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  1. I was looking for some discussion on a recent BASE jumping fatality in Alberta. I found a new thread on the topic, unfortunately it was immediately locked:;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread I would like to ask why it's not allowed? I'm sure there is a good reason for it, but just curious as to what it is.
  2. alright, it is confirmed, the barrel roll is officially my least favorite move. i can't do it fluently anyway
  3. i was having problems packing awhile ago (i couldn't keep it small and tight enough). Right after my first S-fold, I place both knees on the slider section. Instead of doing the second fold right away like most people would, I barely lift one knee at a time and push the sides as far inwards as i can, until all the fabric is under my knees. This way it keeps it all very narrow and tight, and i have to do much less "stuffing" at the end. it's basically the only way to physically pack my new slippery canopy otherwise it gets away from me.
  4. That one drives me crazy. Depends how dangerous you drive, and what you're driving. I don't ride my motorcycle anymore because I think it's far more dangerous than skydiving. The risk:reward of riding it sucks, one small move and its game over. I feel too vulnerable and too close to the ground. I am also much more dependent on how OTHER people act on the road, that drives me crazy.
  5. And this is why the whole industry should be completely privatized. If eating up the budget is their goal, the ultimate product ends up having no practical value.. This is why so many people have such a bad taste in their mouths towards space exploration... shit has to change
  6. I was just trying to picture this scenario. In the worst case, I can imagine someone doing multiple barrel rolls, maintaining rotational movement during accidental deployment and having the lines wrap around the body (oh please not the neck). Has something like this every happened? I would much rather see accidental deployment during a rotation of ANY OTHER AXIS because at least you wouldn't be "rolling yourself" through the lines so to speak. In the best case scenario, i can see a deflated pilot chute whipping around WITH you as a tumbling ball of fabric until you quit rolling, at which point it would finally grab the air and inflate. In this case there are no lines to worry about (except maybe the bridal).. Has anyone experienced this or seen it? edit: mods, please move this to safety and training..
  7. i think the door he is referring to is the one which is crafted by the pioneer, the artist, the one who is brave enough to be first. Others will then follow through the door and create an entire sport out of it.
  8. awesome, I just ordered it and I am streaming it now. I feel like I'm learning a lot of very useful principles. I have his book "parachute and its pilot" as well but have never watched his packing video. thanks
  9. Do you have a direct link? I can't seem to find it..
  10. That's the technique i was originally looking for. I'll try that next!
  11. YES i got it! with the help of that video i was able to stop it from slipping out from under me. It is now in the bag and secured with the first elastic i still dream of the day when machines can do this for us lol
  12. thank you for the link, that was very helpful :)
  13. most of my learning takes place actually practicing. i like to use the interwebz as a resource to supplement the practice sessions.
  14. Using a traditional pro pack method, I cannot seem to get my canopy into the d-bag. It slips and squirts all over the place until I pass out on the floor. I am left feeling violated and still afraid of what it might do to me next. I am many hours from the nearest DZ, so I am practicing at home without the convenience of a rigger on site. I have heard of a method in which you can actually start off by folding it into the d-bag so you don't need to control it all at once. Is anyone familiar with this technique, and if so can you explain it? (cute little pictures would help too). Also is there a disadvantage to doing it this way? I assume there must be some kind disadvantage, otherwise everyone would be doing it the easier way, right?
  15. Way to early in your skydiving career to get jammed up with DZ politics...Hell, it's way too early in MY skydiving career too! I was dragged into the politics just by choosing another dropzone. Maybe someday they will forgive me for my awful and cruel behavior. And who told you about the dead hookers.. I WAS THE VICTIM