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  1. Dear wingsuiters and trackers all around the world! The original Markó Mikes's Wingsuit Boogie is back 11th time in Hungary, with a 9 days long boogie and competition in ws, ws rodeo, tracking and naked tracking disciplines! This year we host 3 nationals (CRO-POL and HUN) on the specific day of 3-4th of August, but the boogie, fun and comp jumps goes on all week (29th of July till 6th of August) ! Dont miss it, palinka and great wines are waiting for you, all fun jumpers are welcome! More details on: http://www.wingsuitboogie.hu/en/news/169 Fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/403691679993045/ Cya on site!
  2. Intrudair and MBSE are proud to present the jubilee edition of the ORIGINAL Wingsuit Boogie and Competition for the 10th time in Hungary! We keep on going with the same old Boogie rules from previous years, applied in all categories (naked tracking, tracking, ws rodeo, ws open and intermediate), but the Hungarian WS National the FAIN will be held similar to the official rules, including speed, time and distance rounds on one specific day (29th of July, Friday). The event will focus on performance flying and flock dives, no artistic event this year. Date: 23-31st of July, location: KAPOS DZ, Kaposújlak, where jumps will be made from L-410 Turbolet aircraft. With the support of INTRUDAIR WINGSUITS, you can test any demo tracking and wingsuits for free all week. This year we are dedicating the tracking category title to the memory of our good friend, Rami Kajala, one of best trackers ever was born on planet. Flock dives (second part of the week) will be organized by Jason Dodunski (AUS). For rules schedule and further details please visit: http://wingsuitboogie.hu/en/news/157 Bring your best liver cya on site!
  3. Huuuge thanks for Skyderby for professional and free support of the Hungarian WS National 2015, which was the first ever same suit flying event on planet (Intrudair Piranha series) ! Thanks for supporting the Boogie event too, both results can be found here: HUN WS National 2015: https://skyderby.ru/en/events/14 Markó Mike's WS Boogie Hungary event in 5 different categories (naked tracking, tracking, ws rodeo, ws inter, ws open): https://skyderby.ru/en/events/12 Cya next year, we will go big for the 10th year anniversary, dont miss it!
  4. Jarno, I dont get your points here..what fight are you talking about? You are the only one here consider things as a fight. Who are you talking about, unable to fly a suit straight line and how does it connect to the discussion about a software? We are glad that some else is also doing a great job and put lots of effort to create a system which can be used for scoring results. Online and free of charge. Providing the system for ANY competitions free of charge. FAI and official scoring things I think needs to have more discussuion. In my personal opinion not (only) a specific system should be used on official level, but a specified calculation method, to get same results with all available and proved systems, undepending the trademark. Comparision difference will dissapear. Answering your question to me, I with my organisation obiously do not want to deviate from any rules accepted by FAI, I totally respect them and the work what you, Klaus and all others did for the cause. IF I will do FAI level/ranked competition, I will do and use whatever is needed according to those rules will be current that date...but untill that time, please let me choose what I use for our small fun competition here in Hungary, for 9th years now. Btw, I could not even use Paralog, because my event was asked for money to may be the member of PPC series, what obviuosly I/we dont wanna pay. Not because of the ammount (I dont even know the cost), because of theoretic reasons. No fight, peace... Csaber
  5. Professional work Alex, thanks a lot! We appreciate your support for the WS community. The "official" part (FAI rules) of our annual Hungarian WS Event , the Original WS Boogie Hungary (25th of July-2nd of August) will be scored by using your system.
