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  1. jimmyh

    Bridge Day Photo

    Sorry, What I meant was that my Bridge Day panoramics were the result of 57 photos stitched toger not 7. If I were to buy a new digi point and shoot right now, I'd go wit ha Pentax Optio S7. But that's just me, however, if dbrutherfprd's wife is reading this....can you say stocking stuffer?
  2. jimmyh

    Chris Bazil Takes Awesome Pictures

    drama? Anyway, my favorite is acually this one. Nice pilot chute, huh? Yeah we all forgot our body armor that day, my bad.
  3. jimmyh

    Madrid ...

    Did you get those videos yet? Take some with you. Haven't sent any to Madrid yet.
  4. jimmyh

    Remembering Seth Blake

    I hear that!!!! He was an unbelievable person. Talented beyond normal standards. And he took me on my first base jump in '91 when I was 18. Seth....no words
  5. jimmyh

    B.A.S.E. Video DVD by Basic Research/Apex BASE

    They sent a copy to our DZ, to see if we wanted to cary it. It's all right. Some good stuff to look at on there. my only criticism is that it comes off as a big commercial. Maybe that was the intention, and it's not like that's a problem. I like to see videos that fire me up to do some sick stuff. The world of BASE isn't like skating i.e. a bunch of teenagers who are like "Wow, i gotta get my parents to buy me that." In my opinion, the best BASE videos are the ones with no agenda other than making other BASE jumpers go..."sick." Douggs' "Mid Strife Crisis" is an excellent example. -jimmy
  6. jimmyh

    help for a newbie....

    Dude, go to Norway and take their course. It's a great deal and they give great instruction. When you go to a dropzone, you usually learn from the staff there, right. It's their landing area, their turf, they know the ins and outs. the Norwegians have a great club with extremely knowlegable staff.