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  1. karenmeal

    Spencer Garrett

    We still remember Spencer! He was a very nice man. Definitely an interesting guy - made his own bio diesel before most folks had even heard about it. I recall that he was also running as a libertarian candidate for political office a few months before his accident. Spencer would always show up to the DZ with huge containers of watermelon on hot summer days. If you see watermelon stickers on people's gear, those are in memory of Spencer. I've still got mine on my freefly helmet. We miss you Spencer! The world needs more thoughtful, inventive people like you.
  2. karenmeal


  3. karenmeal

    Being told NOT to check the spot!

    From the way you describe what happened, it certainly seems like you are in the right. I know that some people take an exorbitant amount of time (30+ seconds) when checking a spot, and in some cases it can mess the spot up for a load. But taking several seconds to stick your head out the door, check for air-traffic and locate the LZ is perfectly reasonable. I would try to speak with this guy and ask him why it bothered him so much. If he is not willing to talk to you or be reasonable, talk to his boss and get his or her opinion on the matter.
  4. karenmeal


    It's an AN-2.
  5. karenmeal

    Looking for 4-way VRW participants in the Pac. NW

    If only I wasn't a broke ass college student I would be all over that. Can you ask that same question again in 2 and a half years when I've got a real job?
  6. karenmeal

    University Skydiving Classes

    That is the only University that I have ever heard of having skydiving classes for credit. That is craziness. I suppose there could be more, but I would be pretty surprised.
  7. karenmeal


    I never got the chance to meet Shannon. But she was definitely someone that I looked forward to meeting someday. Just by seeing her personality on here I know that we would have been friends. Bob, I'm so sorry for your loss. Jeff and I have been thinking about you a lot lately. -Karen
  8. Online registration for the event is ready. You can go to www.seattleskydivers.org. The cost for the event is $40 for non club members and $20 for Seattle Skydivers Club members. Registration is limited so that we can ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to do lots of coached/organized jumps. There will be an additional fee of $10 for a one-on-one coached jump. So register early and recruit your buddies! -Karen
  9. I would be pretty surprised if Chris's first canopy was a wingloading that high. There is probably some explanation.
  10. karenmeal

    In Memory of Josh Whipple

    That is exactly how I feel. I didn't think I would be emotional today.. but then I just had a thought, that this last year would have been a great year to have Josh around. I started going to school at the UW (where he went to school), I've become even more jaded about various issues (politics, religion..) Basically, I've got a huge list of things that I wish I could catch Josh up on. But I guess there is nothing special about this year.. Josh was just a great person to have around no matter what. Whether things were going wrong and you needed him to cheer you up, or if things were going great and you just wanted to share that with him. Man, I miss that guy. Still doesn't seem fair, I wasn't finished with being his friend. -Karen
  11. karenmeal

    Is freeflying free of obligation...

    The same thing bothers me sometimes. If we go up with a very loose plan and horsing around happens, that's one thing. If we go up with a good plan and someone just decides they don't feel like trying to do it, well.. they're kinda wasting my jump. If they try but can't that's one thing.. but if they just don't try, that bugs me. I hate when you dirt dive a freefly jump and you can tell that a bunch of people are ignoring the plan, or not commiting it to memory. I want to jump with people who rehearse the jump a few times before they board the plane, and a few times on the way to altitude. -Karen