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  1. I am not in rush with PF Mono. Mono has been close to be offered to market but I decide to put it on pending despite of very nice performance as I was not entirely happy with overall design. I am going to make it to fly and look better and for sure different than Masai and its imitation. I have no reason to rush as the people who trust in PTS trust in PF Mono already. I follow my own way and not the noise from internet... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  2. You ask me over FB two months ago about SU?! Two month ago the suit was in testing and if you asked me , that answer you probably get... I am not rushing posting video of the suit asap the first one is made nor introducing one suit than after the stesting and R&D is done selling something else. Would be nice to introduce on WS forum as well,m so to know who is talking. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  3. really? Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  4. Murica rules SB!!! I like ! Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  5. some interesting lawyer paranoia from the land of free.... Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  6. Maybe best answer what are the differences between Phantom EDGE and P3 would be following; Check the changes between Havok and Havok CARVE Both suits looks the same but nothing is actually the same. Same goes for P3 and Phantom EDGE or Shadow2 - Shadow EDGE. Phantom EDGE went through changes on every part of the suit. There is slight change in Arms and leg wing, wing orientations , wing angles, booties, body , grippers and vents. Suit is not bigger, but my focus was to make the Edge even more user friendly. P3 was the suit were you feel the suit like second skin. Phantom EDGE came so close that is hard to design the suit to be more friendly and intuitive. Testing left us very surprised in a positive way. Robi PF Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  7. Doctors in 'Murica are known as a well organized part of community who back each other up, protect each other. That same group are known to be prone to corruption by the pharmacy industry as well. Sadly to often they become very biased and subjective. Such attitude ruins their attitude and their judging skills with time too. Hjumper, must be that attitude from your work now transfers to this forum. Underestimating people who read this forum. I know that in order to turn you into 'my friend' all I need to do is give you a free suit, canopy, container etc. but sadly this is not my style. Disclaimer: this post has a disclaimer and a smiley, so its ok. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  8. .....well... this is Jarno's job.. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  9. Lurch, Much better ! You see you can be shorter.. However there is lesson No2.. Your or others personal greatness has to be judged by others ( readers in this case ) not by yourself !! OK?! This way you have to read message Murf62 wrote.. In other words, making the ''novel'' every time you enter in to world won't help people to get better as rarely anyone reading it ...I am writing this w/o cherry and creme.. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  10. Lurch, damn it!!!! I am waiting the time to come when you will get the skill to express yourself in 5 to10 lines maximum. I know that you like to read again and again what you wrote here but good teacher and experience person are recognized by skill of saying little but important . Practice please to write less and say more .. It is cute skill :) Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  11. Hello Gerhard, First, it would be nice to get your mail out of spam. Second, in case there is no replay within 72 h, it is always option to call me and ask. Last option also can be FB, as this FB is so awesome rad epic feature to connect people. Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  12. 1.put two tables together 2.lay on it so that line were tables are connected goes from head down to toes, lay so that half of the body is on the left part of the table and half on the right. 3.tie your hands on the back so you can't put them under you before you will impact on the floor. 4.cover your eyes w the strap so you cant see 5.tell your friends to move the tables simultaneously when you say ready set go.. 6Yahoo!! 7.Call the ambulance!!! This will be the landing at its best if all work like in your dream :) Do i need to tell you that you shouldn't do it as you may end up w broken neck , Brest cage, internal injuries, etc... And this is all after fall from 1m without any horizontal speed, woithout any WS :)) cheers R Robert Pecnik [email protected]
  13. Robert Pecnik [email protected]