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  1. Orange Man bad ... blah blah blah ... stop with the partisan BS. Our very way of life is at stake here. The most important thing we can do (beside self quarantine) is to support our respective healthcare workers. If we lose them, it's over. It's SHTF time and you know what that means. Not sure if living with all the guns in the USA is worse than living here in Canuckistan where only the police (who will be AWOL), the natives and the criminals have the guns. But know this, he who lives by the gun will likely die by the gun. I am not afraid of Covid-19. That does not mean I do not respect it. I have a deep respect for it's power. But I repeat, I am not afraid of Covid-19. Why? 1) I am in good health, I don't smoke and I weigh in at a healthy "what is supposed to be correct weight" for my body size. A while back I educated myself on how the body works, how it metabolizes food into glucose and/or ketones used to power us. These days I only eat whole foods such as meats, fish, poultry, nuts, some dairy and consume plenty of coniferous vegetables. In other words I stopped eating processed food (ie: sugar) once I understood how bad it is to the human body. This does not mean, I cannot be infected. It just means I have a certain amount of faith that my immune system will protect me from being one of the more serious cases if I do contract it. I spent a life time dragging myself through the sewers (figure of speech of course) to build my perceived healthy immune system. 2) This evening I watched a short video about some retired engineers during the Japanese Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis of 2011. They put their lives on the line to go to the front lines and do the dirty work so that the younger generation who still have plenty of reasons to live for, had a chance of life. That was their call to arms, and this is mine. In the coming weeks if things begin to spin out of control, I want to help and I am willing to put my life on the line to help my countrymen get through these dark days. We can get through this if we unite as one and stop fucking fighting with each other. But if we are going down, I want to go down fighting. Not fighting with my countryman, but fighting this fucking virus. I am no spring chicken. I am 56 years old. A few weeks ago I still held out hope that retirement was still going to happen. But what happens 10 years from now is irrelevant. It's what happens in the coming weeks and months that matters.At times life has been challenging for me. I grew up in kind of a poor household on the other side of the tracks and as a young adult in the 80s through a lot of hard work I dragged myself across those tracks to experience the better life and I have done some really cool things with my days on this planet (skydiving and swooping were some of my best days). I respect death, but I don't fear it. So I am not afraid of Covid-19, even if it does end up killing me. 3) Before I ever dreamed of throwing myself out of airplanes for fun, I loved to ski. But I didn't like waiting in line to get on the chair lift. So I became a volunteer ski patroller first back east at Owls Head in Quebec, and then out west here at Lake Louise in Alberta. I have real world experiencing helping people in medical distress. Maybe not at the level the emergency workers face. But nonetheless, I have patrol war stories of some really challenging incidents. This is not a virtual signal post. I am serious about this. Tomorrow I plan on contacting my local health authorities to inform them that am willing to help if they think they could use me somewhere. Plus I will be talking to my employer (I work in the IT department of an insurance company) about the possibility of taking leave from work to help at the hospitals. Finally I will be contacting the Canadian Ski Patrol to see if they would be willing to get to word out to my fellow (preferably older) ski patrol alumni to see if there are others like me who instead of running away from the front lines, find themselves running towards it. So this is only reason why I am posting this, and perhaps some of you might also be in a position where you think you can help. But please, no smokers, no people who are carrying some extra weight and/or have some sort of existing health condition. You need to be healthy. The number one rule in first aid is, prevention of further injuries.
  2. You just made an accusation that I would not care that much if someone close to me died? Huh? Where did that come from? Nice to talk to you again Bill. You've reached a new low. Ultimate power here at the Dork Zone must be a strong narcissistic trait of yours. You once asked me here if I beat my wife, which is a typical toxic attack tactic that your bigoted progressive/regressive ideology often uses against people they plan on bullying. But now you are bringing death into it? Wow. Interesting to say the least. But unlike today's brainwashed progressive/regressive snowflakes, I know that only sticks and stones will hurt me. haha Yeah we could debate what affect greenhouse gases have at various levels and yes I know when a threshold of the greenhouse gases get too high that it will be a major strain on life on this planet. Why do you think I brought up the Siberian Traps? That wasn't enough? Then you felt the need to inject "flat earth" into the conversation even though I mention