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  1. dannydan

    Blue skies Marianne (blueskyserenity)

    just crazy!! I've a broken sad heart this evening. rest in peace Buggsy and mucho bluest of BLUESKIES
  2. dannydan

    Alan Croasdale

    Clear, calm and balmy evening here in Bubble City... Think I'll get the scope out and do some star gazin! Rest In Peace and fly free brother AL! Sending my thoughts of love and comfort vibes to his family and other friends. See ya on the other side... BSBD
  3. new update on the PDFT FB page!! Hang tough ShanMan!
  4. dannydan

    Rob Hollrah -- Blue Skies

    BSBD Rob! May you rest in peace brother and I know that your skies will forever be BLUE up there dude! My thoughts and prayers go out to you John his friend and esp to you Mom, Michelle, Alex and Leah and to all that are grieving over Robs passing... Find some peace and comfort out of all this. We shall meet one day man! dd
  5. dannydan

    New appreciation of riggers

    roflmaO dude!!! A story I think that we can all sink our teeth into at some point in our careers of jumps!! However my S.Rigger saved my butt with one of His A.I.R.s.... It was such a clean chop, I didnt even notice how rough the situation could have been!!! WooHoo!!! THX mi amigo Hector M.!! Dios ben diga!
  6. dannydan

    Signature line not showing

    mine is gone to! We must be unloved round har!
  7. dannydan

    Learning Before Jumping

    somwhat yes! But LEARNING how to "work with" nature is best! That of course after retaining and implementing instruction(s) from your EXPEIRENCED coach/instructor!! WELCOME to the forums and best of luck to you!
  8. dannydan

    Sub-categories in classifieds

    I also like the idea! But that is not saying much for and or from me!
  9. dannydan

    New and crazy???

    contact , read through here in DZ.com re, GEAR and RIGGING, RUN a good and tight op and KEEP yr prices low and they will JUMP! You might want/need to decide if this is a business or a hobby then a business... You will have a LOT of competition down there! Regards and BoL :DD