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  1. Ksandr

    Wingsuit airglide Rage/Horus

    Here is the comparison of start arc of Horus (blue line) vs another advanced suit (green). Jumps made by the same person. [inline horus_or_not.png] If you want to compare by yourself. Find out details here: https://skyderby.ru/places/18/flight_profiles Choose what tracks you want to plot, Horus can be found at 05.04.2016, #4079 P.S. I intentionally omit another suit name, because I don't want to start a brand war.
  2. Ksandr

    Experiences with Intrudair wingsuits?

    I've flown Phantom 2 and Piranha, but haven't flown Swift. I can say that it is pretty similar in handling, so if you know how to fly one it won't be a problem doing same things in another. About "making them very hot" - suits made from similar fabric so It will be very unusual if one will be cooler or hotter than another. About quality - they are perfectly sewed. Customer service is also good.
  3. Ksandr

    Helmet, goggles, gps, pc, canopy

    FlySight is pretty good thing in both of developing your skills and recording tracks. Goggles- if you feel comfortable in it in free fall in wingsuit you ll feel better or same because speeds are slower. PC, bridle - with small suits don't care about it Canopy - 7 cell "square" better than 9 cell or elliptical, but people jumping even cross braced.
  4. Ksandr

    TIME OUT for Wingsuit Flying

    Hi, what "Time out altimeter" means?