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  1. What about when Biden forgets his lines?
  2. How many of the people that it was supposed to cover, did it actually benefit? How many did it fuck out of their coverage? Do you believe that the number is lower or higher than the 32M it was "Supposed" to help?
  3. I hope Biden's prompter and phone don't go out - That would be a disaster. I hope he remembers all the questions in the right order too.
  4. That a doctor or a plan could have been kept. Not under dispute. Elections have consequences. This is being discussed currently in other threads. That happened because he didn't want to completely alienate any chance of reelection for his supporters in the house and senate. Not under question. Gone up - yes. Absolutely. Gone up 5-7/mo for the last 7 years that I purchased the insurance. Then - My 3K deductible for the mandated similar plan went to 12K. My premiums went from 237/mo to over 500. I was in a network. BCBS. I went to a physicians group, and had relationships with all the doctors in the group. Staying with them was not affordable any more, and I was forced to drop almost all insurance. Yes, and no. Insurance guaranteed to people that don't use it, but still cost others money is wasteful, and unnecessary. I know for a fact that I didn't need over a 3rd of what I was being charged for?
  5. When did McConnell run for the President against Obama? Seems kinda Strawmannish.
  6. Well, then, at least we have found what is acceptable to the left. If the incoming protestors promise only to burn and steal, will they ban tear gas again?
  7. It was never banned for use. In this case it was specifically banned for use for crowd control until the governor didn't agree with the politics of the protestors.
  8. https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/equality/518309-oregon-governor-declares-state-of-emergency-ahead-of-proud This should be interesting. Sounds like there are a LOT of double standards in play here. It sounds like a lot of blind eyes were turned to the liberal riots and looting, but when the conservatives show up - Tear gas is now permitted. What a hypocrite Wheeler is.
  9. In the center of the spool!!! For better viewing.
  10. There is no way to prove it, but do you think that the democrats would NOT be pushing for a replacement?
  11. Make Mt. Everest more achievable, and you will have more people willing to make the trek.
  12. The prediction was cancelled out by the effect of the statement made. Wait - were you talking about Brent's prediction or yours?
  13. The nomination wouldn't be classless. The nomination would be going to a worthy individual. The politics of it are undesirable at best. I stand by my earlier comments that the position should be filled after the election. BUT - I refuse to believe that the democrats would not be doing the same exact thing if the proverbial shoe were on the other foot.
  14. Set your bar at an unreasonable height and its a waste of time too. Look at the GND. Maybe put a reasonable goal in there that more people can put their effort behind.
  15. We agree at that point. I just think that commercial will lag behind personal. It's just my opinion.
  16. Some, but they are actually both only partially incorrect from your point of view. My assumption was that a self driving vehicles will have a driver in them to start. They will have them for a LONG time before they will be completely autonomous. My thinking is that Commercial applications will come behind the public ones. (Corporate liability and all)
  17. turtlespeed


    Except the formula is wrong - It's like writing the chemical formula for water as O2H instead of H2O.
  18. Its like the boy that cried wolf. Even if you have nuggets of truth buried in your rhetoric, its still 99% rhetoric. It's the reason I don't watch Fox News anymore. Every now and then, they have a piece that isn't really 100% leaned toward the right. But that doesn't mean that they won't fabricate photos and journalism that fits their narrative. If you start with a position, and only seek facts that will back your views up, while actively ignoring the parts that bring your position into question, it makes you intellectually dishonest. That is where Prager lives.
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    It means that Trump will have to disavow the election results and refuse to leave office.