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  1. I bought one off of a guy on ebay for a custom 2k3 racer paid only couple bucks for it, since i got the discount i could afford a new reserve as well! Best deal ever. The guy selling it won it and didnt need a new container and those do expire.
  2. Were all still students there is always more to learn!
  3. Buy what you think she would like! The color and clarity are good the cut is hard to certify. Dont give it to her on or around her birthday or christmas then its a contract and legally if it doesnt happen she has to give it back. I just got engaged last weekend bought a similar ring wholesale certified GIA appraised for 12k got it for less than 6k. Fuk retail shops go to a good independent wholesale
  4. I was wondering why the hell he didnt have both hands on the risers trying to get it out? Looks like he was more focused on getting it in film. IDK
  5. I found astroglide silicone lubricant works good.
  6. 200. And only then if your ready!
  7. Skydive Tulsa, actually in Haskell Oklahoma, Tandem, IAD, AFF. C-182 Im headed there this weekend actually. My home DZ is in Chickasha OK, Pegasus Airsports.
  8. my first 15 second freefall, I was on static line progression. I exited unstable went on my back and didnt have the altitude to get stable, I pulled and flipped through my risers, assessed the situation, turn right turn left flare. I landed it. Scary though.
  9. Just finished the coach rating course at skydive spaceland with DJ Marvin, what a great instructor, best skydiving information ive been given since in the sport, if you want to get any ratings I highly recommend skydive spaceland and DJ. Good times! Thanks DJ and Skydive Spaceland
  10. 2007 Toshiba Tecra, I have Nero version 9 and also Express Burn Ive tried the Nero and cant get it to work havent tried the Express Burn. Thanks
  11. Recently bought the HD hero and I love it, however im having trouble getting the files to burn to a disk. Is there something im missing that will help. I would appreciate any experience or techniques you all might be able to help me with. Matt
  12. At our DZ when we have rain days we shoot alot of guns, rifles,shotguns, pitsols at various targets. Recently went to Eloy to jump and rig went through and they pulled it out and swabbed it with whatever they use. They found a single spent shell casing in my camera bag. Id say its pretty sensitive.
  13. go to the site and check it out sounds like a worthy project and needs donations.
  14. I have a friend that is a wingsuit instructor and he jumps a Pisa Hornet.