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    Flik 322 Vtec
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    Reserve? BWAHAAAA
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    Cypres 2

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    Emerald Coast Skydiving (Elberta, AL)
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    BASE Jumping
  1. I'll see if I can't drag Larry over there with me.
  2. PsychoBob

    Super Otter at Emerald Coast Skydiving

    QuoteSee you this weekend. QuoteHow much for naked hop n pops?
  3. PsychoBob

    Go, Gary Go...

    I hope he makes it. 120 jumps, even with the elevator, would have to be extremely tiring. BTW, the BD Video footage of you and Russ and Tom is awesome. I'm glad they put both jumps in there. Some wuffo friends of mine didn't believe me when I got back and told them. But now I got it on video to back me up. Happy New Years Dude.
  4. PsychoBob

    Helmet - Gear question

    I use a helmet made by Scientific Research (SR) for whitewater rafting/kayaking It's light and comfortable.
  5. PsychoBob

    Whats up with this chick in this photo?

    Quote...check out the girl on the far left and right...are they the same person? How can this be? QuoteThe girl is Brandy and the way the picture was taken is everyone lines up, then they use a camera made in 1918 for panoramic pictures. It is on a stand and slowing turns from left to right taking the picture. She was on the left side when it started and then after the camera was passed her she and a few others ran around and stood on the right side and waited until the camera came around that side. That is why she is on the left and on the right in the same pic. It was funny as hell.
  6. PsychoBob

    Pitts Special at Summerfest

    Was it Freddie Cabanas' Pitts?
  7. PsychoBob

    Rodriquez Brothers Tent WFFC 2005

    QuoteSoooo chime in....Who are the Rodriguez Brothers? Quote FUCK THE RODRIQUEZ BROTHERS! Hey girl, thanks for helping put everything together. Look forward to seeing you and the gang at WFFC and doing Jello Shots again.
  8. I'll be there Thursday afternoon and Friday morning but not for the big ways, just fun jumping.