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  1. Can't even afford to go through Starbucks in the first place - do I tip...
  2. It was in downtown LA, I was flapping as it was and all the metered parking was taken, then the car parks near were full so I just went for the underground parking at the offices - I didn't wanna get stressed out more than I already was. I actually thought they didn't do their homework as much as I did, but whatever... Oh, just to add - I applied for this job on 22 January 2008!! OVER 4 yrs ago
  3. I had a panel interview yesterday too, fucking horrible, and they were half hour late... AND $24 in parking/2hr commute to do 20 miles... but glad you got the job, nice one ; )
  4. Me Too - I've had the BEST customer service ever - skydiving related or not. They have been ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING when it comes to answering questions or trying to solve problems... One of my bucket list things is to have a custom made container - and I've nearly saved enough up. When I do I'll definitely be ordering through Chutingstar. I'm SO impressed with their customer service.
  5. I already know, for a fact, you don't have kids... (even if you reply back and say you do). (don't mean that rudely by the way).
  6. Couldn't agree more. I don't think it's necessarily that bad, but I wouldn't wanna upset my kids for no good reason - the whole thing seems redundant (and to be honest, not particularly funny).
  7. I didn't even know normo's could do that?! Fantastic idea! I'd like to try that too.
  8. Can you carry this on please? - It's either Wendy Williams, or this. Thanks...
  9. Spoilt brat needs a good dose of military discipline.
  10. Hey, thanks. I certainly appreciate that - it's been a struggle let me tell ya!!
  11. Honestly, and if it was me (I'll get flamed for this this big time) but... I would have stayed with it - my line of thinking being that I'd rather have a rough landing (that I know I will probably get away with) than cut away and be left with something that I can't manage - and I know that's a stupid attitude AND I also know that it was definitely a cut away situation. -Having said that I've never had a cutaway situation - the worst I've had so far has been line twists and a tension knot in my right steering line, meaning I didn't have full control of the right side, but I had 90% - decided to keep it - it was fine, no problems. However - I would welcome the chance to do an intentional cutaway, just to know that if the time ever comes - I can do it.
  12. No Thanks.....I quit. HA (my wife just asked me what I'm laughing at).