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  1. bitch bitch bitch never good enough
  2. So I just had to add to the fun about LEE. Setting the tone…. It was a typical hard working Saturday at the Farm. All was good and the festivities for the evening were being set. LEE was yelling at everyone to get ready for the bus ride to the local evening dinner in Cedartown. You can picture him “Come on Hans, Come on”. After the typical skydiving bantering, all 15+ people smashed in the bus with drinks in hand and the 5+ cars in tow, we all arrive at the restaurant. In typical LEE skydiving fashion the dinning room was taken over. LEE just took charge. Let me remind you this restaurant is bring your own beer it that help set the ambience Now mind you some of the people left in that dinning room probably did care for the abrupt interruption and language being served. I can still remember LEE “ using the term “Awhhh fu(k-em” with everyone, skydiver or not. LEE was in rare form using his accent to mess with people. There was one guy (local redneck) who of course could not understand his accent and if he could there was really nothing he could do about it. He just did know what to do…… It was all in fun. OK….now earlier that day in through the evening Hans was sharing some very graphic porn on his phone. He was very proud of it and all whom was exposed to it got a laugh. Now let me remind you we are sitting at the head of the table right next to the kitchen were all the staff can see….. LEE pulls out his balls and tells me to “Take a picture of this for Hans’s phone”. Needless to say we were trying to be discreet as he wanted Hans to get it on his phone……. LEE, Brandy, and I are laughing so hard but nobody can figure out what is going on. Hans is sitting about mid table and keeps asking what the hell is so damn funny. As this is happing the waitress walks right up to us to take his order. Now image what the waitress is looking at… One guy holding his package in his hand with his other hand on his wife sitting next to him and the other guy trying to take a picture of it….LEE didn’t wink an eye and look at her and ordered his steak and lobster….. That’s how I will remember LEE grinning from ear to ear with his wife by his side. Blue skies forever LEE See Ya
  3. Just had a very "short and sweet" visit with Woody and family. He is as "aleart" as can be expected. His color is good and he is waiting to hear from the dotors. Basically he, his wife, and family just want to go home, rest, and have a cigerette. Please send nothing but good vibes for a speedy recovery.
  4. Again, post email. not for me for those who you need to speek with off this forum.
  5. Post an email for personal contact reasons off th is board. There are some tandem instructors that also base in the area. No need to go to nashville when all the resources you have are right here. Why not start with someome here and that way they can see first hand your skills, and then work from there.
  6. Base626


    I know this is not Base related...but for those of you who know Baxter G. and have not been following his trek. He SUMMITED EVEREST this past weekend. That just simply kicks ass.
  7. Damn, Nice job Marta. We (ATL crew)got a similar call from a well know energy drink a couple of years back to perform the exact same jump. It was for the sales and marketing staff at a conference in WV. They found themselfs at a very well know take out area after a rafting trip....When all of the sudden two jumpers on top of a truck fell off... some 850+, only to be saved by their parachutes. Only exception was it was not exactly approved or the traffic stopped. Cant forget the peoples eyes seeing two guys surfing the truck. Pretty damn cool seeing the frist jumper look back at me a ask....was that the 7th or 8th expansion joint??? and then dissapear off the truck...only to be reunited back again in free fall. Love those moving truck jumps. Seem to remember another Zoo load off a camper (allthough stopped ) AAHHHH Glad to see you do it right. Hope you all are doin well.
  8. Base626


    Please resend mailing info as i was under the impression that all was taken care of. Several life changeing events recently. Sorry for the mix up. 770-377-1790
  9. Base626


