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  1. I'm planning on taking a trip to Eloy in february next year, and just wanted to hear peoples thoughts on the place that time of year, stuff like the weather and activity around the dz :) Thanks!
  2. Hehe yeah I guess that's right... Luckily I only have myself to feed :)
  3. Thanks for the advice :) My initial idea was to live at or close to some DZ and work with whatever really, so I could get my jump count and experience level up. I might not have been clear about my situation. I live in Denmark where jumping is pretty limited. The DZs are really small, they ony operate on weekends and in descend weather (which is rare). So the whole idea was to do it at some DZ elsewhere in the world. I've been thinking about Empuriabrava in Spain since I've been there 3 times, but I am definitely open to suggestions.
  4. Yeah I've read a little bit about the commercial license in New Zealand... Do you know how pricey it is?
  5. So you're saying that everyone who dedicates a large amount of their time to skydiving will end up a washed up bum at the DZ? That sounds a bit pessimistic to say the least.
  6. Well that's comforting :) At least the you were in my shoes part anyway :P There's nothing I want more than to do a few hundred jumps, I'm just trying to figure out how to go about it, hence the thread :)
  7. I plan to ;) I'm just having problems with my Sabre2 190 :P But it's only got like 45 jumps on it, and I've been told that it will soon begin to be more coorporative :) I hope so...
  8. Thanks for the advice :) Only problem is that I suck big time at packing :P
  9. Hi guys. So I am basically looking for advice on how to get a lot of jumps on a budget in like 6 months to a year. My idea is to go to some DZ, don't really know which one yet, to live and jump a hell of a lot to get my experience and jump number up. I guess the obvious solution would be to get a job around the DZ, I would just like to hear some takes on what other people with the same idea in mind have done, and where they have done it... Blue ones :)
  10. That is the most bad ass thing I've ever seen
  11. Hello everybody. So my situation is; I want to get alot of jumps done in like six months, in other words I want to get a lot of jumps done in a short period of time, and I'm not a skilled enough packer to pack others' rigs... What should I do? Thx!
  12. If you dedicate all of your time to AFF during that week (and the weather allows for it), it should be no problem to get through it... I did my AFF at Empuriabrava in Spain, and it took me about 3 full days to get my AFF done. Have fun!
  13. I was trained to use one hand per handle too, and that's what I'm gonna do if I need to cut away, but the method in this video looked just fine to me as well... I've never jumped a WS so I wouldn't know what's best in that situation, but it seemed to work just fine :) Blue ones
  14. I have sort of the same problem, wanting to build up my jump number for the summer. Jumping in Denmark is most of the time chilly to say the least, and the weather guy just said that the temperature won't exceed 0* C all week :( Damn him! Blue ones