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  1. xs 69,,90, 98, all good, Fx 77 ,81, 88, 99, vfx, big and small ,, I ended up staying with the velo 90 and 84 I think the xaos brakes down a bit much,, and most map out in the mind what we're aiming for in flight as for the goal and design, The Velo is that as fare as building a canopy of that purpose, the business of aiming your canopy over another in this flight idea with what we have to build canopies with is illogical, , other then that,, 500 bucks for a pocket rocket is a good deal, don't get hurt,, Having something never beats doing (>|
  2. in hawaii I was flying a velo 84,, I was starting my landing while still in the frkn airplane,, plus somedays I made over 20 jumps a day and worked on two islands,, a velo is a fun canopy,, but you better know what your doin,, 270 at 900 is closer to reality,,, it might sound crazy, but jumping into a velo as your first x brace canopy is not what I would advice personally, learning blind when the rnd was my bread and butter yrs ago is not helping, but bagging after a 9 tri cell light wing loading, after jump a pd elliptical 107, the jump numbers play big part in how other jumpers view the gear being used by others, 1000 jps is good.. But the platform from building different gear has changed only by sight of what we have discovered, , I had nearly five thousand jps before going on my first xbr high altitude hop & pop,, not to say all is done in high speed landy vill because of me, but People put memories and standards in how the sport is developed, , if you move into an area of the sport that other have moved forward for you,, great,, , but if you say sweet spot to me about a velo landing,, and I respond to you with my reality on the same and then you go try it, with what ever your jump number, you might get killed,, its the fact that your speed is now up from your sight pictures, plus the canopies all out design change, , the other guy said, he is turning,, most people need 500 jumps or so before jumping an elliptical, , most pilots would stay there, , happy and comfortable and alive for thousands of jumps before changing, anything,, I would not sell you that canopy,, whats the rush? ? Having something never beats doing (>|
  3. Carmen, , satellite from ass statement, , true plug for resident evil fans,, along with Batman 2 and the lost baby superman hint, or out load confesssion,, you do know the river implies dead pool from save Neo matrix seen,, im just a planet coach BIBLE AS in leaving. But Dead pool is the matrix,, ie life from lifelessness,,, Having something never beats doing (>|
  4. What's "red ice". How was the war about mercury? The planet, or the liquid in thermometers?The other guy just made a chemical statement due to lack of brain power or the criminal willingness to try and ceep everyone believing the pres. OBAMA is not a media criminal paint of Osama ben laden,, The overall picture is world war,, but a set up attempt in this day and age,,, Red ice was a theory ,, until someone showed a German company how it could be use to trigger changes in solid matter that can be used as nuclear devices, , if you know this and wanted to make nuclear weapons,, going down this road is they way to go,, most military companies know that red plutonium and red mercury, have a connection, ,, what many people don't know is the facts and past conflicts that stem around its study and or the connection promethium based cycles offers us as defense from its use and metal issuey weapons,, if your brain is the size wall nut, don't bother reading the news, just go back to your spell check, , but if you can aid,, ask yourself, , read or see anything on news lately on broken arrows, , do you know what ones is,, Did Some of You Get Lett In , or Oh Some Of You've Been Let In,, on the big picture, , Obama ,, fires a few nuclear general, then goes on live tv saying he's realy worried about a dirty bomb going off in NY,, this is our news,, in our country, ,, and the other dude says crack pipe,,, if my president was about to hack into my own country and sht on me with my own nuclear arsenal, ya I might try crack,, should I try that at ground zero,, or just do nothing and watch the fire works,, The idea in any anti treason posture is to stay alive,, like in skydiving, , if I let the truth fail,, then others could pay for it with their lives,, I, ve never lost a war,, I won't start today,, no matter how many chutes I see,, Most preform missions standing in history , like the nazi a bomb idea was built from trying to bend or brake a ton of laws ,, thats a big part of the heave water mission that went down,, the other part was the secret space agenda, , and Germany trying to tie their weapons into off world alies, , Everyone knows, that,, they ither can't or won't talk about it in the open unless they have the authority to, This crack pipe fact also runs straight into the stargate tv shows, and the pyramid shaped technology the hobble telescope photographed from our asteroid belt,, Most people that say ,, no way,, or your smoking crack,, are working with someone that thinks they have more right to know and control the information or technology then you,, if thats true then they think they can pull the wool over your eyes, and kill or sell your body back to the matrix or something, , all you have to do is remember that magic is real, Superman will kick the sht out of them, and we live on a free planet,, everyone knows hitler can't swoop nore any of those fake greys,, not even if they said I told them they could,, I never said that,,, Having something never beats doing (>|
