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  1. If your main canopy has forward speed, activating the reserve will cause it to deploy horizontally behind you. As it starts to inflate and rise up overhead, then you can cut-away the main. However, at slow speeds like that, the reserve will take a while to get out of the bag and inflate, so in your low altitude scenario, it may or may not inflate in time.
  2. F4U! Awesome! Don't know what the heck it has to do with beverages, but I'd like shopping there.
  3. I've heard of those kinds of accidents before, where each plane is in the blind spot of the other. The plane below can't see above and behind him because of his wing, and the plane above can't see the one below because of his fuselage. This usually comes about with a high-wing plane on the bottom, and a low-wing plane on top, where the wing location restricts visibility. It's a miracle no one was killed.
  4. Gosh, that didn't work out very well!
  5. I like this one: "The Link Between Traffic Noise And Weight Gain". http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/28/noisy-street-weight-pollution-body-sleep_n_7454276.html?utm_hp_ref=tw&_sm_au_=iMVKPD6K7vfNs71j Living near a highway makes you fat! The nerve of all those vehicle drivers. Can't they stay off the road when people are trying to sleep? They have the ability to drive a quiet electric car, but they refuse to cooperate to stop highway obesity!
  6. It would have been no claim at all, since insurance policies don't cover intentional criminal acts. Of the policy holder. The perpetrator of Sandy Hook would not have been the policy holder. What other gun owner's liability policy do you think would cover those claims? This is all kind of silly anyway. A thug with a gun he obtained on the street isn't going to bother buying liability insurance for his untraceable gun, to pay compensation for his robbery victims.
  7. News: "The parachute, described by NASA's JPL as "the largest parachute ever deployed," is 100 feet (30 meters) in diameter. The goal is for the chute to "slow the entry vehicle from Mach 2 to subsonic speeds," NASA said." http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nasa-test-supersonic-parachutes-flying-saucer-launch-200311597.html
  8. Pretty cool. I wonder if Google gets permission for those inside views? Or maybe the businesses have to pay Google for it, because it's good advertising.
  9. It would have been no claim at all, since insurance policies don't cover intentional criminal acts.
  10. Saw that in the news. Seems like a bad ruling, and a bad precedent. Every now and then they get something wrong, and this seems to be one of them.
  11. I saw a talented stripper one night who could not only hold a beer between her boobs, but then flip upside down and drink it, all without ever touching the bottle with her hands. She got a lot of tips.
  12. Was there a passenger in the 2nd seat that was killed in the crash, with Ford surviving? That's the only possible explanation that I can think of that would explain that headline.
  13. It's not about providing insurance pay-outs to wrongly injured victims. It's about making gun ownership more difficult and expensive, in order to discourage it.