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  1. This made me think of the barber shop scene in Gran Torino!
  2. Broner. That's when your sitting around watching porno with your Bro's and get a boner!
  3. I'll tell ya the same thang my daddy told me. If you ain't First, your LAST!
  4. Been there quite a few times. Was there Sunday at the airshow (wings over Camarillo). They got good looking waitress's there!
  5. I recommend a "soft top" Long Board. It's the type that does not need to be waxed. It is also the ones they used at a place I took a lesson at. I have a Sunset board.
  6. I notice my desire to go fishing increases!
  7. Fishing is my lastest greatest enjoyment lately! I fish almost every weekend! I just booked an overnight trip today for end of April. Went last week got my limit of rockfish (3/4 day). I would like to try the helicopter thing from that video, but I wear glasses
  8. My neighbor 2 houses down in KY. Wayne was his name, same age as my older brother. Must have been ~29 yrs old It was around 1978-1980 when he & I hung out together. Wayne, like to drink whisky a lot! Wayne, live at home, I believe both his parents for full fledge alcoholics. Wayne, had a bookie, I often wondered if Wayne was a bookie as well. I don’t remember him ever speaking of being at the tracks, but he definetley was at bars very close to Churchill Downs. After, a few years he seemed to be sick, probably the booze, however, he still made bets, either for himself or someone else. I don’t even know if he’s still alive now. I grew up in Valley Station, Ky. went to Lousiville Downs (harness racing) and Churchhill Downs with my parents quite a few times while I was going to school.
  9. Maybe I have in regards to exact start & end dates. Also, have left some part time jobs out.
  10. My response has been saved and recorded with ID 9372655
  11. GARYC24

    OK libs...

    This is suppose to be about $13 a week more on each paycheck for me ($800 tax cut), starting in June. Recently, I increased my 401K contributions to a full 10% (from 8% to 10%). I won't feel anything, however since my company matches 30% for the first 10%. And since my company has wage freeze for 1 year, I decided to do this anyways.
  12. Going to the Fred Hall Fish & Tackle show in Long Beach, Ca. in March. Or been to one?
  13. A company I worked for years ago in the warranty service dept. We received a knee for someone's knee replacement.
  14. QuoteHi Gary! Yeah, it would be great. I could make it there over lunch. Might be enough incentive for me to get current, too. They'll get my support, for sure. I think it's about time for you to get current! LOL. Ouch! Ya hit a soft spot there. I updated my profile after reading that. If this place is for real, I'm there already! As soon as it quits raining. I should do a tandem, tho. I've got feet problems, etc. Keep in touch!
  15. Someone named "Michael" on the phone said they do not land at the airport, they land 3 miles north from there. Must be one of the farm lands out there, close to the Santa Clara river bed or something! I really hope there is one as well. I'll get current w/video and everything next payday!
  16. The photos are real on the website, as far as being in Camarillo,Ca. The directions seem kinda weird pertaining to entering the gate by the Airport Cafe and the actual address being on Durley (would be little bit of a walk) However, I just do not believe for many reasons you will take off, jump land or make a SKydive at the Camarillo Airport. There is no drop zone there, period!
  17. Funny someone brought this up. I live 3 red lights from Camarillo airport. There is no such drop zone there. I drove by there for shits & grins one day at the address advertised. It is where the police cars are parked at! Camarillo is so close to Pt. Mugu I doubt there will ever be a dropzone there. However, demos have been done at the Camarillo Air Show. Gary Calhoun
  18. Just counting main (career jobs) since 1980. 8 different companies. Six of these places are no longer in buisness. Total jobs since High School: 17 Age: 49 Also, present job just lay-offed 3 engineers last Friday. Lots of doomsayers around. Work is slow and seems I'm lucky to still have a source of income.
  19. GARYC24


