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  1. FYI, I still appreciate & remember the rodeo at fair
  2. The Rolling Stones! hate em! (just kidding!! har har)
  3. Got a ticket for Sat. Have not seen them since 1975 Louisvile, Ky. (~$12.50) Had to stand in line for tix back then. Now I got 1 online and had to print ticket out, hope there is no problems at the door! stubhub seems safe. (total $206.25) way overpriced, but worth it to me at this time Been a good month for concerts; went from dinner show for Merle Haggard earlier at small venue.
  4. Saw him in Louisville, Ky ~1978 small place front row! One of my favorites!
  5. Sounded good to me. Do you know the whole song, lead, etc.? Use a capo? I remember playing guitar with you at Perris many years ago, by the pool area.
  6. GARYC24


    Going fishing! Hopefully it'll be TroutsGiving Day.
  7. Hate to admit it (sort of), But that guy kinda looks like ME. Anyone that met or remembers me, may see what I mean...
  8. After HS, then 2 yrs in electronic school in Louisville, Ky. (July 1980) a company hired a few of us from California. Got a 1 way Greyhound bus ticket. Been here ever since. That company and many others gone. Present 1 doesn't look too bright of future either!
  9. Being an avid, wanna be better player. I thought I'd share this.
  10. The only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little "extra". Let's push the fish it's about to turn.
  11. BLOODROCK. I used to have an 8 track "Bloodrock2". Look that one up.
  12. GARYC24

    Peeves ...

    My most current one is people who show up at a pre-registered USCF (chess) rated tournament without a chess set or chess clock which specifically is spelled out beforehand that TD (tournament directors) do not provide equipment.
  13. Cold Souls Knots I buy the $1.99 and cheapest ones on sale at video stores. Movies I never heard of, sometimes they are good. Too many to list here.
  14. GARYC24

    stressing out

    My workplace is laying off 35 people today. More to come too!
  15. GARYC24


    I used to work for fairchild/xincom division on bubble-memory testers. Also, had a timex/sinclair with the memory expansion module!
  16. GARYC24

    MAD magazine

    The newest issue of MAD did a parody on my workplace. HF Tools. Thought I'd share.. The one with Statue Of Liberty on cover.
  17. Yahoo answers has article regarding this stuff. I have always wanted to video myself sleeping. I may do that if I get a camcorder! Anyone here ever done that?
  18. I just happen to be going to a Gun Show tomorrow to do just that.
  19. I attended both years at the US Festival in Ca. Only one I've been to.
  20. I go to Library almost everyday. Use computer, a few chess books, and meet a chess club coach and a player for games alot. The have rooms and outside table chairs in front of coffee shop. And once a month open mic music. And movies inside...It's a great library! Skydive Camarillo lands close to it, I see canopies (tandem) every once in awhile!
  21. Make your own real Live Handmade Ladybug Trout Flies.