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  1. Miami

    Start Skydiving

    Was passing through Ohio with work and only got to spend one day at Start Skydiving, now I wish I could stay longer! Very professional dropzone and great people...I look forward to visiting again!
  2. Miami

    ok, what is it?

    It's a keeper for the slider.
  3. Miami

    pc1000 into ff2 made for pc101?

    It almost certainly will...the plate the camera mounts on is adjustable, so even if the pc1000 is taller you can drop the plate to compensate. The biggest problem you might run into is that the cutout for the buttons on the back of the box may not line up exactly with the buttons on the pc1000, which is minor at most.
  4. Miami

    Price of camera Helmets...

    An FF2 built for a pc9 with the cameye built in and the cutaway system installed, including shipping, would run you just under $700. Both are damn nice helmets though, so I'm sure you would be happy with either.
  5. Miami

    How much training do you give for refreshers?

    As much as they need...all depends on the individual. edit - That was a little vague, even for me. For refreshers I have them go over everything, but they tell it to me...not me telling them stuff they already learned sometime in the past. If they know everything and can demonstrate it without flaw the training can take as little as 15 minutes. If they have fuzzy areas we go over those areas until they are clear, and I've had refreshers like that take over 2 hours to train.
  6. Miami

    What's up with 2kcomposites?

    My Azimuth (pics here) also took a very long time to arrive, but was most definitely worth the wait! I can partially blame the delay on myself though, I did tell them to take their time with it as it was replacing my FTN, so there was not a huge rush for it. My Azimuth is the only one of that type I've ordered from them, so I can't comment on whether or not that delivery time is normal. Their delivery time for other helmets had slowed considerably during the past year, but now it looks like it might be getting a little more back to normal!
  7. No idea what Perris used but the academy's rigs with dual aads were solely for 490 jumps. As soon as they went on to AFF they switched to throw out. The dual aad rigs had the ripcord for the main basically where the cutaway is located on the typical sport rig and an sos system.
  8. Miami

    DSLR Cleaning

    I picked up my supplies (for a fraction of the price)from eBay...personally I prefer the Sensor Swabs, which are individually packaged and prewrapped on the sticks. Dampen it with the Eclipse fluid and wipe off the crud!
  9. Miami

    what cams are good

    For pc cameras the pc1000 is regarded as a very nice camera for its image quality and size, but the pc110 is still a great camera! I use a pc110 in an FF2 for AFF jumps with a .25 and it is the most solid performing camera I have ever owned. Sure its a few oz heavier than the latest and greatest, but when this one finally does kick the bucket I'll be looking for one of the same to replace it.
  10. Miami

    Z-Team 140-way 2-point photos

    Wow, very unique and very nice pictures! Hand held or tripod?
  11. Miami

    triple riser issue...

    Install larger grommets on your slider.
  12. Miami

    XAOS 21 VS XAOS 27

    I had a pair of Xaos 21 78's and was concerned about the same things before I switched to the 27 of the same size. I've been on the 27 for a few years now and love it. The openings are not quite as nice as the 21, but still better than most canopies I've jumped. I jump video a lot and am very happy with the openings. The biggest difference I noticed in the performance I noticed was the power in the flare...otherwise they flew pretty similar for me loaded at about 2.9:1. Hope that helps...
  13. Yes...I quit using cds a while back. Plus I have my computer handy so if someone really wants a specific song on their video I'll download it from itunes then transfer it to the ipod so they can have it. It's pretty rare that happens and I don't mind a buck here or there for a random song...
  14. Miami

    My tandem double mal today

    Well shit...I take a weekend off and look what I miss! If you're out next weekend you'll have to show me the indentation the safety pin is making. Glad you made it out in one piece!
  15. I've seen setups with the schumacher articulating clamp in the center of the forehead and the users had the option of putting the ringsight over either eye. I'm sure it is possible to put the sight on the left, but it would take a bit of careful mounting to make sure you were not getting any of it in frame. Mounting it on the right and having the post come all the way across to the left just seems like you would have too much stuff out there to catch something you don't want caught.