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  1. Just to clarify: The lawyer approached the shop owner to have him return the property.
  2. In the same way of saying something like, "Well, at least it's the good kind of cancer."
  3. Just how is that good news? Or you showing your inner "I've got Mine"
  4. Actually - it was so putrid, not even a shit loving fly could stand it any longer. With Pence - it was just the right amount of shit.
  5. Its unprecedented. It will be until it's not anymore.
  6. What is the phrase? Elections have consequences?
  7. Heh . . . https://www.huffpost.com/entry/chico-rodrigues-cash-butt-cheeks-brazil_n_5f887603c5b681f7da1f9093 I wonder if it was rolled or folded.
  8. According to Rudy, Hunter's lawyer asked for the hard drive back. If it's true, I think that kind of takes away the argument of whether it was Hunter's lap top. Don't you agree?
  9. Dick (Damn I love that song) Oops - c'est la garre
  10. Sources? Like as in does someone else have hard drive? No.Well, the FBI. But they can "Neither confirm, nor deny" the investigation. Would you expect the post to just give up its prize like that? There is possibly a lot more news in that drive. That is all assuming that the drive is legitimate. I still have skepticism.
  11. https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2082451820751/california-ag-pledges-not-to-prosecute-women-for-abortion-if-roe-v-wade-is-overturned This is great news - But it won't be overturned. It shouldn't be overturned anymore than the Governor should prosecute women for it.
  12. I did say it was suspicious. The timing is understandable for a gotcha moment. I guess we'll see. The responses are interesting though.
  13. I guess I'm not the only one wondering. https://nypost.com/2020/10/14/if-unreliable-is-the-issue-why-did-social-media-never-block-anti-trump-stories/
  14. They released a statement that they may have met.
  15. You must be really, actually, praying that it isn't true. OK - so what is your theory of where the info came from?
  16. Enough about me, though - If you can't defend against the info - attack the poster, right?
  17. Just as much as you are to say it isn't true, eh?
  18. Right after you did. OH yeah - I don't have a wife. What evidence do you have to think its a lie, or that it wasn't verified? Or is it just feels?
  19. So what is false about the expose then? Are the pictures false?
  20. You think the NYP is lying? I wonder how much fact checking, and limiting of the spread of the story, would be going on if the news broke and it was Trump's name in the headline.
  21. The Biden Camp has not denied anything. The email evidence seems to be pretty overwhelming. I do think it's kind of convenient, if not suspicious, that a laptop was recovered from a repair shop, and all this came to light because of that.