but leave the sides. This what everyone else is doing? Thanks
  3. Doesn't have the 'feel' of any other websites I've seen for dropzones. No mention of pricing or aircraft, no calendar of events, no hours of operation, no directions, all the photos are 'perfect', etc.
  4. Anyone been to or heard of in Pittstown, NJ? No listing or mention on here other then Skydive East a few years ago (in the same town). Some friends of mine are planning to go there for a tandem for $129 and the website looks awful sketchy.
  5. All good advice, thanks. I need to get used to flying video anyway, so might as well just setup the HC3 for now. Thought there were quality issues with the HC3... but for practice, probably doesn't matter much. I updated my profile... wondering what I could get berated for.....???
  6. So I'm setting up my 1st camera helmet. I have a HDR-HC1 that is nearly brand new, but the firewire port is busted, so I don't mind abusing it a bit. I have a HDR-HC3 which I plan to use to just tranfer the video with. I also have a Pentax K7... I know it's not a Canon or Nikon, but still has a remote port and fairly decent specs. My question is... is it worth getting one of the ultra small new HD camcorders, or just go with the HDR-HC1? I wasn't going to put it in a box since it's 'busted'... just tape up the ports. I was going to go with the Mantle from Bonehead, so I'm sure they'll both fit fine. If it does make sense to go with a new, smaller camera, what's the current 'best' one available for skydiving? Thanks.
  7. So I did a search for taking wingsuits out of a cessna and most of the results were from a few years ago when the suits were smaller. Up until now I've just dove out of the cessna in my V3, but want to start doing 2-ways and poised exits. Do the same techniques work with the larger suits? Even with arms and legs collapsed, I have a significant amount of material exposed, especially if I'm moving sideways on the step holding onto the strut.
  8. So in 2002, I ordered my wingsuit in advance of a BASE trip. It showed up the wrong color, but BM let me jump it until the corrected suit showed up. The wrong color suit seemed to fly very well. It would easily 'inflate' and seemed to lift the rig up off my back when it seemed to be flying well. I had pretty good decent rates as well. The new suit showed up, and with that one, I couldn't achieve the same fall rates, and was never able to get that 'inflated' senstation. I've been out of the sport for a while, but am heading to Perris in a few weeks and wanted to jump the hell out of my old WS so I can upgrade to a new one, but still remembered the problem of getting my current one to fly right. Any suggestions for changing technique? Whatever I did on the original suit seemed to work, but same method on the 2nd one and not so good results. Joe
  9. Looking for Colin Romberger who worked at Aerostore a few years ago in PA. He has a rig of mine that I need back. email me at [email protected]
  10. If it was Dewolf's, it would end with "Ah, Ah, Ah!"
  11. I'll be getting hitched in Moab on September 13th @ Mary's Gash around 5:30. We need at least two witnesses. Photographer said he can bring some co-workers, but we would have to pay for them. Immediately following the ceremony, I will be gearing up and jumping... Let me know... you can email me direct @ [email protected] Thanks, Joe BASE729
  12. BTW... the other pic shows a solid black BOC.. the original pic (my rig) has a tie die BOC. I also still own the rig. Joe [email protected]
  13. I'm the guy in the photo. Email me @ [email protected]
  14. Will be traveling for work mid January to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Anything local, or are there locals nearby? [email protected]