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  1. Miami

    best f 111 9 cell made

    Excalibur Ha, exactly what I was going to say! Miami
  2. Miami

    Las Vegas feedback

    Go to Mesquite, as an experienced jumper you'll be wasting your time anyplace else. Miami
  3. Miami

    Mike Igo

    You will be missed, my friend, but you will never be forgotten. Miami
  4. Miami

    New Racer 2K3

    They give you a discount for that? No? Jumpshack does... Miami
  5. Miami

    Another L&B thread

    Once again L&B has demonstrated amazing customer service...sent in my alti-track that had quit working. Not only did they send back a nice new alti-track in padded carry bag, they transferred all my info from the old to the new! They already had me as a customer for life, but they continue to blow me away with how far they go to make happy customers! Miami
  6. Miami

    New Racer 2K3

    Matt, great looking rig...I recently took delivery of my 5th racer, will own nothing else. Sangi, it was a misrouted rsl, not a bad design, TI did not release one side of the rsl to clear it. Miami
  7. The 28 and 24 were very popular when film photography was the norm (still is for those few still shooting film). The 28mm on your crop body would look like a 45mm on a film/FF camera. I don't believe you'll be able to find anything lighter than your 18-55, at least not anything of any quality. Like Spot said, the 15mm is popular for crop shooters if you really need something wider. Or a zoom like Dave suggested, either the 10-22 made by canon or the 12-24 made by sigma. The prime (15mm) is a faster lens, so if you are at least staying at the roughly 2 stops above wide open in av mode to keep sharp images you should have a little more latitude for your shutter speed. Personally I think the rebel with the 18-55 is an excellent combo for tandem photography. They can provide excellent results with the right settings and they are very light. Hope that helps... Miami
  8. Between roughly 1500 camera jumps and 1000 tandems, all from a wide variety of a/c, I've seen plenty that a decent tracking could cause a serious issue with. Miami
  9. I don't mean to put words in Dave's mouth, but I believe he is saying there is not a problem that needs solving. Miami
  10. Took the words right out of my mouth Dave! Man it's been a long time since I posted here, almost forgot how... I do not track during my typical tandem video. If I flew on my belly I sit up on my knees while I watch their opening until my opening alt. If I back flew I stay on my back watching their opening until shortly before my pull alt, then roll over and pull. Either way I pull directly below the tandem, usually in the saddle at 2500'. There are too many variables if you move away from the tandem, especially if you are back tracking through altitudes others may be pulling at. My canopy (any canopy) will get me plenty far enough out of the way before the tandem ever gets down to my alt, whether I open on or off heading. Like I said, this is during a typical tandem video, if they have problems you play it by ear. Miami
  11. Brought up the same thing in this thread...drives me nuts, too. Miami
  12. Miami

    Sandisk memory rebate

    I never liked the bigger cards...don't like putting all my eggs in one basket... I got 3 of the 2gb extreme 3 cards for $48.85, and 2 of the 4gb sd cards for $29.90 (all after rebate of course)...not bad for anyone who got a new XSi. Besides, I don't have a membership to Sams or Costco. Miami
  13. Miami

    Sandisk memory rebate

    Check here for some good deals on sandisk CF and SD memory. Rebate comes back as a Visa gift card that you can use anywhere. Only good through the end of March so act quick if you want to use it! Miami
  14. Miami

    Gear broker?

    My personal rigs, one as listed in my profile, the other is similar. Miami
  15. Miami

    Gear broker?

    Do any of the gear stores out there offer a service to sell gear for an individual and take a cut of the sale price? For example, I need to sell both of my rigs, but I deploy in less than a week and don't have the time to deal with the logistics of listing/selling them. Thanks for any info anyone can provide! Miami