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  1. just crazy!! I've a broken sad heart this evening. rest in peace Buggsy and mucho bluest of BLUESKIES
  2. Has ANYTHING changed in these type of discussions since I've been away? Lol
  3. Day to day it is for awhile! Keep Jeff and his family in our prayers please. Thinking of you daily since I heard the news brother, we'll be lifting you up for healing, you know the routine bro.... http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jeffhaynes
  4. Looks like he's in pretty bad shape after torching some scrape lumber! Somehow the gas can caught fir and he went up with it... I don't have details just third hand info.. please keep the Darwin remarks to yourselves, but I am asking the serious ones to send some love and positive healing vibes to Jeff, and to his family, send them some comfort ones He is in the springfield Illinois burn unit and yes they induced him into coma... :( thanks plafbs!
  5. Never a dull moment and always a good times venue! See anyone I know, tell'em I said howdy...
  6. Can this secret be posted publicly yet? ;P
  7. Clear, calm and balmy evening here in Bubble City... Think I'll get the scope out and do some star gazin! Rest In Peace and fly free brother AL! Sending my thoughts of love and comfort vibes to his family and other friends. See ya on the other side... BSBD
  8. You've touched and taught many a people Jen, both young and old. Through your thoughts in words in this forum of what we do, this old guy has learned a little bit more from you! You will always be missed... Rest in peace dear sweet young lady... :) :(
  9. Illinois sucks.... good place to make money, esp@champaign-urbana for two majors reasons! but the politics is so non liberty that it's past scary... FOID is a farce! and this ccw is too. chi town and SOTH Madigan run this shit and now Rombo. We're sooooo screwed here... can't wait to leave!
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=334131646720125&id=100003698771541&__user=100003698771541
  11. so like is the contest over? i get a page not found...
  12. i just erased everything i spent the last 5mins typing.... in short i was gonna say, It's time to git off the grid.... so much easier!
  13. nope i'll vote ma'am! i didn't last G.E. and looked what happened! ;P OBtw, on the father kills molester topic, i agree, i also hope it just goes away publically! That family doesn't need that. OFF TOPIC and i know it, but i have a dumbphone and it sucks TIME from my fingers :( EDITED FOR GRAMMATICAL ERRORs! :)