I believe in cosmology? More dishonesty. Nice, but you're better and smarter than that Bill. I believe in evolutionary sciences. It's fascinating how we got here. I am not the enemy in that regard. Hey want to know a fun fact (you might already know this but others may not). Our solar system is 18 galactical years old. We've been around the Milkway 18 times. Then in some incomprehensible long long long period of time from now (say something like 100 trillion years from now) the last of the stars in the last galaxies than have not even formed yet will burn the last of their Hydrogen and the entire known universe will go black with all this lifeless mineral matter floating in space forever. Talk about a mind muck. So tell me Bill. Just how intellectually corrupt are you? I know you're not stupid, so you don't fall into the "Modern Liberalism is a Mental Illness" category. That just leaves the intellectually corrupt. You know your ideology is nothing but lies and deception, but you have to defend it under all circumstances don't you. AOC is the one pushing this 12 year "End of Times" narrative, not me. Just none of you are willing to bring it up here. Why? Because AOC is your next messiah? She's too young for 2020 (plus you know you can't win LOL). However in 2024 she will come of age. So you are willing to sacrifice all your knowledge of the physical sciences and instead embrace the lies of the almighty progressive/regressive Orwellian totalitarian ideology. Let me guess Russia will still be in the nightly news cycle until then. You still have not found anything have you. I told you two years ago there was nothing. You didn't believe me then, you don't believe me now and in two years the lies, insults and bigotry will still be front and center. But there still won't be any evidence because guess what. The collusion is in your heads. Perhaps you do have a Mental Illness ... ROFLMAO. Enjoy you fake MSM news. And don't forget about the Siberian Traps the cause of the largest most devastating life extinction event this planet has ever known. But fear not, an even bigger complete total life extinction event has still yet to happen and it is guaranteed to happen. But none of us will be around to witness it. Dang the lifetime of the human race is only a blip in cosmic time. I have to say one thing though, it sure would be cool if we could be around when Andromeda collides with the Milkway some 3.75 billion years from now.
  3. For all the people who continue to post trash about how CO2 will result in a mass extinction life ending event in maybe only 12 short years from now, I only have two words to say. "Siberian Traps" You know the event that occurred some 250 or so million years ago when massive volcanic eruptions in Siberian began spewing never seen before nor seen since levels of toxic sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which resulted in 96% of all sea species and 70% of all land species alive at the time to go extinct. So how long did these volcanoes erupt for to create such a devastating mass extinction event? 12 years? Nope, try again. 100 years? LOL not even close. 1000 years? Please. It is estimated that the time duration of the Siberian Traps volcanic mass extinction event at the end of the Permian Period was 300,000 years. But don't take my word for it, read about it here: or here Files/The Siberian Traps and the End-Permian mass.pdf or look it up yourself. Oh and a lot of us may be dead 12 years from now. For some it will be old age. For others it could be illness, cancer, accident, drugs, alcohol, war, poverty, etc, etc, etc. But if it took 300,000 years of massive volcanic eruptions way beyond the scale of anything going on today to kill off most of the species alive at that time, calling for a similar mass extinction event to occur in only 12 years is either a case of intellectual dishonesty, or just more evidence that modern liberalism is a mental illness if you are dumb enough to believe in such propaganda. The climate on the planet has always changed and it will continue to change because this planet is always changing. Heck Krakatoa just erupted last month, again. I believe in math, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, cosmology and a host of other sciences. I do not believe in the marxist, progressive/regressive, unscientific, toxic, anti-human ideology far too many Dork Zone fools peddle. Oh and I am much more worried about the possible negative health effects of the coming 5G networks that have not been thoroughly vetted but are still being rushed full steam ahead than I am about all your Climate Change religious beliefs. Enjoy your day consuming fake MSM news. :p
