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  1. Maybe someone here can help. Go to the contacts and ask. John Wands Bruce Roberts
  2. kimemerson

    more than 1 license number?

    Each license you get is yours to keep, number and all. Even if you quit & come back, same # for life. And as each license is earned prior to each subsequent license, they can all be listed. So Jimmy has his A, and C & D (a lot of us never bothered with the B). I also have only the tree and were I to list all my licenses, ratings, etc. I could list each one I ever held.
  3. kimemerson

    RW TO FF

    I only half pay attention to this as I'm not a RW flyer and I don't compete. But I think it's FS - not FF - for Formation Skydiving. And for all I know someone wanted to get rid of "work" as part of the name. I still call it RW though. Thing is, eventually there will be fewer people who will know what I mean. I think the change was initiated by USPA for reasons only they fully understand or care about. After all, it doesn't matter what it's called when it comes to turning points. So who really cares?
  4. kimemerson

    Jump / Cutaway Ratio Poll

    my total jumps:3900 my total cutaways: 5 3900+5800=9700 9700/5=1940 Did I do that right?
  5. Congratulations on both accounts. And on getting back in the air. That too.
  6. kimemerson


    No idea, but it doesn't look like the parachute was "popped" AFTER he jumped off the wing at all. I know the media tends to speak while ignorant but with proof otherwise right in front of them you'd think they could nail at least this one.
  7. kimemerson

    Where can i skydive....

    a.) why is it "morbid" curiosity? b.) license? For nudity? it's not covered in the SIM which is the same as a green light. USPA couldn't care less about your choice of clothing. (I didn't check, though, to see if you're in the US and under the thumb of USPA). c.) I'd wager you could just go do it. Ask the DZ if they specifically ban it but otherwise I'd bet you can do it as soon as you're allowed to do anything on your own. d.) get video.
  8. kimemerson

    Jumping Vintage Gear

    At the Ranch you need to hook up with Ralph the "Beast", or Russian Andre (tandem master), Jimmy Leonard when he gets back from Iraq or Afghanistan - wherever he is, maybe Mike Shatalov, Jimmy Mathiason. Don't know about any vintage boogie though it's something I've wanted to organize for a while. Ask Joe Richards for more suggestions.
  9. kimemerson

    Anyone remember nationals in Oklahoma

    Just a guess, would it be Rickster Powell?
  10. kimemerson

    skydiving changes since 1982?

    BOCs showed up in about 1990-'91. At first people just had their rigs modified but soon enough they became standard, maybe by 1995 or so. Why? Well, the position creates a natural throw; With ROL you would have to pull the PC forward to get it out of the pocket, then toss it behind you a bit. BOC is all one, clean direction. You extract and release right where the PC belongs. (I'm not describing this well). Also, there's nothing to twist up. The pocket stays right where it belongs so there's no chance of locking up the PC or its pocket, like you could with the belly band. There's also no Velcro or exposed bridle.
  11. kimemerson

    1979 "Sky diver"

    Well, as long as we're doing You Tube...
  12. I know this won't help at all, but I hung out with a Geno Johnson in '89 - '90 in DeLand. He wasn't there after that and I have no idea where he went and the only people I know who seemed to keep tabs on him didn't know either. Did he have long, straight brown hair and wear glasses? Did he play guitar, talk a lot and kind of fast? Did he smoke a lot and call it something like "Bob"? As in 'why not stop by and visit with me & Bob." Did he jump an ugly brown Vector? (Ok, that memory might be total fabrication)
  13. kimemerson

    Your lowest Hop & Pop

    1,500'. Cessna 182. Full flaps. Bungee pilot chute.