    Thanks you everyone for the nice comments, emails, and support.
  10. Base626


    This is one of the hardest things that I have had to do in my life but the time has come. I have decided to retire from base-jumping due to several reasons. I have been struggling with this decision for several months and a little bit over the years. I gave my wife my word along time ago that I would quit when certain milestones in my base jumping career passed and I have not fulfilled my promise for several years now. I lost sight that I was a man of my word and that is what this is truly about. I realized that if you cannot stand proud, confident, and true to yourself, you really have nothing. I will miss this sport greatly, mostly the conversations at the exit points, pre jump, the jump, and celebrations afterward. You have my promise that I will not sever the relationships I have built over the years, as they are, what is, most important to me. Base-jumping for me has truly become a relaxing event. Jumping for me over the past several years was the easy part. Heck I was more scared of getting caught and in trouble. I have gotten to a place where pushing the envelop if illegal exit points became more fun than the actual jumping. I have lost respect for the danger in jumping and that scares me even more. Again, what I truly love is the people in which I have shared my base-jumps with, so for that I will still be around but please don’t ask me to jump anymore. I want to thank several people and I am sure I will miss some of them. My first basejump was Bridge Day 94’ and I was inspired by the Team Extreme, Spiders from Mars, Ill Vision, and Team Body Baggers, I’ll miss the registration on a picnic table in the center of the bridge w/ Andy Calastrat. Avery, Dennis, & Harry taught me everything I know about running the exit point. Jason Bell for continuing support on with my bridge day staff. Ill miss my exit partners Kramer & Utah. I will miss all the new students going over the edge, the shaking hands, knees, and faces at bridge day. Thank you Jimmy, Marta, Troy, Heather, & Go Fast for the chance to be part of the Royal George first and second events. Thanks to Gravity Sports for my first rig & CR for my Perigee my great Mojo that has saved my life so many times. To all of the manufactures, BR, CR, Morpheous, Apex, Todd, Andy, Brenda, Anne, Rob, Cathy. To all of the “Crew’s” especially the old (relative) Colorado crew, Hank & Wayne, the old SC crew, Mobile crew ricky/paul (wish we would have got the record), Tom A. Jess. B, etc., I finally got to meet the Harrison’s and Nick at BD last year. Mostly the Atlanta Crew Gardner & Baxter and my first jumping partners Gary & Tom. Even Earl R. who got me going. Sorry, I sure I missed someone. I have been very fortunate over the years with only a few scrapes and bruises and no broken bones. As Dwain once said the bucket is full when you start and with each jump you take out a piece every time until the bucket is empty. For some of us the buckets are larger than others. Anyway I have to retire sooner or later and for me I have gotten to the point that the 11+ years has been a great run. For those of you who know me I have a wife and two children, which play a significant factor in this decision. For me my family has to be number one (not that Base was). I finally realized that base-jumping although a significant part of my life is no longer a driving force. I will miss everyone, but at the end of the day I ain’t going home with you. I have learned to never say “never “ anyone can come out of retirement. It is very hard to explain to people how this sport affects you, once you surrender to it. A good friend of mine once said “once a base jumper, always a base jumper”. Damn how true that is. I cannot hide the past as it is part of me, maybe when my kids become of age and the circumstances are different I will jump again but for now I can no longer continue. I believe in the Alliance of Backcountry parachutists and all of the people before it, who have fought for our rights as Base jumpers. I have a picture of Half Dome hanging in my living room. One day I hope to jump it and the Captain. I realized most of this a few weeks ago on the way to Twin Falls or maybe, perhaps before that. I cannot continue for the sake of my two children and wife, this sport is simply too dangerous and the people I love have too much to lose if something should happen. Its kind of funny at the end of the day I threw a perfect slow gainer and thought to my-self man that was a great jump. Did not know it at the time but it was my last jump. See Picture. Take care, be safe, and as we all say See Ya. Michael Davidek - Base 626
  11. Congradulations to everyone in the ABP. Its about time to stop the discrimination. You have 100% of my support. Everyone please help the cause!!!! Mike Davidek Base 626
  12. Base626

    Bad Exit Position

    Atlanta humor, Can't keep the general public off our cranes. So much for jumping anytime soon
  13. Base626

    ride to TF

    AWWWHHH you are just jealous because my cock is big enough to "reach around". Call me 770-377-1790 and I am sure Jess Bridges and you can but Phuck each other in the back seat. We have one slot going to TF but might be a little tight going back since your such a fat ass and all of you girly accessories. Might have alternate solution. Davidek