  4. I've been gone from the Dorkzone for 18 months now, but I see the same morons peddling the same BS day after day has not changed. What a waste. See you in another 18 months? Or perhaps I will never set foot in here again. is a great skydiving resource. But Speakers Corner is where all the idiots hang out. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  5. Pretty fucking pathetic. Never thought someone like you Rob would be such a brain washed sheeple. I am sure you find comfort over at the Communist Broadcasting Corporation who continue to pedal their propaganda that Faisal Hussain is a victim with a long history of mental disorders and not a cold blooded killer and that this shooting was all the USA's fault. Problem is, is that it is all bullshit. Faisal Hussain, his comatosed brother and his closest friends have a history of criminal activity in Canada. The gun was not from the USA, the gun was stolen from Saskatoon and the person who claimed Mr Hussain has a long history mental disorders was not the family, but in reality a Muslim activist with close ties to the leftist NDP. What's next? Going after all legal firearms owners even though they have absolutely nothing to do with this domestic Islamic Terrorist crime? Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  6. You are either a blathering idiot to believe this propaganda from your beloved MSM without demanding a shred of evidence to back up the claims, or you are one world class lying sack of shit. Go ahead and ban me. You think I care? However while you are reaching for the ban button, watch the video of a press conference below (watch the whole thing) and then come back and tell everyone else with a straight face that your hero Obama, the Clintons, the US government, the CIA and your beloved MSM is telling the American people the truth. Syria - Sovereignty and Peace. Press Conference, United Nations from Dec 9th 2016 So what is it? Are you a blathering idiot, or a lying sack of shit? Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  7. You personally an assassin? No. But you said it in your own words, that "It made sense to kill Gaddafi". Maybe to you. Kill him and turn the Middle East (as well as Europe) into a giant shit storm, and all because Gaddafi wanted to use Gold instead of the almighty American dollar. The Obama administration would have none of that, and sent your military might to destroy a nation and you want people to think Clinton is some sort of honorable person? Dang you people are sick. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  8. You must be so proud when the Selfie King said "Using Refugees in photo-ops was disgusting". Can you spot Waldon in the last picture? I knew you could. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  9. Yes 30 years ago Gaddafi did some bad shit. 30 years ago the Cold War was raging between the USA and the Soviet Union. 30 years ago women wore shoulder pads and 30 years ago I had hair. A lot can change in 30 years. Prior to your Libyan war (the Obama administration started), Gaddafi had calmed down. He was playing by your rules. Well playing by the rules until he decided to drop the US dollar and use gold instead. Then you killed him for it, and turned the Middle East upside down. Thanks for proving to me that you are ideolog war monger for trying to justify this action. Your lust for power is so strong, that you don't care at all about the shit storms you leave behind. How much money has Trump victory cost you? Millions? Perhaps more? And you say you care about the environment. Right. Thanks to the voters in the rust belt (many of whom voted for Obama ... twice), I can sleep easy knowing that at least for the next four years I don't need to worry about a MAAD war with the Russians. Now a 2nd US Civil War? Hmmm ... I guess that will depend on how far Soros is willing to go. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  10. If Trump and Bannon run off and start some war somewhere, I sure as hell will be there to stir up a storm (assuming this war would not consume me as one of the early casualties). But all I got to say is "I can sleep easy knowing the USA will not be starting a war with the Russians". Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  11. Sure Trump is a loud mouth, arrogant, non-politically correct, definitely was a player when he was younger jackass. But he hasn't killed anyone ... at least not yet. Right ... so Clinton is a rational person who: 1) Pushed the USA government to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi, turning Libya upside down where tens of thousands were killed and the country is an anarchist cesspool. Why? All because Gaddafi wanted to turn to gold as the international trading standard and dump the US Dollar and turn away from the unelected, unaccountable and never audited non-governmental Federal Reserve. 2) As a result of Obama and Clinton's war mongering in Libya, this destabilized North Africa allowing Islamic terrorism to thrive and spread. Benghazi followed soon after, where Clinton blamed it on an internet video and Barack Obama himself stood up in front of the world at the United Nations and continued the narrative that Benghazi was the result of a hate mongering video (don't worry Clinton made sure the film maker was punished). 3) Clinton threatened to nuke Iran. Was she serious? We'll never know. But when she said it, it didn't sound like a joke. Not something a rational person would ever dream of saying. 4) But that wasn't enough. The blood thirsty war mongering neo-con Obama and Clinton administration decided the next prize was Syria where they went after a regime change. All that shit Assad has done in his country is horrible. But don't ever forget that it was the USA who decided to start the proxy war in Syria with the Russians. 