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  1. I don't think the Syrians have politicized this natural disaster. They don't know any better. In fact the Syrians were outright lied to. No it's the community organizer, the media and your pal John who has chosen to politicize this natural disaster. If people want to help, just help. Don't make it about you. It's not about the people giving their time and/or money to the relief effort. It's about the people who have been displaced that need the help and need the attention. I swear narcissism has never been so rampant and there is no bigger narcissist than that elitist fool who calls 24 Sussex home. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  2. Imagine that. Fort Mac burns, 88000 Canadians have had to risk their lives, evacuated their homes from one of the nastiest fires we have ever had as a nation. About 20% of these Canadians have lost their homes in the fire, who knows how many have lost their jobs, and if they return they will return to a depressed economy facing two hostile governments who are both planning carbon taxes against the town's primary employers. So much suffering by your own fellow Canadians and your focus is on Syrians? Huh? For those who want to know a little more details here. Without a doubt the Syrians know what it's like to be driven from their homes. For that I do believe their sincerity. But exactly how many Syrians are we talking about here and how much money is involved? It started off with one woman who wanted to help and this Syrian told her community organizer. Good for her for wanting to help. I want to help. I will help once it is safe to head up to For Mac. Now what's happened so far? Well from a TV interview this afternoon the community organizer said 30 Syrian families have each chipped in about $5 and the community organizer also setup a website where Canadians could donate money to the Syrians who in turn will direct what was donated to the relief effort. So as of this TV interview this afternoon, Canadians donated approximately $850 on top of the $150 or so the Syrians donated running the total to about $1000. Yes the Syrians don't have a lot of money so this gesture is better than nothing. But who is making a big deal out of this? Why it's the Consensus Mainstream Media who has no doubt have spent thousands and thousands of dollars covering this $1000 story. It's one thing when a private media source such as Post Media or the Globe and Mail covers a story. Usually the private media try and cover their stories without spending excessive money by sending only a skeleton crew and it still cost them plenty of money to produce their stories. But the CBC does not operate this way. No the CBC will send an army of reporters with dozens of support staff to cover their stories. The CBC has spent thousands on this story. If I see the Syrians en mass in Fort Mac once it is safe to go there helping with the cleanup efforts. Then I will believe you. Heck they don't work, so time isn't an issue. Yes the Syrians have suffered. Yes the Syrians know what it's like to be driven from their homes. But you do know why so many of them were rushed here right? They were rushed here to satisfy the narcissistic ego of that idiot who wants everyone to think he is a world renown expert on Quantum Computing but he does not even know the difference between what a decimal and a decibel is. Good grief the fool is an actor by trade. When you look up political puppet on Wikipedia, the Selfie King will be front and center. I'm not anti-Syrian. People like myself were just calling to not rush the process when it was clear there was no plan in place. You do know that in less than 10 months from now the Feds will stop sending the Syrians money? You do know that Canada is an extremely expensive country to live in? You do know that the Syrians are being driven to the food banks, which only dilutes the food supply that Canadian citizens need? You do know that Trudeau and that alcoholic fool he has working as his immigration minister lied to the Syrians? It was all done to satisfy a narcissistic ego and the media loved it. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  3. I voted "Fire storm from Hell" plus "Zombie Apocalypse" because the videos and pictures that have surfaced, it sure looks like the apocalypse. I experienced a parking lot garage fire back in the 80s and was amazed at how fast and how thick the black smoke from that fire was. I can't imagine what the 88,000 people who fled this fire must have experienced. Many had to be thinking this was it. This was their Apocalypse. I have never been to the Mac. But that will change in the not too distant future once it's safe for PFCs like myself to go back into the town. I belong to the Jeep Junkies (a group of Alberta Jeep Off-road Enthusiasts) and the Junkies have done trail clean up runs in the past and we are talking about heading up to Fort Mac once it's safe to try and help in the clean up there. This fire is bad, real bad. It's actually forecast to double in size in the coming days and it could burn for weeks if not months if we don't get any substantial rain in the province. Also while the fire hurts the residents of Fort McMurray the most, those who lost their homes and their jobs (we also have to feel bad for the kids and the pets who can't grasp what's happened), this fire is going to hurt the entire nation. So many other regions of the country relied on the resource wealth that came out this part of Alberta and it was pretty bad these last 12-15 months what with all the layoffs in the Oil Patch (for once in my life I am happy I was not working in the patch), but now with this and production at the mines shutting down due to no workforce, the you know what is about to hit the fan and it will effect the entire Canadian economy. Not just the Mac and not just Alberta. PS: while I wasn't there for the Waldo Canyon Fire of the Mountain Shadows district of 2012, this fire is bringing back memories of all the hardship my friends in Colorado Springs went through four years ago. You see I lived in the Mountain Shadows district of Colorado Springs for a few years. Here is a picture of the town home complex I used to live in and how close the flames came to it. Plus a former work colleague and friend who only lived 2 blocks away from me wasn't so lucky when his house burned to the ground. Wild fires are a part of nature. They help rejuvenate the forest when the forest gets too old. But they are life changers when they burn down towns and cities. I doubt we will ever know what caused this fire in Fort McMurray. But I sure hope it wasn't arson like the Slave Lake fire was. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  4. Not a very good day for the fire fighters and residents of Fort McMurray AB today. No lives lost either professionally or civilian That's a very good day!! Yes that is the one positive snippet of news regarding this fire. PS: I work in the IT department of an insurance company and these are interesting and busy days for sure. Many folks in the organization are busy identifying what insured risks are in the effected area and the organization has begun trying to reach out to the policy holders informing them how to contact us to initiate their claims. For sure this is going to hurt the books of the organization. But as one of my colleagues said yesterday "this is what we do". Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  5. Not a very good day for the fire fighters and residents of Fort McMurray AB today. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  6. You know what's more freaky? Your insistence that this person, Corey Maison be forced into the men's bathrooms. Like nothing bad would ever happen to this person if they had to go into the men's room. Oh and should Jamie Raines be forced into the ladies room? You know Jamie doesn't have the same plumbing down below that you and I have. There is a reason why I don't show my face very much around here anymore. I am sick and tired of the bullshit. I am sick and tired of the Progressives PC BS and how they feel that they are entitled to control how I think and how I live my life, and just as equally tired of the Evangelicals who feel they too are entitled to control how I think and how I live my life. As far as I am concerned I could careless about both Progressive and Evangelical ideologies. Now if you will excuse me, I will crawl back under the rock I came from. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  7. It's not about money. Canada gives billions and billions and billions of dollars every year to First Nations and yet the average aboriginal person living on the reserves lives in poverty only seen in the 3rd world. So where does all that money go? I could go on and on about the corruption. But what's the point. Clearly the leadership of the Federal Government nor the leadership of the First Nations feel that they need to be accountable to the aboriginals living on the reserves. The lack of jobs is just a side effect. The real problem is the out of date and racist Indian Act. Want to fix the problem with Canada's First Nations? Do away with the Indian Act. The best thing a young aboriginal person can do for themselves is get off of the reserve and join the rest of us in the real world. Yes that does mean being responsible for your own actions. But it also means bringing pride and purpose back into one's life instead of being a ward of the welfare state. But that's not the message they are being sold nor is that the message that the countless elites who earn big money working in the Indian Welfare Industry as well the MSM wants to champion. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  8. Trump is a jackass. Cruz is an asshole that nobody likes. Rubio isn't disliked like Cruz is, but he carries a lot of the same baggage. Sanders is clueless. Clinton is a criminal. But what difference does it make? The POTUS is just a puppet and it's already been decided. Billary will be king. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  9. I'd love the opportunity to turn some laps in with an Atom on a race track. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  10. Good one ... Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  11. I became a Broncos fan in the early 1970s when I was a child (for a really silly reason) and as a life long Broncos fan I have suffered more disappointments than I would like to remember. But it has been fun to watch this defense this year. I am not about to say that the Denver Broncos 2015/2016 defense is the best ever. That would be wrong as it is extremely difficult to compare teams from different eras. But this Broncos team can join the list of exclusive defenses that dominated the game and won championships in past years. Teams like the 1970's Steel Curtain, the '85 Bears defense and the 2000 Ravens defense come to mind as similar dominant defenses. However the 2016 Broncos and 2014 Seahawks can sort of be compared as there is only two years separating these two dominant champions. In 2014 the Seahawks with the best defense in the league schooled the best offense in the league to win Super Bowl 48, and yesterday the Broncos with the best defense in the league schooled the best offense to win Super Bowl 50. The only difference I see is that the 2014 Seahawks offense was better than this year's Broncos offense. But defense wins championships and this was quite the turn around from the lessons learned with that nasty defeat two years ago. PS: half time show was pretty lame. Expected so much more for a Super Bowl 50. But I don't watch the Super Bowl for the half time show. I watch it for the game. Oh and now I need to recover from a day of poor dietary decisions. