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  1. you can always ask your friends about their contacts, or friends of your friends, or any skydivers/basejumpers from your dz who's travelling a lot. or why don't you want to use the forum -- like many times before: if somebody's travelling he will ask for the help of locals and people who wants to meet and guide will reply or PM and locals who doesn't want to meet and guide will keep silent. I mean even if the database will be created where will be the same number of less experienced jumpers, local outsiders, siteburners and brainless adrenaline junkies as on every skydiving or base forum in the world. And you never know what kind of jumper are the local ready to help you unless you have recomendations from people you know or know the jumper yourself. Database in unpersonal but base include a lot of personal stuff. Between two evils always pick theone never tried
  2. Hey Tracy! We arrive to ITW on 22 and we gonna stay for a couple of days. Then we're heading to france and will be back to ITW 4-5 of June. Hope to see you there. I've got your contacts anyway -- will drop you a message as soon as i'm there. Hugs Lika Between two evils always pick theone never tried
  3. There is just one basejumper in Latvia -- Igor, but i think he is in Switzerland at the moment. And i think they don't have any jumpable stuff in Latvia, or may be a couple of very short shitty antennas. Between two evils always pick theone never tried
  4. Lee846

    ITW in April

    Ok. I'll be there. Not for jumping or for the "boogie" but for a couple of tasty cappuchinos on the LZ. Would love to watch the show. Between two evils always pick theone never tried
  5. totally base related because the creators of "Olympic diving in Iraq" are basejumpers. Between two evils always pick theone never tried
  6. Lee846

    ITW Fatality

    Uh...Eddie. I'm glad he finished his movie, i mean his "big movie". I'm sure the sitizen of little bavarian town -- Eddies home town-- like it. Sure they do -- almost all of them have participated in it playng, dubbing, makin stuff and decorating rooms. He wanted to make it perfect. He's spent a lot of time and energy creating it and he finished it. And he was filming base with 16mm -- no mater how good his filming was -- sometimes perfect sometimes just ok and sometimes fuckuped -- he was keepin on doing it. He wanted to show base in slow-motion and he was pushing it hard and trying to get his best shot and he was the only person i know who was playing with the 16mm. And i'm sure that he finally did his ws base -- the thing he was preparing to for a long time. And he has visited all the "glorious" base spots -- skyscrapers and cave and bridges and TV-towers... He was just doing everything he felt the passion to do, and he didn't waste his time calculating the chances of success -- he was just doing it in full force. He dreamed about something and that was the reason enough for "start and try" and the reason to say "yes" to it. Hard to describe, but it was something in his way of living his life that is worthy of respect. My deepest condolences to his ww friends, to german crew and to his mom and dad and Tracy, please, say it to them then you'll see them. I remember them and i'm sending my warmest thoughts to them.
  7. Have a nice trip, JT.... i hope to join you next summer.
  8. Thanks to everybody who sent me e-mails -- i got all the contacs... but weather was windy and it was raining like hell and i had a lot of work. So RedBull BC-ONE contest went perfect -- got all the neccessary stuff on tape -- enough for ass kicking tv-show! Thank you all! By the way we climbed one B but refused to jump it because of the wind. But i'm satisfied enough with the job well done. Brazil is awesome! B-boys are unbelievable! RB rule! Between two evils always pick theone never tried
  9. Hey Csaber, man, my deepest condolences to you. I know it's a great loss for all your crew. I remember and love all of you, guys. You are quiet hardcore, that's true, but i know you do know what are you doing -- i jumped with you -- otherwise i would be avoiding you -- but i did jumped and i really enjoyed it. So keep on doing the cool things you're doing and be strong. I'm not sure i've ever met Csaba personnally but sure i've hear a lot about him and i know he was one of the pioneers and a good friend of you and Gaber and others. Be strong, my friends, and be carefull. I definatelly wanna meet all of you again. Again -- my deepest condolences to you and Csaba's family. Hugs and luv I'm with ya and hope to see ya soon Lika Between two evils always pick theone never tried
  10. I'm 22 (will turn 23 in a month). A bit more than 4 years of BASE experience. Between two evils always pick theone never tried
  11. Well, it's a very personal thing. But it's actually doesn't matter -- you can wear it or you can skip. Protection is a psychological thing. It will protect you only from the little scraches.I can understand both protected and unprotected jumpers. I've made my first 100 jumps without any protection. And i felt free and happy. But then i choose to wear full protection -- helmet, knee and elbow pads, back pad. My reasons were: -- i promise to some of my friends to remember about safety -- i started to do acrobatics and that was scary and protection helped me to concentrate more on the trick i gonna perform and not to brake my concentration with the worries about shitty landing/trees/little stones and stuff. "I am full protected and i don't care about where and how to land. I am bombproof" -- i started camera jumps and being full-protected i film better because i look like a "real camera man" from my dreams. Protection make me feel better and feed my spirit in camera jumps. ok... another hundred of jumps now i wear only helmet and knee pads. Because i don't wanna hurt my knees -- am a girl and i wear short dresses some time and hemathomas (?) looks nasty and i need my legs unhurt -- fast walking is a part of my job, i'm not an office worker. And helmet -- because i still need my stupid head -- even if it's brainless. It's a very important part of my body -- i use it for eating and kissing. I will die if i'll be unable to eat and kiss. I have to protect it. Edited to add: and i also wear my no-camera helmet because it's cool-looking. There are some cool stickers on it -- the picture of little ironic and evil creatures -- i love 'em they are my littlle friends. And i also do snowboarding wearing this helmet. And my camera helmet is cool too -- with the skulls on stickers
  12. Some people say it's 100, some that it's 110m. I believe it's 110m. And the laser confirms it. Between two evils always pick theone never tried
  13. May I? Ok... one of the rare pictures of me jumping from the things.
  14. An exelent example of slider-down fun.
  15. Nope. Everybody knows that object -- it's our legal antenna 110 meters high. Between two evils always pick theone never tried