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    Job stress

    I actually like my job and could work here until retirement , and haven't been looking for a job for 4 years since, I've been here. However, I am seeking for another job, more $, something to retire from. And I have been considering the Postal Service. And keeping eye out for city jobs like, gas company, meter reader etc. of the sort. Started the 1st step to get list of exam dates and materials. I honestly belive there is no job security in anything. Good luck finding what you're looking for.
  2. OMG! ROFLMAO! wOW! Thanks I needed that. I think I bruised my rib from LoLing! So, ya got any of them rodeo tickets left?
  3. When and where is it? Last rodeo I went to was the one at Ventura County Fair. PRCP Rodeo I take it?
  4. I had a very severe charlie-horse in my calf once.. could not straighten my leg to reach fin and stretch it out..finally it went away..but brought tears to my eyes underwater! Suggest to start stretching now.
  5. I grew up in Louisville (actually Valley Station, close enough) Never went to Churchill Downs for the Derby while living there. (lots other times, tho) Moved to California flew back 5 yrs later to go to Derby. I suggest to take a cab there, do not park in the people's yards, they charge $10 + and sometimes it wasn't even their yard, and cars were stolen, towed, etc. You have to have at least 1 mint Julep! Get your hands on a Greensheet early and pick horses beforehand. A little outside scoop..smell of booze in the air all over! There will puddles of booze and puke on the sidewalks from peole camping out, watch out for broken glass. Oh, and never bet on more that 3 different horses in the same race
  6. I just spent $225 for during lunch (paid off an old credit card bill!) over the phone. And had 1 apple! and 2 HB eggs.
  7. Saw it a few weeks ago. Here: Had a good time. Even ran into fellow skydiver there.
  8. GARYC24


    My Wed. night class (combat TKD is sparring w/chest pad, legs, arms headgear from 7-8 Then after the 1-step TKD sparring we put on sparring head gear (boxing) and boxing gloves, no chest pad; just mouth guard and cup and go at it. Basically for real! Even take downs..these are 2-3 minutes I'm am usually beat after regular class and this really shows how much you got left in ya to fight. There a female BB instructor there and I punch her as hard as I can..she does the same, too. I have only had 1 bloody nose so far! I love the workout!
  9. How about The MidGuey Boogie (spanish spelling??) or The Midway Boogie?
  10. Nah...I was just quoting Woody Allen.
  11. To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy then is to suffer. But suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness. I hope you're getting this down."
  12. I have an idea
  13. Have a chance to go to one of these: $125 w/dinner former Secretary of State James A. Baker $65 w/dinner Senator Edward Kennedy At Ronald Reagan Library, Simi Valley, Ca. I’ve always wondered what these things would be like, I may choose Kennedy’s.(just maybe) However, I don’t own a suit. Anyone ever been to such things?
  14. I don't a favorite guitar player in the world so to speak, but since I play acoustic Iwant to add. James Taylor and Stephen Stills.
  15. GARYC24

    Guitar envy?

    Any particular reason why the tuning keys are on the bottom? just wondering.
  16. I'm sorry, but I will not be able to send a pic to you of me in time for contest. However, I am on a 12 week program and nutrition plan.
  17. I would like to play apart. But cannot send a photo in by due date. I could possibly have before and after pics (with dated material in pic) at the end date.
  18. I would have turned him in myself. But did not want to be "stool pigeon"
  19. I just learned of this good news. Just sharing, for those who did not know either.,,id=161506,00.html
  20. Only while standing in line at the grocery store, especially while someone writing a check in the cash only line! But mostly I just look at the pictures!
  21. GARYC24


    I'm trying a personal trainer tonight. 24hr fitness has a deal lose 10lb in 5 weeks $55 includes 5 25min sessions w/trainer, a little menu chart and workout data cards. Seems I have a female trainer. Will meet tonight. Always been curious about trainer making any difference in getting results. Looking forward to getting measurements taken for records. I think I may lose more than 2 lb a week, or more than 10 by the next 5 weeks. Already bought my food for this weeks menu plan.
  22. Been posted before,however I'm just curious if anyone else here would be interested in trying it for real? I'm going to (again) May even get a personel trainer at 24hr Fitness. They got this $55 deal 10 lb in 5 weeks, charts, menu, etc and 5 25 minute w/trainer.
  23. I found an alternate way to site I use. However, this one may be replaced.. End of request Thanks for all replies, The End.
  24. I wonder what took them a year to do it! haha In that case thanks for reply, I'm have to log off now! Gary Calhoun