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  12. Hillary Clinton should be in prison. The US Justice Department thought nothing about bringing felony charges against General David Patraeus for unauthorized removal and retention of classified information and yet do nothing regarding the security breeches Clinton has done when she used classified information on her own private email server that used only basic encryption techniques any hacker in training knows how to bridge and then lied about it. What Patreus did was wrong. But what Clinton did is an order of magnitude more dangerous. Patreus did not put lives at risk. Clinton has. But fear not. There is no way in hell US Justice Department would ever dream of charging Billary because not only would Clinton's neck be on the line, the spiderweb of the people who knew about Clinton's activities reaches deep into all levels of the Obama Administration. Is there any wonder why stories such as this are becoming more prevalent in the news thanks to Clinton's security breeches. I have nothing against the average American citizen. But your government is pure evil and the corruption is beyond belief. When you look at who is still in the running to be the POTUS for the next 4 years you have to do perpetual face palms. Billary Clinton ... is a criminal Bernie Sanders ... is clueless Donald Trump ... is a jackass Ted Cruz ... is an asshole This is a long video. But it just keeps getting better and better if you are not afraid to learn about the facts of how deep and dangerous Clinton's classified security breeches go. But I can't critic you Yanks too much. My own country (Canada) elected a pure idiot as PM who says "Ugh" every 5th word that comes out of his empty head all because of his last name, his purdy hair and his superior skills as the world's greatest selfie taker. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  13. All mountains must be banned. If it saves one life it is worth it. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  14. Apparently some people are too fucking politically correct to acknowledge sexual harassment. I have been paying attention and I am angry as hell over this issue. But I have also purposely been avoiding posting anything here on the DorkZone as this place is pretty fucking useless when it comes to these sorts of topics. But since a thread has finally been started two weeks after the assaults in Cologne, months after sexual harassment began in numerous other European countries, I might as well make a brief cameo now before I vanish again because I just know nothing useful will happen here. Anyway ... I am mad as hell that dipshit asshole Muslims are sexually harassing and abusing and in some cases raping women in Europe. But I am even more mad at the media and various government authorities including the police who attempted to cover these sexual harassment incidents up. Just yet another example of how dishonest the consensus mainstream media is and how fucking retarded certain special interest groups are when it comes to their silence on the topic. Back to your regular schedule programming ... Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  15. It was a good game. At least it's finally ducking over What the season or the game is ducking over? If it's the season you are complaining about, the college football season is no longer or no shorter than any of the other sports. The NFL plays a slightly longer schedule than the NCAA plays and the NHL and NBA play 80+ game 6 month schedules (not counting 1 month of pre-season) followed by 2 months of playoffs. MLB plays a 162 game 6 month season (not counting 1 month of spring training) followed by a 1 month play off. MLS and the various pro soccer leagues in Europe also play long 6 month seasons. Everywhere you look it is pretty much the same in regards to length of season for all of these team sports. In reality it is business entertainment first and sports second. Now I wouldn't mind seeing the college game shortened a bit. The clock stops so much more in the college game compared to the pro game where college games take about 4 hours to play whereas the pro game on average takes a little more than 3 hours. If they want to stop the clock as much as they do in college I am fine with that. But perhaps go to 12 minute quarters? Or they can just leave it as is, but 4 hours can be painful when one team dominates the other (which wasn't the case last night). Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  16. It was a good game. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  17. Don't count me as a Bama hater. I respect the school's ability to year after year field a championship contender and know the 2015 team is perfectly capable of rolling to another championship a week from now. But as a casual fan with no stake in either side, you have to understand why people cheer against the same team/person who wins all the time regardless of what sport they are competing in. It's not hard to understand why some people want to see someone else win for a change. With that said, all the 2016 New Years bowl games were a total let down. Who wants to watch blow out after blow out, but that was all we saw this year. It was boring. I want to see competitive close games which goes down to the wire. So next week while I will be cheering for the Tigers because I want to see someone else win for a change, actually what I will be doing is hoping for a close game. If it turns out to be a blown out, I won't watch it regardless of who is winning. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  18. It's never a good idea to lie to the border agents when they ask you a question and you lie to them. If you are searched and found to have what you said you did not have, then yeah you deserve to have the book thrown at you. Your original post made it sound like everyone was being thrown in jail. Let's just leave it at that. Contrary to what you may think, I don't approve smuggling. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  19. Never heard of them going to jail. Did you make this up? Care to cite some cases where people are being jailed. If the armed Yank insists on entering the country, then yeah confiscation can occur. But in most cases they are just turned away or in a few rare cases they were given a slap on the wrist and still permitted entry with their firearms. You do know that Canada does allow Americans entry into the country to hunt don't you? Of course prior arraignments should be made. It's a bad idea to just show up at the border assuming you can bring your firearms in unasked. Different country, different laws. But just to show not everyone is playing with a full deck on both sides of the border. There has been cases where Canuckleheads show up at the American border with their drugs and/or drug paraphernalia thinking "hey I can bring them into the USA". Stupid is as stupid does regardless on what side of the border they originate on. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  20. I am well aware of Bill C-68, the actual firearms law in the country as I have been through the training process. Oh and I believe firearms training is a good thing, something that perhaps more Americans should consider. So yes there is no right to carry here. But that does not stop the street thugs from carrying and yet it is the legal firearms owners the Progs go after while they ignore the criminals. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  21. Canada ranks something like 12th in the world in terms of per capita firearms ownership. There are actually a lot of legally acquired firearms here. Don't believe the BS telling you otherwise. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  22. You folks are missing the whole point of my original post. Just to remind you: Could I high center it on all those stacked bodies on the side walk? It's possible I guess. But that would be driver error. It's all about tire placement. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  23. Dekker is correct - if someone is "INVOLVED" in an accident, most states have a minimum damage amount that requires you report it, or even wait and get an accident report written up. The numbers for my state are like $1500 or $2500 or so, I don't recall the exact amount. But that's pretty much repair cost for almost any visible damage nowadays. ^This. It would be considered "leaving the scene of an accident." UNLESS... The driver of the mini van said something like: "Wow, that's really nice of you. I'm sorry I hit you, but I'm really happy I didn't damage your car and that you are so understanding. Have a nice day." In which case, both drivers agreed to not pursue any action. Word for word it didn't go down quite like this. But what you wrote wasn't that far off. The dude in the mini-van understood that he was in the wrong, and at one point he did ask me if I was okay. Once I assured him that I was not hurt and that I was not going to be making a claim, we parted ways. I have nothing to hide. I am licensed and insured and despite what some may claim. This was not a hit and run. Both drivers stopped to access the incident. BTW: it's hard to say for sure how fast he was going when he collided with me, but I'd estimate he was only going about 10 maybe 15 km/h. That is 6-10 mph for all you imperial folk. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  24. Not all cars (or should I say vehicles) are equal. On my commute to work just this last Friday morning, it was snowing, the roads were icy, it was dark and I live on a hill so the road at the bottom of the hill was rather slick. I come to an intersection with a yield sign but no stop sign wanting to make a right handed turn and there is already a vehicle in the intersection, so I yielded. But there was a mini-van following me and I hear this horn honk a split second before I feel the impact of the mini-van rear ending me. Remember, not all vehicles are equal. I get out of the vehicle look at my rear bumper and then I look at the mini-van. What was the damage? LOL ... I have a few scuff marks on my rear bumper (just looks like dirt, the paint is not even scratched). But other than that I am completely undamaged while the mini-van's front right bumper and headlight are completely destroyed. You see I drive a Jeep Wrangler with after market solid steel AEV bumpers. I kind of felt sorry for the dude (well maybe not, he is the dumb ass who drives a mini-van). I looked at him and said "I am not mad at you, I understand the road is very icy, I am sure you did not want to hit me. But I see no reason to bring my insurance company into this since I am not damaged at all" and that's it I continue on my way to work. I heard stories from other Jeepers with their solid steel bumpers and now I can be added to the list of folks who got into fender benders with little to no damage at all. But yeah I am sure some progressive will be calling for my Jeep to be banned. Not only do my solid steel bumpers make mince meat out of any thing it tangles with, but when the bodies are piling up on the sidewalk, I can always drop it into 4 low, disengage my front sway bar and turn on my front and rear lockers taking the term "Extreme Offroading" to the max. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  25. You need to know something about skydiving and dating girls who jump. If/when the relationship ends, you don't lose your girlfriend. You lose your turn. Expect to see her still at the DZ jumping but spending time with someone else. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over