  5. So yah think that cease-fire will hold in the Middle East?after tracking new red plutonium leads, and think tank trying to run the money into Ukraine, tie walking war forms is a war crime, when's the last time someone was charged with a war crime at the un summit,, I sure hope it holds,, I don't like pain at all,, Put the pipe down. do you need reading glasses? Or do you just miss all the news channels? You actually think Europe war pressure isn't underwriten by Counter American politics as they are in American industry and media,..or war deaths mean nothing to cool whatever s,, put the what down,, pipe,, I don't smoke crack, , red ice, plutonium and mercury, are the greatest threats to this world,, ever,, Thats what the whole frk wars was over,, and everyone knows it,, threatening someone for steighting a double negative is funny,, like ,, you better not talk about that thing im going to use to blow you up or their will never be a sees fire,, more like let me sue you as I brake back into my own house, thought crime,,, Having something never beats doing (>|
  6. Spung bob square pants is a yellow brick in the media oz code and a clue as how to get to the Emerald city from watching stargate atlantis. Having something never beats doing (>|
  7. aarco

    Do Skydivers Care About Safety

    There are very few think tanks that build outside the product in planning and then reset to zero at the point of production. You told me once that working by the Ocean would always add that info and energy in your work witch makes you think up from one sport concept so that the effort in what you build is stronger and true as you focus back into the skydiving side of our planet. When I was jumping more in my past I saw many people run into fashion and then straight into the ground for less learning this sport and buying unsafe gear. When you wear safer gear you think safer and you fly safer. Doing more work with the military has sharpened this fact and seeing you write on it once more is a breath of fresh air.
  8. God is as real as your TV, though he ,, would not be watching the same things,, it is faith that defines us by his works, not our wishes, its bride that chokes our path, and mans fear that abides your fortune from his promise, Many said Jacob shook himself before following the lords worlds, yet many still come out of Egypt to this day, not able to even fined his meaning, not to say that Jacob was lost, but that man has fear in his past, just as Adam from the garden has no face,, The future is not remitted from the father, to say so is an obamanation,, to say God is technologically absent is to steal his wallet, or to make war,, to say he is not real is hide from him,,, to do this we find others that can see as other try to block others from seeing, like teaching sciences backwards, and then selling Satan from the fear and loss, Great wars rage and rave in these stars, most men know this, yet GOD, is not going to set any anchor by death, that's more like saying his SON is not a star fighter, or Paul said I know him but do not speak of him, Who if any man here is worthy enough to go into battle with GOD, as it was his SON that said I bring a sword,, are what of you knowing as to what you are fighting, for you do not serve a false god in war, death is real , do not heed the fears of men note the lies of a witch, do not be sick when you have air to breath, yet do not use a sword unwisely, do not let children speak for your leaders yet listen to them for youth is innocent as it is,, do not look to the face of GOD, in War He is Fire, and you will not see a Man, heed the true kindness of his Angels for they speak for him, and are of Grace,, look for the passing of his work in to writings of other faiths, for many may try to bend a word if their tungs are of the serpent, yet see any have moved a rock let alone the mountains. Know the difference between a star system and Heaven, do not seek his sword over his face , nore water after sand,, no spice before a meal,, no vessel without a word,, no lie with cowardice, there is no Christian church of witchcraft, there's the bible and mirror, Angel of death hatred of sin, a glass of water,, Dead bodies floating in space piss the creator of,, if anyone doubts that your doubting him,, there are plenty of movies on the subject, if you find Christ , For GODs sakes, stay their,, are freaking crazy,, Having something never beats doing (>|
