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  1. CloudyHead

    Luke Aikins Planning No-Parachute Jump From 25 000ft

    i think the door he is referring to is the one which is crafted by the pioneer, the artist, the one who is brave enough to be first. Others will then follow through the door and create an entire sport out of it.
  2. I just watched a video of their DC-9. God, that is beautiful. LOL
  3. We're sorry, the page you requested cannot be found.
  4. CloudyHead

    Newbie landing questions!

    It's so easy a monkey could do it! When they tell you on the radio to turn right 90 degrees, pull down on the right toggle until you're 90 degrees! So easy! They'll even tell you when to flare when you land. So simple! You'll even have an over sized student canopy that is almost impossible to stall, and extremely forgivable... sharp input vs soft input won't really matter when you're turning. You'll be begging them to take you off radio after a few jumps!
  5. Don't worry about your A license yet, that's when you want to jump with buddies. Just focus on getting your solo at your DZ first. Then to jump solo in any dropzone in canada, you need to get your CSPA membership. That way you are solo certified NATIONALLY and can start working towards other licenses (A,B,C...) Once you graduate the PFF, you are solo certified at the "club level" (not CSPA solo yet). To get the CSPA you have to complete a few more tasks which will be listed on a piece of paper they give you after PFF graduation. It is basically a CSPA membership application that your skydive school examiner has to sign. It should only take a few more jumps to complete the required tasks.. just some easy things like an intentional unstable exit, landing within a certain distance from target, an emergency procedures quiz, 10 minutes of total freefall time, etc... oh and you have to mail in $45. so yeah.. its Tandem/IAD > PFF > club solo certified > CSPA solo certified > A > B > C > etc... they'll explain it all to you when you graduate PFF! I'm working towards my A license right now.. there are tasks to complete in every aspect of skydiving, from packing, to freefall to canopy control. The skills grid is all outlined in one of the PIM manuals (download them from CSPA). But really i wouldn't worry about any of that until you have your solo.
  6. CloudyHead

    My first rush

    do you want a cookie?
  7. I'm also making it a goal to do at least one coached jump for every 5 solo. Is this enough, or should i get coached more often when I'm starting out? (I've got just over 20 jumps)