    I heard their working on a remake of "The Abyss". Gonna call it Son of Abyss.
  20. I've been working out 6 nights a week for last 2 weeks. And sticking to the BodyForlife training (again). I'm looking forward to seeing a change in 12 weeks. However, I'm prepared to keep this up for rest of year and even longer. I'm 187 w/clothes on. Have not seen any physical change, but feel alot better!
  21. It's never too early or late to start making up your own tunes. Even if it's only 3 chords. Play around with a capo, too. Oh, and try different brand of strings even. What brand/type did you have put on?
  22. Facing massive losses, Santa Claus Enterprises, LLC, yesterday pleaded for $100 billion in federal assistance in order to continue operations through December. In a press conference held at the firm's North Pole headquarters, a somber Santa Claus said that the bailout was necessary to avoid "severely curtailing, and perhaps canceling, Christmas 2008." Operating continuously for more than 2,000 years, Santa Claus Enterprises, LLC, delivers billions of presents worldwide every Christmas Eve, free of charge. Shifting consumer demand, plus the greater technical complexity of modern toys, has forced the company to outsource a majority of its production. United Elf Workers spokesman Herman "Choo-choo" DelFazio decried what he called the "selling out of the skilled Elf work force" to cheaper overseas manufacturers. However, high labor and pension costs are the most significant factor in the company's distress, said Chief "Elf-ecutive" Officer Bud "Swingset" Perkins. While elves can retire at age 1,000, they live forever, and are entitled to draw 90 percent salary, plus benefits that include unlimited cookies, cider and fruitcake, Perkins said. "You can't have more than half your work force being paid to do nothing and basically sitting around gorging themselves on Christmas goodies," he said, adding that UEW officials had refused to reduce pension benefits, or extend the retirement age to 1,500, despite repeated pleas from management. But the company's difficulties go beyond labor disputes, and date to at least 1974, when the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit, claiming that Santa Claus's ability "to see you when you're sleeping, to know when you're awake, and to know when you've been bad or good" not only violates fundamental privacy rights, but deprives children of due process. Though the case was settled out of court, an anonymous source said that Santa Claus's restriction of withholding gifts from "bad" children had put additional pressure on the company's already strained distribution system. Circling the globe in a flying sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer, Santa Claus must deliver billions of presents in a single evening. Morbidly obese, with a stomach that reportedly "jiggles like a bowlful of jelly," Santa Claus suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and gout, according to the source. Establishing his company soon after the birth of Jesus Christ, Claus has gained iconic status in the world of holiday celebration. While Christmas is historically a religious festival, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, for many, Claus's red suit, bulbous nose and trademark long white beard have greater significance than do the religious origins of the holiday. Holding a virtual monopoly on secular observance of Christmas, Santa Claus Enterprises faces increasing competition from imposter Santas who visit department stores and shopping malls worldwide, paying no royalties or license fees, according to SCE spokes-elf Sandra "Babydoll" Madison. "The Santa Claus brand is our most important asset," Madison said, noting that while the company makes a vigorous effort to enforce its trademarks and intellectual rights, "We're not Disney. We can't be everywhere, all the time." Still, Santa Claus Enterprises, LLC, is a powerful organization. As the sole commercial enterprise at the North Pole, it acts as the virtual government of the vast, ice-covered region north of the Arctic Circle. Its autonomy has drawn the ire of environmentalists, who charge that the company's antiquated manufacturing facilities — originally built to manufacture things such as simple wooden toys and bisque dolls — is the region's most significant source of greenhouse gases, possibly contributing to the melting of the polar ice cap. Without federal funds, however, Santa Claus said the company would be hard-pressed to upgrade the facility, let alone continue to operate on the scale that the world's population has come to expect. "We're facing a perfect storm," said Claus. "And I should know. I've been through a good many storms in my time." Appearing to wipe a tear from his round, red cheeks, he said, "Without a federal bailout, this will not be a very merry Christmas, and I'm not jolly about that at all." — Chris Westphal of Ojai is a journalist, television comedy writer, and novelist. He currently works with, writing personal histories and biographies.
  23. YES. And in Oxnard they also sell bait, too.
  24. This is how I decide. I read all these things you get in the mail with the pro's & con's. I read them, think about them and then actually decide Yes or No. That's the way I vote, "Like it or not" ha ha ha
  25. NO on PROP 1A High Speed Rail NO on PROP 2 Farm Animals NO on PROP 3 Children’s Hospital Bond Act YES on PROP 4 Parental Notification NO on PROP 5 Drug Offenses, Sentencing, Parole YES on PROP 6 Police and Criminal Penalties NO on PROP 7 Renewal Energy YES ON PROP 8 Protect Marriage Amendment YES on Prop 9 Victims’ Rights NO on PROP 10 Alternative Energy Bond YES on PROP 12 Veterans’ Bond