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    Could this be the "SHTF" event that Ron keeps predicting?
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    Hi Joe, Re: 'Do you think knowing that a good case of Covid means the possibililty of a lifetime of ED will make the idiots take it seriously?' No, but if they cannot reproduce; well, that might just be a good thing. Jerry Baumchen
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    Lots of assumptions and complete inaccuracies packed in there.. Cooper was described universally as Latin/Mexican in features and appearance. To claim otherwise is dishonest. As for Hahneman, you know virtually nothing about him and less about the FBI investigation. You use weasel words like "obviously", "may have been" and "probably"... to make claims of fact, amateur stuff. You make a lot of assumptions about things you have no knowledge of... How do you know they dismissed him? you don't. The Cooper case is not your average crime,, something is going on that is either a gross error or intentional to cause this to remain unsolved by authorities. The FBI admitted that they didn't have the evidence and needed Cooper to co-operate.. if Hahneman didn't co-operate then they couldn't put him on the plane. For his May '72 hijacking, he cut a deal, plead guilty to a reduced charge and didn't go to trial. He was out in 12 years.. The reason I started looking into Hahneman was because he fit the Cooper description perfectly and committed virtually the same crime but there was no info on why he was NOT Cooper, I mean ZERO.. that was bizarre. We have info on many weaker suspects... He was labeled a copycat which was false, he planned it for almost a year pre-dating NORJAK... I found no info that eliminated Hahneman and more and more that matched. My pet peeve with this case and the Cooper community in general is that people use ASSUMPTIONS to dismiss evidence or theories,,, that is poor analysis,, YOU USE FACTS, NOT ASSUMPTIONS. If there is EVIDENCE that eliminates Hahneman I want to see it,, I have been looking and I haven't found it... Regarding Hahneman, I have found very high level intervention and 100% false statements from the FBI.. either they were engaged in disinfo or grossly incompetent. Don't give me BS assumptions.
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    So long. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW-HnAfUqA8
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    I have been saying this forever,, COOPER's original demand was aft airstairs lowered inflight.. That is why he wanted to fly nonstop to Mex and that is why he wanted so much fuel.. When Reno was in play.. his plan changed, he wanted out earlier than he had planned. That means no ground accomplice, no specific landing spot,,, an ad hoc jump into an unknown area. Cooper's LZ was NOT his original plan. If not then where,, IMO, MEXICO more evidence,,, Harrison. Demands.. aft stair lowered in flight. Hard to read but it says aft stairs be extended after takeoff,, later changed..
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    No, it's not. But it is irrational to believe that any limits or regulations on guns will always and ultimately lead to confiscation of all guns followed by serfdom in a world where liberal elites jam their ill conceived socialist agenda down our throats. I have no problem being denied AR-15's with high capacity magazines that I can convert to full automatic. I have no need for one and further believe the reason I don't need one is because they'll never need me for the militia as long as we have our fancy Trillion Dollar a year Army. I also don't believe that limitation will further develop into a situation where my shotguns are confiscated and the gophers get the upper hand. I have zero problem with people like you who are trained and have vast experience with military weapons owning what you want. You're only a part of the problem because you fear the camels nose.
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    Thank you! I have learned in AFF that if it's a PC in tow, cut away and pull the reserve. If it's a horseshoe, pull out the PC, expect malfunctions and be ready for the cutaway. I'm still too inexperienced. However things may change when I gain experience I'm sure!
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    Got a response from my instructor. "more to DZ preference for students and personal preference for licensed skydivers. As tandem instructors we are supposed to follow manufacturer guidelines for EPs on tandems"
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    You do what you practice, mentally and physically. Being a rigger, I have abundant opportunities to practice my EPs (gotta disconnect the main and open the reserve to do the work, so....). My mental practice and physical rehearsal is, and has been since I moved away from student gear, one hand per handle, grab both; peel and punch cutaway, peel and punch reserve, with a 4-beat rhythmic cadence. The reality when opening rigs to pack them, is peel and punch cutaway, peel and punch reserve, *usually* bringing my right hand over for an assist with the ripcord. So... I get a hand on each handle before I begin pulling either of them. For me, the most important thing is being mentally present EVERY TIME I either rehearse EPs or pull handles on the ground, so I'm both building muscle memory and paying attention to what the handles feel like, and the various ways the process can vary. For instance, some jumpers' gear has ultra-mated velcro on the handles, so peeling a handle is not always the same. Most of all, because I've been jumping a soft reserve handle, and rehearsing to use it, for almost 20 years (!!. Omg, I'm an old-timer, lol), I am surprised by the feel of a metal handle when I pull one. My hand used to sometimes slip off metal handles, because I'm not in the habit of hooking a thumb, but lately I've begun to react quickly when I feel a metal ripcord, and get a thumb around it. I got off on a little tangent there.... Apologies to those who rolled their eyes, lol. But.... visualize and practice your EPs. Rehearse for all the scenarios you can think of, putting your mind into it -- total mal; spinner; horseshoe; lost handle. Do it a LOT. And when you drop off your gear off for a repack, pull your handles like your life depends on it! Because at some point, it will.
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    Applied Wingsuit Equations: Reconstructed roll angle from GPS data, overlayed on terrain. @yuri_base
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    i would say that most of the time, you won't be changing you r eps as much as reacting differently to emergencies. you do that with experience i'm told, as i only have 120 odd jumps. for example, if you pull and nothing comes out, you may look over your shoulder or smack your container before deciding to go silver. maybe a better example would be going straight silver for a horseshoe. the experience will give you a second to realize what it is and you may want to keep your main connected. now, it should go without saying but i will anyway for safety, you should decide this on the ground and not in the air.
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    I remember my harness room instructor told me that the possibility of RSL deploying the reserve even before I grab the reserve handle is quite high. But I was also told to never rely on mechanism, and I must pull the reserve handle even after the reserve fully deployed. One possible explanation is that the school wants us to focus on one thing at a time and avoid messing up the sequence(It happened before) when there is a malfunction, they want to make sure we cut away the main successfully. I will definitely stick to this original method for now. I'm not even licensed. About changing EPs I may think about it when I have more experiences. (But I was also told that changing EPs after already forming muscle memories of the previous method is a bad idea, idk)
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    I haven't seen any data on that, but for the sake of discussion let's assume you're right and that 75% end up doing it wrong. The 25% that do it right are safer for it, and the 75% are no worse off. If you teach look after, then those 25% are less safe because of it, and the 75% are no better off. I'll add that while I'm new to the sport, I do have experience in risk analysis in the medical device industry.
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    It is always difficult and contentious trying to determine how many people died of the virus. The most common way that the epidemiologists would approach it is to look at the statistics. They would compare the number of deaths during the period of the pandemic with the number of deaths that could be expected during normal times
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    oldwomanc6 is right. Natalie is still a puppy, kitten, cub, ... you know what I mean.
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    Happy Birthday! Yer such a spring chicken, still!
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