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  1. OK...we'll go that route. I've read many of your posts on DZ.com, most of them are frivolous, off the mark, and silly; clearly you're incapable of focus and attention to the details related to skydiving. If this is the case then you will also no doubt noticed that this is the first time I have posted outside a condolence in 3 or so years. Not sure what this has to do with anything... [reply/] You've made technical blunders as well, and as a result, you're on "the advisory list" because I, the guy that has 1000 X more skydives than you, has determined that you're not a safe guy. It's a fine line between reality and perception and may be my personal bias, but then again...that's what discrimination is, isn't it? If I put you on "the list," what recourse do you have? None. It's not about litigation. It's about branding people with a huge potential to be terribly unfair. If something is seriously wrong, then there is USPA and a 1.6 in the Governance manual (if the USPA had reason to use it) Big difference between local DZO grounding someone or banning them, and a "list" where people are branded. As far as "the problem," I don't think there is an "answer." No matter what obstacles and processes are placed, people will contrive ways around them. The "system" isn't really so broken that we see these kinds of stupid incidents occurring all the time. Pretty sad that you throw up your hands and say there is no answer instead of hearing people out in a civil manner and not personally attacking them. Highly unproductive. I addressed recourse in one of my previous posts. Check it out. Suggest a solution. Don't tell me what we can't do, tell me what we can, or may be able to. Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  2. True...but look how far that got Denny's with the African Americans (still the largest discrimination lawsuit to date, I believe) and other private businesses that have been sued for mega bux. The spectre alone would nail DZO's to the wall. From a different side...maybe a DZO doesn't like what someone posts on DZ.com, so they take it out on them via this "list." I agree there is a problem, and in today's world it's a silly one with seemingly simple solutions. But branding folks with a scarlet letter doesn't seem to be the answer. Ok this is a little off base. This has nothing to do with being discriminatory and in my opinion bringing something like that totally clouds the conversation. Furthermore, let's talk about a solution not what litigation may occur. As we all know in our litigious society that is a constant concern but I don't think that in a conversation about life and death it has a place. Call it an advisory list, let people know they are on it and why. This will create not only a learning moment but also a wake up call. In my opinion. Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  3. What you're suggesting is to maintain an electronic blacklist for all skydivers that have been judged to be "unsafe" by some standard. Ultimately, that's the only way DZO enforcement would have any teeth since without it, the problem jumper can simply go DZ shopping (as was the case in this incident). Of course, implementation of that kind of policy opens up a whole set of other questions. Who puts the names on the list? What is the criteria? What's the policy for getting your name removed from the list? Are we as a community really okay with that kind of measure? This is the "solution" that seems to make the most sense to me. Certainly it is not perfect, and your points are very well take with regard to being put on the list or taken off the list. It would see that the solution would be to not call it a "black list" but a warning list. Basically the entry would say "xxx Jumper came to my dropzone with x canopy s/he is unsafe for x reasons, Date, time, location." Clearly the person would have to be told that they were on the list. Maybe the solution is that they never come off the list but instead their entries are updated and moved to a different section that would state that they have started making better decisions, gotten the necessary training, become more careful etc. This would seem to be the most prudent course of action. If you make it searchable by names, checking this list becomes part of checking in unfamiliar jumpers to your DZ. May take an additional 5 min. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  4. Haven't jumped in a while admittedly. However, I recall on particular larger RW formation, I was toward the front of the plan the first of the second group the base went out and the plane bucked and i found myself airborne in the plane headed jaw first for the door frame. I slammed into it chipping the paint on the jaw of my Oxygn, and was able to roll out and still make it to the formation. If I hadn't been wearing a helmet I would likely have been headed to the hospital to get my broken jaw wired shut. Pay the money, Buy the helmet. Some day down the road it is likely to save your ass. Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  5. I can't believe it has been 4 years. Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  6. Danny, I miss you every day. Thank you for the lessons that you taught us all. I will never forget the conversations we had. Thanks for every thing you did for me and our Country. RIP DRP Take care of Reid. Hamilton Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  7. Reid, was a great guy. For those of you who didn't get to know him I am sorry. I was lucky enough to see him Friday where he was talking excitedly about doing his 300th jump. I congratulated him on that. I wish I had spent more time with him. He was a great friend and I will miss him. Blue Skies Olen Reid Ashe III Blue Skies. Hamilton Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  8. YES! we have a winner! agreed! Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  9. Is this really a question!? Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  10. Happy Belated Birthday Buddy! I hope it was a good one! Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  11. Screen on the Green, don't know if anyone is going, but if you are staying down town they will be showing ET in Centenial Park @ 9 or so, maybe it is 8...hell you have google...Outside of that I got nuthin...just another school night for me.... :-( Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  12. Hambone

    LCD vs Plasma

    I have an HP Plasma and have had if for over a year, I have played a fair amount of Games on it, as well as watched alot of sports and news (both are very ticker heavy). My set came with a White Wash option, when you see burn in happening you White Wash the set and it will clear the screen. It will have an image that persists if the screen goes black, but that is the nature of Plasma, as it has done that since it was delivered. I couldn't be happier, it has a great picture, but if I were buying a TV for a part of my house that was going to have Sun shinning on it i probably would have gone LCD because of the limited reflectivity of the screen. Thats just my Two Cents. Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  13. WOW I DIDN'T EVEN THINK OF THIS ONE. It gets me EVERY TIME! makes me think of all the great people we have lost! Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  14. Ok here is mine. Stand My Ground by Corey Smith Will You take me up to rose hill When you lay my body low wrap me in a flag and throw some flowers on the ground say a few words and then let me go, there's no need to defend my honor or justify the life i gave there's no need for the pictures of my happy childhood there please don't pour salt upon my grave i knew long ago that i would be the one to brandish my sword should they beat those battle drums, ohhh I stood my ground i stood for something, worth falling for Ask my father to forgive me, i know he didn't understand he worked to hard for way to many years to lose his boy in a foreign sand there is no doubt he is angry, theres no doubt where he'll place the blame but don't let him fall apart mama, don't let him go back to those pills only time will ease the pain, i died a patriot a soldier just like him fought like he taught me to until the very end, ohh i stood my ground i stood for something worth falling for yeah yeah worth falling for i hope this war is worth dying for i hope this war is worth dying for i hope this war is worth dying for Take my strips and take my medals take my cross and these dogtags too put em in a package stained with your tears send em up to pennsylvania ave my last regards to the man in charge let him know i served my country well yeah he was right behind me all the way to kandahar the night my broken body fell don't let a day go by without a peaceful prayer for my brothers and my sisters still fighting over there they stand their ground they stand for something worth falling for x2 i hope this war is worth dying for i hope this war is worth dying for i hope this war is worth dying for Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama
  15. I am doing great man, how bout yourself? Yeah...You need to grow up. -Skymama