  9. So yah think that cease-fire will hold in the Middle East?after tracking new red plutonium leads, and think tank trying to run the money into Ukraine, tie walking war forms is a war crime, when's the last time someone was charged with a war crime at the un summit,, I sure hope it holds,, I don't like pain at all,, Having something never beats doing (>|
  10. Huh?! I think you had better research that a bit more. Here is a line of canopies that is just one example: http://flightconceptsint.com/zp-main/zp-mantathe term lay off the crack pipe ,,,comes from posts like yours,, Flying any wing suit , is a big boy thing in big boy sports land, would anyone plane the sqft of a zp manta into the aerodynamic of a safe birdman flight, while trying to be safe about the sport in general,,,??? or would you want to plot safety around your own knowledge and skill and see that line up with you birdman flights,,, you need to fallow a functioning idea and a progression in training, mix matching c of g and slope hope floats, never got the safety behind the idea as the skill and gear formed, most birdman instructors don't like handing over a gti without the jumper knowing were it came from,, Having something never beats doing (>|
  11. Many teaching outlines fallow old business needs, low exit, students make the money, home base is canopy course,, its in the mind, the language, the time line,, many other teaching acts, like,, the canopy skills course itself,, came after business planes, and swooping,, go figure,, its the ability in view of demand,, most don't think about cost,, but the weak minded would do things,, and try to teach things without picking up on the student and the past, its like the pressure of knowing and being better never crossed their minds,, the gear and the skills go together,, you kill the sport if you forget were the money comes from,, the best course directors use a camera, are sponsored by at least one of the top three canopy companies, yet don't sell the canopy they are jumping, or over speak products from flight proofs from lateralling technology, ,,that's the magic that keeps the grass green, at least on my side of the aircraft carrier Having something never beats doing (>|
  12. reir,,to the other quote, blogging a canopy manufacturers name, is not blogging safety and skill, and no one paracammanderd the rock Brian idea of a wing suit, with flight safety types, from flight concepts before jumping the damn thing above 5000ft,, base jumper, trend,, a wing suit instructor is not going to tell the 10000 plus skydiving dude, please sure, I know more about the air up there, because I just sold your worshipfulness on this new trendy sport, high speed,, vs time travel, the idea that you can build a more stable canopy, never came out of a box,, most of these guys posting sound like students, fishing for something, are you teaching novice or student to birdman,, Having something never beats doing (>|
  13. a developing idea is not a developing attitude, most military types say go with what you know, so the French skydiver that helped develop sport activities around the same wing suit I jumped in the 90s was flying an elliptical canopy, , yet a military team secretly builds a connection system for gear, suit , canopy, and mission needs, the point is not to question the statement, but are you willing to kill someone in order to in force a rule, vs,..are you crazy enough to jump a wing suit with a line twisty canopy or are you jumping a canopy prone to line twists, is in front of a sport developing a flight fun, vs a development already in motion,, most base jumper fly a big canopy, most hook turn pilots learn up into starting a turn higher and higher, if you set rules in place at a dz, you had better know a little history but a whole lot of current facts, setting the skill alongside the gear shows an interesting safety geometry, that few instructors can ever ignore, and you wouldn't make rules without an instructor,. no matter how many tandems were lined up,, Having something never beats doing (>|
  14. If you're jumping a heatwave like your profile says, I wouldn't try warping it. A spectre, triathlon, lightning etc are fine though.Again , to the pilot of the question, if you , on the safer canopy, were to say, fly closer to another canopy, and just feel, just feel,, slowly your relationship and speed, between yourself and the other jumper, and then , with remembering this, on your own, try this input, your awareness can better measure the canopies action and find purpose for the maneuver. Watching other airfoils, three risers, parasails, and other gliders, lower harness connection systems, then set yourself back into your own safe zone, and think about flying, ill be honest , crew is a little scary,, and any double up impute needs to be thought threw,, Having something never beats doing (>|
  15. And the widowed sex slave wanted me to write a book on time cube vs. The avengers tesoract middle east connection, in Borg occupied Florida territory, on a boat😂🍕🍜🍟🍢🍖🍣 and all I was born with was this microchip, GOD BLESS transformers and those those sr71 alien style hyperloaded hook turns,,🚪🚭🚏🚀 Having something never beats doing (>|