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  1. So the paper is done! Here is the abstract: This research investigates the effects of high-risk propensity (as measured by the sensation seeking scale) on lifestyle variables such as substance use and abuse, number of sexual partners and driving behavior, and explores the consumption patterns exhibited by different risk propensity groups. An online survey with 340 participants was conducted; 64 low, 204 medium and 62 high sensation seekers were identified. High sensation seekers exhibited riskier behaviors across all lifestyle and consumption behaviors and led us to conclude that it is, in fact, a constant personality variable. We have not found a significant difference between age and sports activities one participates in, showing that “risk taking does not disappear, only changes form.” Our findings suggest that marketers should rely on psychographics rather than demographics when accessing and communicating to this risk-taker target segment; they can also leverage this research in new product development and in identifying cross-selling opportunities. It will be posted soon in a pdf format, and if anybody is interested, I will post the link to the full paper.
  2. The link has been modified :)
  3. yep, the disciplinary area is consumer behavior. It's not a class, it's my thesis
  4. I will close the survey a week from now. My thesis presentation is due April 16th, so I'm shooting at being done by April 1st. If you are interested I can post it/send it to you. It's going to be pretty long, right now with only the literature review I have around 15 pages (1.5 spaced).
  5. Thanks guys, I've been getting some very nice data; keep them coming :) Tell your friends too haha
  6. Hello Skydivers I have a big favor to ask you. I am doing my senior thesis on risk-taking behavior, and I would greatly appreciate if you filled out the following survey: This is very important to me, and your participation means a lot. Please encourage your friends and family to fill it out too, because I want a big sample, not only skydivers. :) It should take around 10 minutes. THANKS SO MUCH! Nemo
  7. Econometrics Intermediate Macroeconomics Advertising Management Personal Selling Marketing Research With work and classes I should be pretty busy, but I kept my whole wednesday afternoon open. That's when my DZ had "swoopers paradise" (cheaper hop 'n pops) last year. Now I just gotta save up some money to keep jumping my ass off this upcoming season.
  8. I saw the movie. I really really disliked it. It is pointless. I wasted prescious time of my life that I could have spent cleaning my rig haha
  9. "So there was this experiment by the goverment where guys took LSD and then jumped. I have a feeling that they were skydiving without ever being in the air"
  10. The game is always on ;) Women want to be swept off their feet, and if you can do that in a grocery store, the more power for us. Wouldn't that be a great story to tell to your kids one day? "Daddy, how did you pick up mommy?" "I picked two bottles of wine that she liked, and the next thing I noticed we were naked in the bathtub" haha
  11. oh that'd be good news if states didn't communicate among each other. how likely is this?
  12. HERE COMES THE CURVEBALL! I called the judge today. He said I cannot take the driving course because I am out of state. However! I can use the deffered penalty, with 90 days of probabtion. (and $100 extra) The thing is, with my pending case in Virgina that puts a twist into the situation. Let's say that they reduce that to speeding. According to my logic, it would not affect my 90 day probation time, because the violation happened BEFORE the Texas violation. Now I know that law doesn't always go according to logic. So if I knew that my Virginia ticket would not affect my Texas probation time, I would take the deferred punishment. If not, I have to take the speeding ticket. What do you guys think/know?
  13. I still like their T-bone steak. And I bet they have some hot women. Although it seems that guys want skydiver chicks with boyfriends over there ;) (only old guys though HAHA jk jk)