5) Yes Bush and his band of neo-con war mongers made a mess in Iraq. But Obama and Clinton made a shit storm of the entire middle east which has resulted in the refugee crisis in Europe. But the vast majority of the refugees aren't refugees. The vast majority are young men of military age. 6) Fast forward to this year where Clinton has been rattling her militaristic saber at the Russians in Syria telling them that under a Clinton presidency the USA would enact a no-fly zone in the country. Hopefully Clinton is smart enough to know this means shooting down Syrian and Russian Jets which I am afraid for low information voters means NATO would be at war with a major nuclear power and it wouldn't take much to make it all turn MAAD. But hey, nothing to worry about. Hillary, Bill, Chelsey and all their Hollywood celeb BFFs will be safe in the bunkers when the bombs start to fly. After all Barack Obama didn't spend a trillion dollars on a bunch of new nukes in his 8 years for nothing. So yeah, Trump is clearly Hitler while Clinton is a rational humanitarian. Right. I didn't even mention the dirty Wall Street ties, Clinton's ties to the Saudis and other middle East pay to play disasters and then there is Haiti. Let's just not go there. Hey isn't "Dancing with the Stars" on tonight? Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  12. Right ... Steve Bannon comes from Breitbart News, founded by the late Andrew Breitbart (a man of Jewish faith) and Andrew Breitbart started his website with his partner Larry Solov (another Jew). Mr Bannon worked at Breitbart along with senior editor Joe Pollack (a Jew). Then there is Ben Shapiro (yet another Jew) who worked at Breitbart with Mr Bannon. Wait, it's not over. Here we have one of the writers at Breitbart, Adelle Nazarian (yet another person of the Jewish faith) who worked with Mr Bannon. Hmmm not only is Ms Nazarian Jewish, but she's Persian and oh look at that, she's a woman. Etc, etc, etc. You may hate everyone of these people I just mention, but the fact remains, they are all Jewish. Funny how a anti-semite, misogynistic white supremace doesn't seem to have a problem working day in and day out closely with Jewish men and women, but you an expert on the topic want to tell everyone that Mr Bannon hates Jews. You would think that if Mr Bannon hated Jews, that he wouldn't be working with them closely day in and day out. You sure you want to play this narrative? It's not working out very well for you. You guys make this too easy. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  13. I guess I just wasn't raised to have the same level of pure hatred that some of you possess. I've been working as an software developer since the mid 1980s. In the early 1990s was sending TCP and UDP packets up and down the wire before most of you had ever even heard about this thing called the internet. I also know how to use APIs to navigate the registries, and how to build services that could do malicious things to another computer. Also when I lived in Colorado, I worked at a company that intercepted all HTTP/HTTPS traffic going in and out of a server, and we archived every single bit. Nothing was lost. We captured it all. Now we didn't build this tool for malicious purposes. No we built it as a load balancing tool for organizations to monitor their servers. But I know how all this low level hacking works and so did every single one of my former development peers in Colorado. Now why do I say all of this? Where is your proof that it was the Russians who hacked your beloved and ever so crooked DNC? It could have been anyone. Yes perhaps it was the Russians. It could have been the Chinese? No it could have been some European, or some Canadian? Or has it ever occurred to you that it could have been Americans who hacked the DNC? Stop the war mongering. A war with Russia is fucking MAAD. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  14. No clearly you don't get it. You can always go back and search for every post I have ever made here on the Dork Zone. If you did, historically you will find me railing on the Big Government spending. I am not even going to try and hide from that stance as that is core to one of my Libertarian beliefs. You will also find a lot of recent posts where I have railed into the Clinton crime syndicate. But you are going to have a hard time finding posts where I have criticized Obamacare. Have I ever critiqued the program? I don't know, perhaps there is one of two posts out there. But you won't find more than that. As far as our socialized healthcare here in Canuckistan. 1) It's not free. I pay much higher taxes than you do. 2) It's not efficient. There are long, often 1+ year or more wait lists for many procedures. I've always thought if you could find something between the Canadian system and what existed in the USA a decade ago when I was there, that would have been ideal. But unless you are a snowflake (calling out spoiled millennials, not you), you can't always get what you want as the perfect system never has and never will exist. If you want to talk about Obamacare as if it was the definitive issue, then have at it. But at least in my opinion it wasn't the issue of this election. Not even close. It was only one of many many issues. I can't speak for you, but I'm happy that we don't need to worry about war with Russia now. Weren't you paying attention when Clinton was rattling her saber? Or was a really good "Dancing with the Stars" episode on? Or perhaps some hard hitting news from SNL and/or the Daily Show? Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  15. A lot. This election wasn't about Obamacare. Michael Moore gets it. Why can't you? There is a huge economic shit storm heading our way. It will make 2008 look like a walk in the park. Can Trump ward it off? Not likely. Not unless he can take down the Federal Reserve and drain the swamp next to the Patomac. I don't view politicians as my messiahs, in fact I dislike politicians of all stripes. The moment their lips begin to move is the moment you know they are lying. But this shit storm will be making landfall soon and I am happy that the Clinton's won't be around feeding at the trough while all hell breaks out. Oh and one other thing. It sure is nice to know that at least for the next four years, the DNS servers are safe. You have the right to be offended by anything I or anyone else says, and you have the right to tell me what you think about me. Don't worry I am not a snowflake, I can handle anything thrown my way. But you don't have the right to silence your political opponents and that is another thing this election is about. However the battle to restore free speech from the Cultural Marxists has only begun. Here is a good documentary on the need to preserve free speech. Silenced It goes a lot deeper into the realm that I thought it would. Oh and I promise there is nothing in the documentary that mentions Elephants or Donkeys in case either one of these animals scares you back into a safe space. I could go on. But I won't. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  16. Trump won, because enough Americans whether they were the ones who voted for Trump, or were the ones who purposely stayed home and did not vote for DNC even though they may have voted for the DNC in the past, have finally had enough of the Clinton crime syndicate and said enough is enough. They also stood up to the dishonest MSM and said "Fuck off". If someone is unaware of how corrupt, dishonest and evil the Clinton's are, well that's just sad and a product of the corrupt and dishonest media. However if someone is aware of the Clinton's Machiavellian activities, and ignored it, especially if they ignored it for financial gain, well those people are scum. Who knows what will happen with Trump's four years? He definitely won't turn things around over night as no politician can do that. Plus it will be hard to drain the swamp if the Elephants who are now in charge of it, don't want the swamp drained. However we can breath easy knowing the Clinton's days are done and the chances of entering into a war with the Russians have been radically reduced if not eliminated for at least the next four years because while Trump may be an arrogant loud mouth, he's not a war monger. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  17. I just counted them. I've made 37 posts into the Speakers Corner since Jan 1st 2016 the vast majority in the weeks leading up to this election. How many have you made? 37 this week and now you are offended and must retreat into your "Safe Space" because you don't have the intellectual fortitude to handle divergent views? You poor cupcake. I feel so bad to have fractured your fragile existence. In case you have not noticed. I'm not here during business hours. You're safe. You can post all you want. I have more productive things to accomplish during the day. Oh and those idiots are out there again this evening showing their disrespect for democracy. Is that the game plan? Professional protesting as career choices every night for the next 4 years, all funded by George Soros? You must be so proud. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  18. Yeah there wasn't demonstrations the day after he was elected. Democracy was respected. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  19. The arrogance of the progressives strikes again, like clock work. ROFLMAO This victory for Trump wasn't about race. That is the typical bullshit narrative progressives continue to play. People of all races voted for Trump. It wasn't a White vote you fool. The result of this election was about standing up against the "Pay to play" corruption of the Clinton's, and standing up to the dirty and dishonest tactics of the DNC as exposed by Wikileaks and Project Veritas. Finally this election result was about standing up to the Consensus Mainstream Media and telling them, enough of the bias crap. It was hilarious to see so called journalists from the MSM breaking out into tears, on air. What a fucking joke. Oh and the best news of whole night is that the USA and Russia won't be going to war anytime soon. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  20. I would put it differently, but I'd probably be banned. Come of professor, don't hold back. Show us how much pure hate you have towards others who don't share your same Fabian Socialist ideology. I'm sure your hatred is similar to at least one of the Green mods here. He'll probably pile on. Don't worry, I was brought up in an era where I was taught that "Names will never hurt me". I don't need safe spaces where the Thought Police hang out. Perhaps you can talk to some of your Chicago connections and word would soon get out that I committed suicide after putting a gun to the back of my head and pulled the trigger. Seems to happen a lot to people who tried to leave the Clinton Mafia Family over the years. