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    Respectfully, yes it can, and I believe it is being hidden - not through maliciousness, but mostly through poor messaging and inconsistent procedures. I've read several pieces recently highlighting an unusual uptick in deaths attributed to pneumonia or acute respiratory syndrome, that could well be Corona related but either aren't tested due to not meeting a local criteria, or there just aren't tests available. I trust the current US numbers barely more than the Chinese or Russian ones.
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    What's even cooler is that a free press can decline to cover his briefings in real time so they can fact check before they show it. Suck on that, Trump administration!
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    Absolutely, and that's the rub. Rand Paul is like a drunk driver who rams a school bus and then hops out saying "I'm a Doctor!" He can go fuck himself.
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    And one more thing - if you think you're unique in hating China, get in line. Taiwan is perpetually on the brink of war with China, yet they were able to control the outbreak and not cry "victim". Vietnam also hates China's guts, yet they deployed a massive testing program and coherent strategy and also got it under control. Yet it's a conspiracy against Trump by the left, China, the WHO and everyone else? I'm rooting for America to win this, I really am. But it looks to me like you're doing the equivalent of crying in the changing room at half time. The opponent is a virus that doesn't care about political agendas, popularity or theatrics. Keep this up, and you WILL lose. You can investigate China later. But you need to put the pressure on Trump NOW.
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    I have a feeling he heard something different, then his non-linear liberal-hating filter kicked in and modified the story slightly so it became "liberal democrats want her to work and die."
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    Bernie Sanders drops out of the 2020 race, clearing Joe Biden's path to the Democratic nomination Joe is the last Democrat standing....
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    Thing is though, that if everyone is going to use mouth masks the demand for them is going to increase by hundreds of millions of pieces PER DAY, on top of the already increased demand. How are we going to meet this even greater extra demand if already people are being called upon to volunteer with sewing mouth masks? What are the consequences if we don't meet this demand? Again, I hate to see perfectly good mouthmasks being squandered through imperfect and/or improper usage if that same mouth mask could at some point be used for what it was originally intended. Whether that is protecting a carpenter from dust in their lungs when sanding a table or protecting a healthcare worker while doing their job makes no difference. Most people I see wearing mouth masks (thankfully few people over here) are wearing the type of mask that dentists and surgeons use. Never mind that this type of mask is useless against viruses, I can see from ten metres away that the masks are being improperly worn: straps not tightened enough, nose clamp not being used... If that person sneezes the effect is akin to me being at the shooting range: the least dangerous place is directly in front of me.
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    Some disturbing news yesterday from my buddy whose daughter is a teacher's aide and her husband works in a Medicaid clinic somewhere in Washington state. I believe they are liberal Democrats out there. The point, neither institution took any precautions at the start of the pandemic. The wife was the first to become infected. Now her husband and their two children are infected. They are self-quarantined of course. But, here is the rub. The school wants the wife to come in to work since the school is closed and the teachers are at home.
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    Well, it's a lot more of: Because he felt privileged enough that he didn't have to follow the guidelines that others did. And not only Paul. All the other assholes who went to that gym well after most of the gyms available to the 'unwashed masses' had been closed. I'm not going to be nice about it. Damned shame that this asshole survived while John Prine died of it.
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    Of course they protect. Like with every other measure no-one is saying it is complete protection, but it reduces the risk of transmission. In this case, the mask doesn't have to stop viral particles getting through, it just has to reduce the amount of saliva and mucus particles you expel into the air. This will reduce the potential exposue to the virus of everyone around you. Hopefully some people can use it as a memory aid to stop touching their faces as much. Sure there are people out there that will keep moving them to itch or talk or put lipstick on or whatever, but they'd be doing that anyway. Everyone that doesn't do that because they have a mask on is a benefit. Like washing your hands. Is it perfect? Of course not. Sooner or later you will touch your face after touching a public surface, or touch a surface after touching your face. However if you are diligent about washing your hands as much as possible you will greatly reduce those potential transmissions. If everyone does it Covid won't be stopped dead, but it will be significantly slowed. Like staying 2 meters away from people. Will it definitely stop you being infected or infecting someone via airborne particles? No, but it will reduce the likelihood that it happens. If everyone stays 2 meters away from people from other households Covid won't be stopped dead, but it will be significantly slowed vs going around shaking hands, hugging or kissing the cheeks of everyone you meet with.
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    Try to get in touch with Sean McCormack of Red Bull Air Force. He might be able to get you an answer.
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    As I was saying in the other thread - several countries hate China's guts, especially Taiwan and Vietnam, and that didn't stop them from executing an effective response to the virus. The US's failure to contain it stands independently on its own.
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    That's the problem, people are dying now without getting admitted. Coroners are having trouble getting hold of enough tests for those cases: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/06/health/coronavirus-coroners-uncounted-deaths-invs/index.html
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    "Mars made no comment, while Outer Planets Alliance spokesman Fred Johnson replied with some incomprehensible kind of Belter patois/dialect which no one from Earth could understand, presumably because the words were jumbled around some. We're not exactly sure what he said but it was something along the lines of 'Earthers better not try that.'" :-D
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    Are you by any chance locked down and really really bored?
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    I would say to suck on the fact that they felt it was decided that Trump should still be legally able to lie to us, as he does every time he opens his mouth. His ability to openly lie, does not make his lies truthful, just that he can make his lies publicly. Those claims will continue to be tested, as the decision states. So, he will continue to lie just like "commie swine".
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    Hi voilsb, IMO the basic design/function remain the same. Only the details of how it is configured differ. Let's say you have a raw design of something. You want your design detailed, functional & operational. You give the raw design to two engineers, put each in a separate room. You will get two different devices that both work just fine, yet slightly different. Prior to all of this 'shelter in place,' Kelly and I were going to get together to take the necessary installation/packing photos for his new manual. Now, time will tell. Jerry Baumchen
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    At the Ranch we had Lou Marra do it five or six years ago. A few years ago - 2001? 2002? Tim Bernard did it in the pond swoop nationals. He even donated his name to a rule - as in what is no longer allowed.
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    I have the distinction of being the first and second in NY back in about '90 or so, before Jerry Loftis and any form of instruction. Lukas Knuttson and I built our boards in DeLand after DeGayardon helped us with design based on his boards. On my last jump I pulled while in a stand up - because that's how it was done even for beginners - which caused me to flip onto my back and I too tossed the PC between my legs. Lines wrapped around my right knee twice and I then had a fully open main but I was upside down, main at my feet. Line twists and spinning like a top on meth. I was able to unwrap the lines and get repositioned, but still had outrageous line twists down to and including the risers. Had to chop it but as I was still at about seven grand I let it spin and rode it down a bit before completeing the chop. I was jumping a Phantom 22' reserve at the time. The cutaway and subsequent pull was so hard it tore a mud flap off and broke a reserve line so I was turning again. Landed in some sapplings on the rail trail beyond the town of Gardiner, NY. Where else can you get that much fun for $15.00?
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