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  1. thanks, a hybred might pack up faster, not that I pack that much. I did hear from a few people the navigators were nice. Something to think about thiough a zp topskin sharpchuter? Not sure if I would go bigger than that, With the zp on top I wonder what the openings would be like? My first canopy was a f111 sharpchuter, liked it so much when replacement time came I bought a new one. Because I was .9 with it I let it fly a bit before a no wind flare.
  2. I am looking at the nav 220 from pd, maybe a voyager from precision, I am also hearing good things about the solo. thanks
  3. I have 500 sharpchuter jumps, I know these canopys exist, but I feel a zp top skin is the way to go. I would be going with a startrac 1 if I had to choose from these FC demo canopies. I have some old injuries and really want the added lift the zp topskin will give. A 230 solo would probably get better penetration on windy jumps than a startrac 1....thanks also most base canopies that have a 30% zp topskin loaded at .7--.8 might do the trick--check out asylum designs Seven.
  4. Yes, I will consider anything, I see that other manufacturers make a version of the navigator, maybe a solo, or precision voyager. I would be .98 under a navigator 220.
  5. Looking for a hybred type canopy, for doing demos into tight downtowns, parking lots, pavement landings, tight demos, want at least zp on the top skin. Have some fund raisers set up for a non-profit. I could use a base specific canopy packed in a skydive rig, zp 30% topskin, but am thinking more like a student type of hybred, and large. Any ideas???
  6. great explaination thanks
  7. I mean I jumped a sabre 190, it was fine for me, loaded at 1.14, if i replace it with a pulse or a shiloette 190 can i expect the same lift, even though the bottom skin is not zp?
  8. Do wing loadings decrease when you go to a hybred type canopy, like a shiloette, or a pulse? If I jump a sabre 190 considering a hybred should I consider a 190 as well?
  9. Had one in a d5 dolphin before with dacron, seemed not tight at all, I thought I could go down a size, without to much problem? thanks
  10. Will a flight concepts sharpchuter go into a j4? As a main, with dacron. thanks
  11. anyone have opinions on the flight concepts raider?
  12. Read the post. knowledge of these canopy's. There is flight concepts, precision, maybe pd...
  13. Good day! What was or still is the best 9 cell f111 made or cur. made??? Not interested in hearing go zp, or why? If someone with knowledge of these canopy's could reply. Thanks for your constructive support!
  14. Anyone have any jumps on a solo, loaded up a bit? 1 to 1. maybe. How are the openings? Do they pack up huge, or like any other 230 hybred? I have sustained some base injuries, and would like to still skydive, have doctors o.k. ,not like he knows anything about skydiving.
  15. I have a triathlon 160, and 175, these demos are tight. Don't want to use my base canopy, as well need a logo put on. talked to red at flight concepts he was great, and full of knowlegde.