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    The only one getting a raise today here is THIS GUY!
  2. FYI, My place of employment has many job openings. Too many positions to list here! Anyone interested PM. Your welcome! Gary (from IT, corporate, retail, legal, maintenance, temp, permanent, from moreno valley - Calabasas, Ca)
  3. Yes. I have worked a few times as an Extra. Cenex/Central Casting. Does not pay much, food was served. And was actually seen on Murphy Brown show. others on top of my head were a "smoker" on Water World, ER, Showgirls. a few more can't remember. Lots of time on phone, busy signals, get a Thomas Guide.
  4. In my vhs tapes of his. Wally said not to let anyone copy your video. He had a shotgun in hand too!
  5. On 2nd Dec 1959 ... The Number 1 single was: Adam Faith - "What Do You Want?" 9 months prior date: The Number 1 single was: Shirley Bassey - "As I Love You"
  6. Your Text, Dialectized (moron) Habe gear idea f' sponsehid trail mobe on foot t' de nord GPS 'n stuff - wlalkid from soud Cal t' Bages Not t' bad - Lookigg f' cold webuhadeh gear c'panys 'n any ones help - if I habe more time i will write betteh bou' idea - Markeh is due Nord - from Longmount CO half way past mid poit in Canada - Your original post matches this: Your Text, Dialectized (censor) Have gear idea for sponsered trail move on foot to the north GPS and stuff - wlalked from south Cal to Vages Not to bad - Looking for cold weather gear companys and any ones help - if I have more time i will write better about idea - Marker is due North - from Longmount CO half way past mid point in Canada - Got this from: The Dialectizer is a RinkWorks production. We invite you to visit our other features. Convert English text to any of several comic dialects.
  7. The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ~Burton Hillis
  8. I'd get brakes done on my truck.
  9. For my 26yr old neice is in remission (ASL lukemia ) My Mom doing better than last time I saw her (last year this time was bad!). Seems all is good Spirits Quote
  10. real reason. However, I see myself driving automatic possibly IF I ever get another truck due to frequent ball of feet extreme pains! My clutch foot is Killing me!
  11. Good memory! Donovan opened at show I was at too. Had the half moon guitar..I like Donovan! Must say best most special concert this year was Buffalo Springfield with Gillian Welch (? spelling) @ Santa Barabara Bowl!
  12. 'YES' I saw them ~77-78. Louisville, Ky for ~$8.75 a ticket All original members on a rotating stage (In the Round Tour) Last show I went to was Dr. John dinner concert at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, Ca. I only go to small venues shows or the fair now, especially ones that serves food! (how come my dog don't bark whenever You come around?!)
  13. Bobby Fischer: An American World Chess Champion
  14. Last recent AA meeting I went to someone spoke that AA does not help you QUIT drinking, it helps you STAY sober. And as far as what surrender to a higher power means is possibly that someone has hit rock bottom and it will take a God, spirit or whatever, etc. to get them out of a situation. Oh, and there are quite a few people there that do not believe any of that as well. Once again AA is a place to go for support to stay sober. editted to add some are even friends of Bill!
  15. My 401K went down $1793..that's all I know, so far
  16. Thanks, I will do a name, # etc. Feel free to pm the info! Gary Calhoun
  17. I don't have dvd recorder, just got home computer months ago. In future will get what I need. Thanks tho.
  18. Been wanting to transfer these to DVD, I have lots on several tapes. Been thinking of taking to local places in town that can do it. However, wanted to see if anyone out there could do it for me. I could bring to Perris (ca) and rather spend $ to have a skydiver do it.
  19. I'll have to go see Rob Zombie at Ventura Theatre next month then..Just got home from Danzig tonight.
  20. I'm having that done 5-20. Need to get Dulcolax, Miralax, gatorade. No red or purple liquids. And ride home!
  21. END GAME - Dominic Lawson (got jury duty..maybe halfway thru tomorrow! ha ha
  22. Seltzer water & lime..I'm designated driver on Saturdays. Go to bar with live bands & dancing. Even drive other person's nice car!