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    Why is Rhys back? Get this nazi out of here please.
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    There are more moderates calling for well-balanced firearm responsibility than there are survivalist Billy Joe Bobs.
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    And your anti-woke cancel culture mob strikes again. Back in the 1950's, they were the people boycotting Woolworth's because of the woke madness of allowing blacks to sit at white lunch counters.
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    Those "mud puddles" are called riparian zones. They have outsized ecological importance except to those who prefer ignorance and tribalism over knowledge.
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    Hi Keith, I fixed it. Jerry Baumchen
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    Most of my adult life I have wondered WTH the military and the national flag have to do with sporting events. It's odd, in my opinion. Same with WTH do we need police presence at EVERY effing event??? One starts to think it might send the wrong message of a police state.
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    Good question. Probably not much short term...but then are we gonna go to the next discipline that accounts for a majority of accidents and remove that from USPA? I dont have any of the marketing data for how new tandems make decisions to walk through the door. CP, wingsuiting, and probably wingsuit base on social media probably play a small part. Swooping isnt going anywhere. USPA in my opinion is smart to try to frame it and work with it. Dont want it at your dz? its simple, dont allow it. Problem fixed.
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    Adjacent and adjoining I think is their bafflement. No matter, by their logic your arterial and veinous systems are not adjoining or adjacent being below the surface as they are. Such taterheads, they are.
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    Mud puddles, brilliant. If only we could become so unshackled from the tyranny of environmental protection that rivers could start catching fire again. That was awesome! Could you imagine the end zone dance from all the conservatives if we could get back to that Golden Era? "Nasty stuff in our ground water, wooohooo." "Cancer clusters, YESSSSSS, take that you snow flake cucks, that is true freedom" "Leave those Corporations alone, this is America we have freedom, let them fuck things up for our kids and grand kids".
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    Real men put their country above their own financial interests. Because they want their children to live in a better place. T.R. was an American republican. He put America first and thats why he initiated all the national parks he left as his legacy. Real men don't target weak and vulnerable social groups as people to be attacked and marginalized. Its fine to admit you're wrong. But when your core beliefs are only about self.....change.
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    Well, how was Trump supposed to sell them to the Saudis, and the Russians, and the North Koreans if he didn't make copies of them.
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    With respect, that's only one frame of reference. I have just as much time in Disaster Response, helping the citizens of this country during some of the worst disasters in our history receiving accolade's from community leaders to a single African-American barber just outside New Orleans during Katrina. I feel comfortable with having looked "in the belly of the beast" numerous times and seen the best and the worst of people. In my opinion, CK is a piece of shit. He took an absolutely horrible summer and used it for his own personal gain. He wasn't trying to do something noble. He was trying to focus the limelight on him in the hopes to get his lousy game play and end of contract propped up. He used George Floyd's death for his own gain. Comparisons of CK to Rosa Parks and throwing a confederate flag argument at me - silliness. We've had this conversation before. You didn't sway me and I didn't sway you. Now, it's just become a circular argument. So, that's where we're at. Moving on.
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    Just a reminder - this was from 2019. So it's been 5 years from this prediction. And the Tesla Model Y has just become the most popular car IN THE WORLD. Tesla is now the 9th most valuable brand in the world. And it is worth more than any other car company on the planet by a factor of 2. We'll add this to the list of "there's only one problem with climate change - it ended in 1998!" sort of predictions.
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    I feel strongly about what the flag represents. It was not the time or the place. That moment at the beginning of each football game (or any other event) is a moment to pay your respect for those fallen and to thank this nation. We can argue, protest, throw eggs and beat our drums at any other time. But, in that one moment we should all as one nation rise up to give our thanks and respect to the flag that we can argue, protest and beat our drums. We can put our disagreements on hold for two minutes. Join me at the National Cemetery this Memorial Day.
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    One of my "heroes" is Jim Brown; athlete and social change activist. Mr. Brown opposed CK's actions also. What CK could have done with his position was held a press conference to denounce what happened. He could have started some type of community | inner-city interaction program with the police departments. That would have sustained a much longer legacy not unlike Jim Brown's Amer-I-Can organization which started in 1988 and still exists today. Let's not forget that CK sat first for the National Anthem. The kneeling didn't start until Boyer tried salvaging the situation. And, just for the record; if I were in Nate's shoes, I would probably and have tried to help a teammate from imploding also.
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    Only if you don't drink Budweiser products though. Oh wait, now they're losing a few million because the white wingers cancelled them. Oh wait again! It a foreign owned company that some Americans still think is an American company. Wait till they find out Chrysler Jeep Ram is the same situation. But Buy American! American ignorance is proudly displayed in these days.
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