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  1. My name is Iiro Seppanen and i'm the president of the World Wingsuit League (WWL). I've been approached by several jumpers asking how to participate to the Tianmen Mountain Grand Prix held in China on October 13th -14th in 2012. We will invite world's 16 best wingsuit pilots to compete against time - to determine who is the fastest wingsuit pilot in the world. We will pay for everyone's flights and accommodation and additionally the athletes will compete for the following prizes: 1st prize 20,000 USD 2nd prize 10,000 USD 3rd prize 5,000 USD We have selected 14 jumpers already, but we still have two more open slots. We only want the best and the most experienced pilots to apply. If you are not sure if you would qualify, you probably don't. We emphasize on skill, experience and safety record. And VERY IMPORTANT, additionally, all our athletes have to represent not only themselves, but also the entire sport of wingsuiting in professional and good manner. You can apply by sending a message through our Facebook page with your jump resume/CV and links to your videos: https://www.facebook.com/WorldWingsuitLeague If you are not internationally known jumper, please include some references by well known base/wingsuit mentors. We will announce all final 16 participants on next Friday, September 7th. We only have 16 slots and I apologize in advance if you don't qualify for this year's race. But for those who are interested to participate for our future events, i'd like to encourage you to be active in the WWL community to open a relationship for the future. Thank you for your interest! P.S. I will not read comments on this board. If you have any questions, please communicate with us through WWL FB page
  2. This subject is also at wingsuit forum, but i guess it might also fit under this category. Statistics: hand to the rail is 86 ft Witnesses said Jeb flew from 2 and 6 ft of hitting the rail and he repeated the flight four times. Good job, bro! WINGED MAN MAKES HISTORY - SOARS WITHIN TWO METERS OF CHRIST THE REDEEMER Historic Flying Man Footage Captured as Brazilian Professional Athlete Luigi Cani Narrowly Escapes Tragedy over Corcovado Mountain Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (April 26, 2007) / PRNewswire / - Earlier today, residents of and visitors to Rio de Janeiro witnessed something never seen before, when Brazilian native and Go Fast! Sports and Beverage Company-sponsored athlete Luigi Cani soared under his own wings within two meters of Christ the Redeemer, atop Corcovado Mountain. Further etching this amazing spectacle into the minds of onlookers, Cani freefell at terminal velocity, skimmed the earth, and continued flight, uninjured. "This was the most exhilarating flight I've ever experienced," explained Cani, who skimmed the bushes after flying past Christ the Redeemer. In spite of skimming, Cani maintained flight long enough to get to a location high enough above the ground to open his parachute. "It was almost miraculous," Cani said, "I truly felt a greater power was watching over me." "I am hoping that the imagery captured during this flight will convey the sense of freedom, emotion and awareness of everything around you; especially when you only have control over certain elements in life." Cani continued. It was Cani's calm, clear-headed and fast response that allowed him to continue flying and avoid fatal disaster after scraping the mountain. This momentous flight took place less than two weeks after Brazil launched a campaign for Rio de Janeiro's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue to be named one of seven new wonders of the world, Cani hopes with his legendary flight to embody his country's vision, which believes that the outstretched arms of the statue represent a feeling of national pride. After more than a year of planning this event, and with the help of his frequent BASE Jumping friend, Jeb Corliss, Cani was able to freefall past the statue, which stands 38 meters (125 feet) atop the 710 meter (2,330-foot) tall Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park overlooking the city and its world renown beaches.
  3. ...and the winner is: Jeb Corliss!!! :)
  4. iiro

    ITW Fatality

    Fly Free Eddie... BSBD iiro
  5. iiro

    Bridge Day winners

    I was elsewhere when BD Film Festival- and accuracy competition prize ceremony took place and therefore i was not able to hand out 3 Triple 7 gift certificates for winners. Could winners PM me, or could you also pass the word for them to contact me, so i can get winners their stuff? Thank you! iiro p.s. Thanks to everyone for good times at the parties! www.3triple7.com www.myspace.com/threetripleseven
  6. i need to hire an experienced base-jumping aerial cameraman to film couple jumps at BD. You need to have your own equipment (helmet, NTSC Mini-DV cam or HDV cam...and a rig. hehehe) PM me, if you are interested. iiro www.3triple7.com www.myspace.com/threetripleseven
  7. Good job Lika, it is a very good video! I highly recommend it! iiro www.3triple7.com www.myspace.com/threetripleseven
  8. iiro

    Fatality in Norway

    Rest in Peace, Coombesy! You are missed. My sympathy and condolences to everyone involved. BSBD iiro
  9. You must understand when doing an interview for an hour and they cut only less than a five minutes clip from it, some what Jeb said seemed out of content. He actually had a good point why he said people can survive events like 9/11. Jeb's point was that PARACHUTES save lives and that all tall buildings should have an emergency parachutes. SOME people would have SURVIVED WTC, if there would have been emergency parachutes. Unfortunately, the editor cut that essential part off. "Anybody else find those last two statements hard to believe???? Even if he didn't make the ESB jump, his attempt broke several laws." Yeah, like what? It is up to court to decide, if he broke any laws or not. He was not tresspassing because he had purchased a ticket to observatory deck and there is no law against ATTEMPTED reckless behavior. I think Jeb did well, given the circumstanses.
  10. iiro

    Tom Manship

    Rest in peace Tom. You truly were a beautiful person and you always had a big heart for people around you. You are missed. BSBD iiro
  11. I'm really glad to hear you have enjoyed the movie! Even though the movie is aimed for non-jumpers, the opinion of base community means a lot to me. Answers to your questions. 1. The price. I think it costs $ 30.00. 2. Limited Quantity: I printed quite a few DVD's to promote the movie at MipTV, MipCom and American film market for network distribution. Once these copies run out, i'm not going to print any more for a while. Even though, i used this first print of the movie for promotion, it is a fully length commercial DVD, with artwork, extras ect. 3. Limited Edition When me, or the distributor, prints more copies, i have to remove a few seconds of footage and replace it with something else.
  12. I still don't have time to organize shipping for individual orders, but a limited edition of the DVD can now be ordered from Square One in Perris Valley. If i have not responded personally to all order inquiries, i want to use this opportunity to thank you for all the e-mails and the positive feedback! C'ya Iiro
  13. There is one about 30 minutes from Holiday Inn and i'm not sure, if it is the same one Yuri just mentioned. Ask the reception at Holiday Inn. The more you drink, the better looking they get. It can't be any worse than in Twin Falls. If you see the blond with nice hooters, round booty and a cartoon tat on her shoulder, tell her i lost her number. ;)
  14. "2000 base jumps between him and his girlfriend" Really? According their site Paula has 300 base-jumps, which would leave Ulli with 1700 base-jumps. I did not know anyone in the world had that many base-jumps (how many "Idaho Tom" has by now?) and i seriously assume there must be some air in those numbers. Please, correct me if i'm wrong http://www.baseeuphoria.com/id9.html