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  21. Russian forces took over the Crimea, they are still there as I type and have ventured into parts of Eastern Ukraine as well where blood has been shed. I was aware of this well before all of this "The Donald is a massive sex predator" your MSM pushes 24/7. Ukraine is the 2nd front of the USA/Russia proxy war. But it was the USA that started the proxy war when they sought a regime change in Syria. I guess you missed the part where I said "I don't trust Putin. He's KGB". But I don't hate the Russian people. Yes I grew up in the Cold War. I guess Canuckistanis just don't have the same level of hate towards the Russian bear that Yanks were brought up to have. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  22. You have zero proof that the Russians are the ones who hacked Clinton. Back when GWB was in charge progressives were all about peace and love and now with Obama and Clinton, little has changed regarding America and war. You are presently bombing 7 different nations. The Obama administration has spent about a trillion dollars on new nukes since he came to power. Why was war such a bad evil thing when the Elephants were in charge, but now that the Asses are control, war is good. The DNC is ready to wage war on Russia, because of an unproven allegation that Russia hacked the DNC. I don't trust Putin. He's KGB. But I also sure as hell don't trust the US government either. Americans might not know this because your media is corrupt to the core. But thanks to the WikiLeaks, we know the Clintons are full of shit when they say they support women for equal pay. 3 out of the 11 highest paid earners at the Clinton Foundation are women. Median salary of the highest paid men is $346,106 and the median salary of the highest paid women is $185,386 (a $160k difference). It's all there in the WikiLeaks. You may not want to read it, but it's there for the rest of the world to see. The rest of the world can read all about the back and forth evil, vile, back stabling infighting of the power hungry DNC power brokers. Things like the Clinton camp in 2008 talking about Obama's Muslim up bring, and talking about his cocaine habits. This would all be kind of humorous if the world wasn't as close as it's been to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis. But nothing to worry about. Remember America, it's illegal to read the WikiLeaks, we here at CNN will read them for you and tell you what you need to know. Ignorance is bliss when Dancing with the Stars is on channel 9 followed by the Daily Show. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  23. Despite the lies from the MSM and SJWs, the vast majority of indigenous people in North America are not offended by these team names and their logos. The vast majority of the indigenous population sees them as what they are. Nothing more and than less than (over paid) professional sports teams. The only people who see something wrong here are the progressive SJWs seeking to control other people's thought processes. Too funny ... I am out of here. You are free to throw anything my way. I will let you live your life the way you want to live it. But I sure as hell don't need to care about your SJW views. I'm off to work on my Spanish. I already have a decent knowledge of French (I grew up in an English part of Quebec) and while Spanish and French are different languages. There are a lot of similarities. If I succeed with my Spanish language training, it might open up doors when it comes to affordable retirement and escape the no-jobs and crippling high cost of living coming Canada's way thanks to the brain dead policies from a brain dead Justin Trudeau. Oh and you heard about the Internet Tax Trudeau wants to impose? Too fucking much. You know sooner or later you will run out of other people's money to spend on your Fabian Socialism. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  24. Here's hoping its a sweep Indians win the World Series. Redskins win the Super Bowl. Black Hawks win the Stanley Cup. Warriors win the NBA Championship. That would be fun to see. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over
  25. Got a news flash for you. Its you who is looking like an ill informed truck driver. This assumption you have that people who oppose the progressive totalitarian Fabian Socialist ideology are all religious nut case Christians is pure 100% bullshit and just exposes the arrogance of the progressive mind. Yes I am a fiscal conservative and as far as I am concerned what is going on right now in Canada is going to be a huge disaster concerning our present and future economy. So yes I may come off a tad "hard line" at times concerning stupid fiscal policies of progressives lead by that idiot Trudeau who is nothing more than a puppet of the Bay Street Bankers. But I am a social libertarian. LBGT people never freaked me out. I know they were born that way and they will die that way and I am perfectly fine to let them go about their lives free from discrimination. So I promise I will never feel the need to control your life and I promise I will never tell you how to think. Now can you return the favor? I can't speak for you, but I see little difference between the progressives SJWs wanting to control my life and the hardcore evangelicals who also want to control it. Live your life anyway you want. As long as you are not hurting anyone, I don't care. Oh and woo hoo ... the Indians banned the Blue Jays for the remainder of the 2016 MLB season. Justice against the progressive SJWs that tried to ban the Indians from playing in Ontario. Let's go Indians. Let's go Indians. Try not to worry about the things you have no control over