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  1. Are you a Qanon believer? This is just as far fetched.
  2. Yes, instead of making restrictions and forcing people to pay attention, lets make it easier for them to be stupid.
  3. If it is who I suspect it will be, She was just vetted recently and passed with votes of 85 to 15 or something along those lines.
  4. Here comes the "But the time line is different " argument.
  5. Moody Blues . . . WTF? Where did that come from?
  6. One might ask if the responses would have been the same had he not preemptively called them out. I'm going with "Remarkably different" I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with his points. I did not watch the video.
  7. Yes, just like most every one on the left flipping their stance.
  8. Spike it and winch it. Progressive spike and strap on both sides of the undercarriage and you should be fine. Double up for redundancy, probably get 12" at a go - 50 feet and you are home free. Then carefully back it back down the way the idiot got it up there.
  9. And so? What? Do you think he's right? Do you believe him? How many Generals came out and said "Hey!! WTF? That's a MIG!!"? You are arguing just to argue.
  10. Well, because they voted against the same ones that are now reversing their position. I agree with the second half. I wish it was non partisan. But as soon as we started down that road - there was no turning back.
  11. Once had? The representatives elected are fulfilling their representation. I'm sorry it isn't to your liking this time.
  12. I think that they must think that they are more important, and relevant than they are. That sentence is clunky.
  13. Not Evil. Consistent, but not evil.
  14. Wasn't it McConnell who told Reid that he would regret it? I bet he does now.
  15. Yeah. Because Trump has been on the media saying, "If you like your mig, you can keep you mig."
  16. This is where we agree. Hillary was the nominee of the DNC before the campaign began. (Officially)
  17. Don't be steppin' on their feels with facts.
  18. Do you think they kept it as secret from him? What approval did Trump give to the image? vs What approval did Obama give to the mantra? Really?