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  1. When I first began BASE jumping, and I was eager to learn, Bryan was the one who went to Twin Falls with Tommy Hammond and me to watch over us. I guess at the time I did not realize or fully appreciate what he was doing, but as time went on, I learned to value the friendship of the quiet, soft spoken guy who had a lot to do with my survival in BASE. Bryan, I will miss you! It is hard to comprehend the loss of a friend at times. This is just too much. Very sad times… Tom Dancs
  2. Hello, I would also be willing to contribute monies to the cause. You might call Rick Harrison for input/advice on this subject. Tom Dancs
  3. TomDancs


    Lee Are you referring to me? I think it would be funny, and I would wear it in the valley! You might change the text to say something like “rappelling is the most dangerous part of climbing” … or something like that… and "get a base rig speed=safety"... ?? Man you need to eat more meat! I left some bacon at Chad and Kaites place some time ago... Tom Dancs
  4. Chris, Thank you for posting that! There is a similar effort going on with Yosemite. So far the effort has yielded little, but a respectful email bombardment requesting that BASE Jumping be at a minimum included in the park planning process would be helpful. Anyone willing to write please use the following address and subject: [email protected] Subject: Attention Kevin Cann (Please Include BASE Jumping in the Park Planning Process) Regards, Tom Dancs
  5. Well said Raist! We all need to sit back and think about what drives us to the edge occasionally. Sometimes you might come to the conclusion that its time for a break, or it may be time to quit and peruse some other sort of adventure. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Tom Dancs
  6. Reminds me of some of Goldsmith's early posts... :)
  7. Wow that's almost like skydiving! Have fun with that. T.
  8. Aw shucks you guys, I'm blushing... Don't thank me. I'm the one who should be thanking you guys. Thanx to Jason for finally (I hope) lengthening his closing loops. Thanx to Chad and Katie for having at their place, and for all the lessons I have learned jumping with them. And thanx to Marty for letting me jump his rig. Thanx to Wes P., Wayne C., Todd H., Gabe W., Tom A., etc... for all the knowledge you have been so willing to pass along. And thanx to the countless others (e.g., Diego, Lou Y, Tommy H., Seth G., Clint and Shelly, Red Eye, Chris Mac, Texas crew, the Harrisons, Randy Peters, etc...) who have showed me around their turf, inspired me, or have spent time jumping or trying to jump with me. And most importantly thanx to my family who have put up with me, worried about me, and have dealt with my absence throughout the last 17 years of my pursuits in the mountains, the desert, and in the sky. Carpe Diem Tom Dancs
  9. TomDancs

    My trip to NYC

    It was dark, I didn't see any tagging? T.
  10. TomDancs

    My trip to NYC

    Magot, Are you calling me a pussy for going hand held? And by the way 380 or 400... big deal. My safety margin to begin deployment is wide enough to accommodate for such inaccuracies. Not to mention I expect that kind of BS when I jump with you. Tom
  11. TomDancs

    My trip to NYC

    I spent this weekend in none other than NYC. And I have to say I had the time of my life. Maggot was kind enough to put me up at his apt. introduce me to some of his very nice lady friends. take me to some wonderful restaurants. And of corse take me to some kick ass objects. And Im not talking about some crappy A’s I’m talking building’s. 2 in one night it was amazing. So I would just like to thank him for the 2 new objects the good food and. Lets not forget getting me laid He is by far the coolest guy I have ever met who would of thought
  12. The route they were on is called "Playing Hooky". It was a guy named Cedar Wright (SP?). He is living in Moab for the time being. I had Fun Jumping with you Michael. Tom
  13. TomDancs

    The BASE Zone

    Sec. 263A. Capitalization and inclusion in inventory costs of certain expenses
  14. Ah, there's the spirit that's done so much to push the safety of this sport forward. "It's complicated. And I'm sleepy." That Spririt has done at least as much as a bunch of on line mental masturbation... :)