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  1. There are currently 81 tickets left.
  2. Tickets for Carolinafest went on sale yesterday and we have already sold 52% of the tickets! If you are planning on attending you should buy them soon as we do cap registration at 400 and once they are gone they are gone!
  3. 29 slots remain as of right now. This event will likely sell out today or tomorrow. If you are planning on coming, you need to get your ticket ASAP as we will not allow walk ups. Thanks!
  4. We are now at 75% capacity!
  5. Our 10th Annual Carolinafest is May 29-June 3rd. As always we cap registration at 400 participants and we are already 40% full!!! Registration ends when we either reach 400 participants or on May 9th. More information can be found here!
  6. Are the actual dates available for the 2018 US Canopy Piloting Nationals?
  7. If you did not register for Carolinafest you NEED TO read the information in the link below. If you do not and you just show up you may be turned away. We do this to maintain the quality of the event and make sure their are enough organizers, aircraft for everyone.
  8. The entertainment schedule has been released and you can get geared up with the raffle!!!!
  9. The Theme to Carolinafest has been announced! Star Wars! Check out the logo! We are up to 13 free loads, 3 otters, 1 Casa, 1 Caravan and 1 King Air!!! Check it out and Pre-register by May 9th to reserve your slot. They are filling up fast and we are capping it at 375!
  10. Carolinafest is back! Carolinafest 2016 will take place May 31st to June 5th Check out the organizer line up and Pre-Register here! We are capping registration this year at 400 people to make sure everyone has a great time!!!
  11. I personally like the fact that USPA sends out an email saying that "A little caution and conservative flying both in freefall and under canopy will go a long way toward helping ensure your season starts off safely." And then in the next paragraph says that Nationals for Canopy Piloting are in April!
  12. Pre-Registration is open for Carolinafest! Check out the list of Organizers we have going on this year and remember that we cap registration to ensure a great experience for all!
  13. I dont have any video's handy to upload but I have been doing about 600-700 video jumps a year using velo's. My experience started with a reg 96 velo that searched left and right on opening and I ended up cutting away with line twists about every 200 jumps or so. I then went to a comp velo 84 and have 1500+ video jumps on it. It opens great! No chops, barely a line twist. It opens on heading 90% of the time. (someone please knock on wood fast) I also have a comp 75 that I occasionally have to use for video. I have used it at full terminal with both the full rds hooked up and un-hooked. It also opens great. Although it does open much harder than the 84 at full terminal. My conclusion in my experience is that the comp does in fact open better than the regular velo. However, size and wing loading also have an effect on the openings. The less fabric the faster it opens and the less time the slider actually stays up at the canopy when opening which means less searching. Quote
  14. I really commend PD for this!! At nationals last year there was a survey that competitors could take the time to fill out. If you read the comments most felt like the PD team and the test pilots for the Petra had an advantage using the new wings since they were not released. So PD is trying to do its best to answer this complaint while keeping competitive swooping as safe as they can keep it. I just hope for those that are qualifited the lead time is short enough that they can get it soon enough to be a factor in 2013 because the season starts in a week. Lets not forget a few things. 1. With all of the focus on people killing themselves under perfectly good canopies if there is all of the sudden a rash of accidents that is bound to happen under a new wing sold to the general public there wont be any more competitions anyway and the complete market goes away. 2. At least PD has taken this step with their prototype. I don’t see an order form for the Petra made public either and Nick has been competing of that longer than the PD boys were competing on their Prototype. 3. This canopy is not made for beer line swoopers. If you want one the process is quite simple. Go to and register for the FLCPA circuit. When you get there prove that your skills can take this sport up another level rather than down two levels and I am quite sure someone will notice. PS. I have been checking my mailbox and my invite has not come either. HMMM, maybe I have work to do?
  15. I hear we are up to 17 free loads!!!!