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  1. No, he has never been in jail/prison nor has he been ever charged with anything since he hasn't broken any laws. In fact he has received multiple awards for his work on BitTorrent and since he is one of the founders of BitTorrent Inc., which oversees the development of the protocol and the client, he probably makes a pretty decent living off of BitTorrent. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  2. Copyright infringement. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  3. You can Right Click->Mark->Paint->Right Click to skip the need for using a file as long as the print out is short enough to select. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  4. Because at that time the world was filled with completely arbitrary measuring systems, like the yard, which is/was based on the current ruling King/Queen of Englands body measurements. So the French decided that they'd need a system that was based on something non-political and unchanging that all countries could accept. So they chose to use the earth as the reference. The reason they used 1/4th distance is because the Paris meridian passes through two towns/cities in Europe of which they could measure the distance in between and then calculate the total distance of the meridian. So basically for practical reasons. And I think there was some sort of war going on so they had to ensure the surveyors had safe access for their work. The reason for the 10 million is that one of person involved in the project had a huge hard on for decimation and was pushing the decimation of time to become a standard. So he basically wanted to replace the base-60 system with a base-100 system. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  5. I like how Microsoft is lobbying for more visas, and layed off - 16K people. 12,5k of those were ex-nokians, most of the total were outside US. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  6. Very much a comedy/ spoof, apparently. I wasn't inspired when I read the premise - the movie establishment's depictions of chav youth are usually embarrassingly wide of the mark - but the critics are full of praise (so far) and I'm actually quite keen to see this now. I think it'll do Firth's career good as well. The setup made me think of Men In Black - young misfit inducted into a secret government organisation by an old hand. Some of the scenes in the trailer seem to be riffing on that too, with the weapons and gadgets racked up alongside the sharp suits and accessories. And on top of all that, when was the last time we got to see Mark Hamill on the big screen? ----------------------------------------------------- Edited to add: Precious little info, but a handful of photos from the skydiving shoot here (towards the bottom of the page):!filming-and-photography/c1mav. Filming took place in England - not certain where, but possibly Langar. Let's hope they've maximised the amount of real footage used! I see Norman Kent was involved too. Wait a minute, does that DZ have their own Red Epic Dragon for shooting skydiving videos? Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  7. 1) Way to necro a four-year-old thread. LoL. 2) Yes, they are both utterly and completely arbitrary. Neither is anything "special" in terms of a universal standard. Both were based on what the creators thought were somewhat universal standards; both of which turned out to be inaccurate in universal terms. Both offer the same degree (pun intended) of "accuracy," but then again, so would standards based on other arbitrary criteria. The freezing point of salt water and the temperature of the human body were Farenheit's zero and 100. The freezing and boiling point of "pure" water were Celsius's. Neither takes into account a couple of other factors though, like in the case of Celsius, pressure, and so are arbitrary. In fact, Celsius has been redefined (just like all the other arbitrary metric units) in order to make them more precise and defined, but to do that the definition has to go well beyond what you learned in school. It's not simply the freezing and boiling point of water. So, what that means is, the original definitions were, as I said, arbitrary. Essentially just pulled out of the asses of the guys who thought them up. Celsius is still superior since its only based on one arbitrary variable, water, where as Fahrenheit is based on two, salt water, and the body temperature of the dude who made it up when he had a fever. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  8. I don't know if you intented it but the wording in your last sentence made it seem like you were disappointed that they weren't killing those guys for reals. Which is fucked, but then again that would just reaffirm the stereotype for people who like to watch execution videos. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  9. Seriously what the fuck? It'd be interesting to know what he said to her before he made his move though. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  10. Since when was dyed hair, piercings and tattoos a race? Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  11. I once wanted to do this so I checked how much helium I'd need. Turns out one liter of helium can lift about 1 g at STP. So for me I'd need over 100,000 liters (~26,400 us gals) to get off the ground. At the local gas supplier the cost was around ~ 17 €/m^3 so the jump would've cost, just for the gas, a minimum of 1700 euros. Decided that I didn't want it that much. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  12. It was actually surprisingly decent movie. Even if I didn't know about the hype around it I would've found it entertaining. At no point I didn't understand why'd they want to ban it though. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  13. I know very little of wines, but I'm under the impression that, at least the pricey stuff, is very finicky on how it is stored. Probably most of the wines are already ruined unintentionally. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  14. Bullcrap!! Just goes to show, 99.99% of cops are white knights. If you're a man, involved in a domestic altercation that involves a woman, the worst thing you can do, even if the woman is using violence on you, is to call the cops. Either you go to jail or the cops will use force/violence on you. Your rights end where my feelings begin.
  15. I wouldn't put too much value on the original article. Its a christmas joke science paper based on data cherry picked by a man-hating feminist with an axe to grind. So obviously its going to prove that men are idiots. Your rights end where my feelings begin.