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  1. Excalibur Ha, exactly what I was going to say! Miami
  2. Go to Mesquite, as an experienced jumper you'll be wasting your time anyplace else. Miami
  3. You will be missed, my friend, but you will never be forgotten. Miami
  4. Electricity hasn't been bad so far. From what I understand the heat is so dry that usually a good breeze is enough to keep it tolerable. We'll see how that works this summer... Mom has already made it abundantly clear she would be here in a heartbeat if we were both in this area! Miami
  5. We need to convince her somehow! Even nearby would be always living on the other side of the country from you. Miami
  6. Preferably near Vegas...or at least within a days drive... Miami
  7. They give you a discount for that? No? Jumpshack does... Miami
  8. Miami

    IN and OUT!

    Hell yeah! Vegas to Cali is easy! Miami
  9. Miami

    IN and OUT!

    I'm moving to Vegas in 3 months...can't wait to be back near in-n-out!! East coast has 5 guys...they're pretty good too, but I only see them as an over priced in-n-out. Miami
  10. Yeah, I took it about as far as I could without gaining that artifact. You could also use a little history brush on the tree line on the left to get rid of the halo effect above the trees. Miami
  11. Spent a little more time with blown out sky, much less noise... Miami
  12. Tough image to work with...bored today though... How's this? If you have a larger file you can email there would be less noise. Miami
  13. Once again L&B has demonstrated amazing customer service...sent in my alti-track that had quit working. Not only did they send back a nice new alti-track in padded carry bag, they transferred all my info from the old to the new! They already had me as a customer for life, but they continue to blow me away with how far they go to make happy customers! Miami
  14. Excellent post! Be safe over there CDR, come home in one piece! Miami
  15. Just relating my experience in the Army. Had an AFB in my hometown and never seen a bigger bunch of wannabe posers in my life. If the kid wants to be a real soldier then he should join a real branch. If he wants to learn how to work on planes or keep his fingernails clean his odds are better in the AF. Cheers Hmm, all the army and marine patients I flew out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Africa, etc. seemed to have a different opinion. Although it was their blood that got my fingernails dirty. Of course, quite a few of the members of the "other branches" I have worked with had a severe case of little dick syndrome and only joined to try and prove how badass they are. The kids odds are better in the AF if he isn't a felon and can spell his own name without referencing his id card. If not, he's a perfect fit for the...well, you can decide... Miami