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  1. taylor.freefall

    Do you tip at Starbucks?

    Can't even afford to go through Starbucks in the first place - do I tip...
  2. taylor.freefall

    dont you just HATE job interviews!?

    It was in downtown LA, I was flapping as it was and all the metered parking was taken, then the car parks near were full so I just went for the underground parking at the offices - I didn't wanna get stressed out more than I already was. I actually thought they didn't do their homework as much as I did, but whatever... Oh, just to add - I applied for this job on 22 January 2008!! OVER 4 yrs ago
  3. taylor.freefall

    dont you just HATE job interviews!?

    I had a panel interview yesterday too, fucking horrible, and they were half hour late... AND $24 in parking/2hr commute to do 20 miles... but glad you got the job, nice one ; )
  4. taylor.freefall

    Human Flight 3D Movie ... IMAX

    Agreed - it's completely shameless...
  5. taylor.freefall


    Me Too - I've had the BEST customer service ever - skydiving related or not. They have been ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING when it comes to answering questions or trying to solve problems... One of my bucket list things is to have a custom made container - and I've nearly saved enough up. When I do I'll definitely be ordering through Chutingstar. I'm SO impressed with their customer service.
  6. taylor.freefall

    It's no wonder our kids have issues

    I already know, for a fact, you don't have kids... (even if you reply back and say you do). (don't mean that rudely by the way).
  7. taylor.freefall

    It's no wonder our kids have issues

    Couldn't agree more. I don't think it's necessarily that bad, but I wouldn't wanna upset my kids for no good reason - the whole thing seems redundant (and to be honest, not particularly funny).
  8. taylor.freefall

    halo jump ?

    I didn't even know normo's could do that?! Fantastic idea! I'd like to try that too.
  9. taylor.freefall

    Beginner with helmet camera

    Can you carry this on please? - It's either Wendy Williams, or this. Thanks...
  10. taylor.freefall

    Rosie O'Donnell Skydives?

  11. taylor.freefall

    Most People Only Watch....

  12. taylor.freefall

    Namby-pamby kids these days

    Spoilt brat needs a good dose of military discipline.
  13. taylor.freefall

    Finally got a job interview...

    Hey, thanks. I certainly appreciate that - it's been a struggle let me tell ya!!
  14. taylor.freefall

    Canopy Collision video (thankfully non fatal)

    Honestly, and if it was me (I'll get flamed for this this big time) but... I would have stayed with it - my line of thinking being that I'd rather have a rough landing (that I know I will probably get away with) than cut away and be left with something that I can't manage - and I know that's a stupid attitude AND I also know that it was definitely a cut away situation. -Having said that I've never had a cutaway situation - the worst I've had so far has been line twists and a tension knot in my right steering line, meaning I didn't have full control of the right side, but I had 90% - decided to keep it - it was fine, no problems. However - I would welcome the chance to do an intentional cutaway, just to know that if the time ever comes - I can do it.
  15. taylor.freefall

    Whitney Houston ~ RIP

    No Thanks.....I quit. HA (my wife just asked me what I'm laughing at).