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  1. Ganja I miss you brother, you always made me smile and laugh. I'm glad we got to talk some over the last few days you were here. There is no way I could take those boots, no one can fill them. Love and respect, Pfuego PS Perra, do you have a link for the fund yet?
  2. blair700


    Well done Bax, U DA MAN!!!!!!!
  3. ??? I don't uderstand that statement, are you referring to the canopy surging, or something with the PC? and why? THanks Blair
  4. Then I guess you are NOT in San Diego as your profile suggests? Where are you located? Blair
  5. blair700

    Dynamic Corners

    Its not necessary, but then again, neither is a 9 foot bridle, or a pin rig. Let me ask you this..... Why would you NOT retrofit your warlock with this option? Later Blair
  6. ***Keep the list in the light and the sport in the dark, which is where it belongs.- BASE 515 *** Amen brother.
  7. Hell yea, that's nice!
  8. Yo, I wanted to share this from a video I took yesterday. The tandem passenger was Johnny's bandmate, Kelly. Chuck was TM, DosXX on cameras, Bandolero, Cheeto and myself were out there with them. And Gus helped set him free. We miss you brother, enjoy your jump over the Gulf
  9. Man that looked like a BLAST!!! What an aircraft! I have some feedback...more BOLAS, he makes every video better.
  10. Looking for local contact and hoping for some hospitality
  11. yes thanks that makes cents, it looked like something different to me. my mistake, Blair
  12. Damn that's a sweet suit, one of the sweetest looking suits I've ever seen. I am curious about the even sweeter PC handle your rig.. which looks like a BASE rig to me. Do you regularly jump that configuration and if so do you worry about death from a pc malfunction? Later Blair