  6. Dear wingsuiters, trackers and all flying human beings! The Original Markó Mike’s Wingsuit Boogie Hungary is back! MBSE is organising 8th times one of the biggest and most hardcore wingsuit and tracking skydiving competition on planet, what will happen from 01-10th of August in Hungary, on different location in 2014! This year the event moves back to the place where all begun in 2007, KAPOS DZ, Kaposújlak. - 3 events in 10 days! - 2way Hungarian Artistic Competition: 01-03th - Performance competition: 04-09th in WS (from 2014 intermediate category added!), tracking, naked tracking and ws rodeo - The event will be combined with a Big Way Formation camp from 6th of August, resulting a huge skydive happening with different disciplines! - From 6th of August 2 planes (L410-turbolets) will be provided on site - Prize money of 1200 Euro in CASH! - One free wingsuit and wind tunnel times will be drawn! - presentation of performance ws flying: Helmut Tacke (GER) - presentation of performance tracking: Rami Kajala (FIN) - daily big way ws organising: Sebastian Nossing (GER) - In case of good weather balloon jumps every morning and evening! All jumpers out of competition and spectators are welcome on site; fun jumps are possible during the event! Details, rules and time schedule uploaded here: http://wingsuitboogie.hu/sites/wingsuitboogie.hu/files/hirfile/WS%20Boogie%202014%20-%20english.pdf Hope to cya most of you on site, for any question please pm me or mail on [email protected]
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, with and without wings, get ready for the 7th Wingsuit Boogie in Hungary from 2-11th of August! On the first weekend (2-4th of August) we start with the 1st Hungarian Artistic Wingsuit Comp, then from Monday (5th of August) continue with nonstop jumping for 10 days! Rules and schedule: http://wingsuitboogie.hu/en/news/109 - In 2013 we will first ever hold a wingsuit rodeo category in performance flight! - The new wingsuit series of Intrudair (Piranha 2, Shark 2, Manta 2) and the brand new developed high performance tracking suit (Ultimate) will be availabe on site in different sizes to test! - The balloon is confirmed (75 Euro-approx. 2000m), in case of good weather every morning and evening there is balloon jump possibility on site! - Making more interesting and challenging the competition, we will publish every day a winner according to the best results in one category (category will be drawn in the evening)! Special prizes for daily winners! - Proud to present our new sponsors, SKYWARD Wind Tunnel Technologies (opening in Budapest in the autumn), free flying times will be drawn at prize giving ceremony, and Vector (United Parachute Technologies) with discounts, and T-shirts - Wingsuit Boogie presents on the prize giving ceremony, the world famous rock band 3CEVOS, formed by Croatian wingsuit pilots, lead by Vanja Siljak! - We will have wine tasting night, presenting the variety of best wine regions of Hungary, sponsored by Szörényi Winery and Dionysos Wine House! See you soon !
  8. Here we go again ladies and gentlemen, get ready for THE EVENT in 2013, 2-11th of August, on Siófok-Kiliti DZ, Hungary! The Wingsuit Boogie takes place 7th time in Hungary, this year we combine again an Artistic 2way WS Comp with the biggest performace ws and tracking competition on earth, with a brand new category in 2013, the WS Rodeo! Come and join us for 10 days of fun and non stop jumpin, more details can be found on http://wingsuitboogie.hu/en/news/109 Book your holiday, filght ticket, accomodation, hope to cya most of you!
  9. The offical video of 2012 Ws Boogie Hungary is uploaded, enjoy ! Hope to cya most of you next year! http://vimeo.com/53001580
  10. The final results and roundscores are uploaded! http://wingsuitboogie.hu/en/news/105 Congrats for the medalists, specialy to Brian, performing the second best flight in human history (3876m), thanks for all attenders, supporters, we had nice time together, cool competitions with amazing flights and hardcore parties! Hope you guys had a great time and see most of you next year! We come back with more serious performance categories like ws rodeo and linked 2way...cya next year! Csaber
  11. Results are updated after 08.16. thursday! http://wingsuitboogie.hu/en/news/105 Get ready for the last windy day, the death match begins!
  12. Standings after Wednesday, we are at 69 competitors in all 3 categories on 2nd day, not bad :-) http://wingsuitboogie.hu/en/news/105 Wind condition of 1st day was 8-9m/s. Cya
  13. Here we go with results of the first day. Great sunny day with pretty good wind! Amazing distances for a start! Stayed tuned!
  14. Here we go ladies and gentlemen! THE EVENT starts this thursday! In 2012 we combine the VI. Markó Mike's Performace WS, Tracking and Naked Tracking competition with V. Artistic 2way WS event, what makes us the biggest skydiving and tracking skydiving competition on earth! Come and visit us, competite or just fun jump our mighty MI8 helicopter and balloon! Get ready for 11 days long party and fun with nice wine tasting events! For details and schedule please visit: http://wingsuitboogie.hu/en/news/99 Hope to cya most you! Csaber
  15. Hello, The best performances with tracking suits within 1000m vertical distance on competition (with same conditions for everyone) in 2011: http://wingsuitboogie.hu/sites/wingsuitboogie.hu/files/hirfile/TR%20final%20HUNGARY%202011.pdf Tracking with no suits at all-)): http://wingsuitboogie.hu/sites/wingsuitboogie.hu/files/hirfile/NTR%20final%20HUNGARY%20-%202011.pdf Pretty imperessive performance of naked trackers, the best ones would rank middle in tracking suit category... Come and try it out by yourself in 2012 in Hungary, on the biggest WS and tracking skydiving event worldwide! For more info: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/250063141718702/ and http://wingsuitboogie.hu/en/competition/2012 ..and if we are in FF forum, we organise FF Camp and Comp as well! details: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/355632524452006/ Bye: Csaber