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  1. shaggio


    There are currently 81 tickets left.
  2. shaggio


    Tickets for Carolinafest went on sale yesterday and we have already sold 52% of the tickets! If you are planning on attending you should buy them soon as we do cap registration at 400 and once they are gone they are gone!
  3. shaggio


    29 slots remain as of right now. This event will likely sell out today or tomorrow. If you are planning on coming, you need to get your ticket ASAP as we will not allow walk ups. Thanks!
  4. shaggio


    We are now at 75% capacity!
  5. shaggio


    Our 10th Annual Carolinafest is May 29-June 3rd. As always we cap registration at 400 participants and we are already 40% full!!! Registration ends when we either reach 400 participants or on May 9th. More information can be found here!
  6. shaggio

    CP 2018 Event Master

    Are the actual dates available for the 2018 US Canopy Piloting Nationals?
  7. shaggio

    CarolinaFest 2016!

    The Theme to Carolinafest has been announced! Star Wars! Check out the logo! We are up to 13 free loads, 3 otters, 1 Casa, 1 Caravan and 1 King Air!!! Check it out and Pre-register by May 9th to reserve your slot. They are filling up fast and we are capping it at 375!
  8. shaggio

    Skydive Carolina

    As a member of the video staff and a fun jumper at this drop zone I was going to leave the previous review alone but find that I just cant. It was written by a disgruntled x tandem instructor who was recently asked to leave the dropzone with attitude related issues and he created an alternative profile to write his second bad review of the dropzone. Its unfortunate that anyone with an internet connection can act like a 12 year old and write a review like this. They end up just hurting there fellow jumpers and the skydiving communinity. At Skydive Carolina you will find a very quailifed staff of Tandem instructors, AFP instructors, Riggers and Video Flyers with an excellent track record for safety. You will also find a great group of fun jumpers and get just as much out of the positive vibe as you put into it. If you are thinking of coming down to Skydive Carolina to fun jump we will welcome you with open arms. If you are thinking of learning to skydive or you just want to make a tandem jump to get your addreneline fix and experience our sport come on down! You wont be disapointed!!! Blue skies!
  9. Antigua, I completely missed this thread! Good to see you got it up on!!! I just read that roaming dz has canceled there mountain boogie for this same weekend due to airport problems. Here's a personal invitation for all of you roaming DZ people to check out chester for this boogie!!!
  10. shaggio


    I just read the review about the canopy being very solid. I jumped a Synergy until the damn thing colapsed on me at 1000 feet over Rantoul. It felt like I hit a bus!!! I landed it safe and sound and hooked up an air lock! I will also back up the opening's of the previous review. It either was a VERY quick opening or it opened so slow that the slider stayed 3/4ths of the way up on every opening and you had to bump the toggles to get it to come down. With the openings bothering me and the canopy colapsing I didnt trust it anymore and got rid of it!