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  1. dannydan

    Blue skies Marianne (blueskyserenity)

    just crazy!! I've a broken sad heart this evening. rest in peace Buggsy and mucho bluest of BLUESKIES
  2. Never a dull moment and always a good times venue! See anyone I know, tell'em I said howdy...
  3. dannydan

    Canopy GPS / Tracking

    Can this secret be posted publicly yet? ;P
  4. dannydan

    Alan Croasdale

    Clear, calm and balmy evening here in Bubble City... Think I'll get the scope out and do some star gazin! Rest In Peace and fly free brother AL! Sending my thoughts of love and comfort vibes to his family and other friends. See ya on the other side... BSBD
  5. You've touched and taught many a people Jen, both young and old. Through your thoughts in words in this forum of what we do, this old guy has learned a little bit more from you! You will always be missed... Rest in peace dear sweet young lady... :) :(
  6. okay okay, i showed uP! I want a LIKE button! Make it so Mama...
  7. umm.... just left Bubble City with lotsa takillya on board... Well lots minus a belt or two! ;) see yall in a few daze... ciaos za :) plafbs!
  8. not this again! yer kids are grown, yer still on yer yalls honeymoon, it's gonna be an eXtended wknd.... wtf Mama! But if need be, i'll show ya how i git reception uP on Kennedy St. And yes Normal can come to.... :)
  9. dannydan

    Starting AFF mid-March

    "Beware the Ides of March!" Nah, just kidding. Have Fun
  10. wtf, i want a sticker! perhaps three of them... HELLO! And speakin of children, uh, nevermind
  11. dannydan

    Bob "Senor" Raecke

    bonfire might be the best place to discuss this HP but OUR brother went the way he wanted versus being shot, auto crash by a drunk or a texting fool or fuck, just disappearing into thin AiR.... Heck, a hot dog swooper! I'm not a believer in taking the easy way out, howevah IF my shit was hitting the fan in a major way! Wats on some of the shirts that some of this family wears, "most sports uses one ball, mine takes TWO!" from what i read and understand from THOSE close and knew him well, 8kPLUS jumps over 30yrsPLUS, shared more good than bad with everyone, Bob had big balls. He just didn't use them the way you wanted him to. :( I didn't know him at all, but i can totally discern his mindset on choice of EXIT! Rest In Peace brother Bob, mucho peace, love and forever blueskies to you and family. Look forward to meeting you Sir when i eXit this world. Would of been nice here first tho :(
  12. dannydan

    Dropzone.com Drunk Dial List Discontinued

    i will either answer or not, depending on wat i'm doin @ the moment re, drinkin MAYBE, jumPin probably not, doin an ILUVTOFLY jello shot, only when i've finished, having SEX, yes I will answer for various reasons but mainly cuz i want YOU the dialer to, uh nevermind you'll get the answerif you call @ the right time!
  13. dannydan

    This is what the sport has come to

    k i read it! I agree with most of BG put down. I also with sac in that an eXtra tool might not turn jumPers into blithering idiots. However, i wouldn't put it to use on a student till they pass their A exam! And this device IS not for me. I witnessed 3 or 4 shouts from one jumPer to another that wasn't saying attention on final @150' in the spectator area @ the 2k6 WFFC. The audible would NOT have "changed" anything! One jumPer was saying attention by rubbernecking and the other(s) were FIXATED on their target. Valid points are well made by Brian! Won't argue this, but a beep device for use as mentioned in the article Will not cure canopy collisions. Non complacicay under canopy, proper separation after breakoff and then deployment and head on a swivel will always be the steadfast rules for SAFE freefall, canopy flight and landing! But i do like the the laser beam idea if you get too close to another jumPer to where you get butt burned by some kind of zappy thing that will be mandated by the FAA soon
  14. dannydan

    This is what the sport has come to

    Someone mentioned their friends and gps that won't go on a trip w/o it! I think of a current tv commercial of the old timers listening to their gps all the way to the edge of a cliff..... i got the jest of the other thread by reading all of this one! BAD IDEA i say! I would't trade my one on one conversations with my instructors, later my fellow uP jumPers for ALL the gizmos in the world and with pay! And if jumPers aren't going to listen to the "old timers" and or the eXperienced younger ones, then they need to be shown the door! But HEY, the current INCIDENT ratio is not favoring the noobs! Lot of eXp jumPers going in that shouldn't! Anyone ever forget their altimeter and or audible on a load before? That was such a learning eXperience that i did it again on purpose just to further my training! ;P DISCLAIMER to the "newbies" and complacent jumPer, don't do it if yer not the focusing type! And i'm not referring to yer vidcams or still cameras! There are things one cannot learn from a book.