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  1. jbhl4

    Nice Mirage rig

    Time Left: 17 days and 5 hours

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    Great rig for sale. One owner Mirage G3 - Container size M2 . It is navy blue with silver piping No markings other than the Mirage name on the yoke. I'm 6' 190 and the fit can go up or down a few inches. Had a 150 Spectre in it and now a 135 Spectre. Check Mirages's website for M2 container sizing if you want to put something larger or smaller in it. Comes with PD Spectre 135 purchased new in 05 , PDR 143 purchased new in 03 and Vigil 2 purchased new in 15 and update has been done. Usual excellent Mirage quality with nickel plated hardware, articulated harness and back pad. Does not have an RSL so if you want one you'll have to have your rigger install it. Selling as complete rig. Container has about 650 jumps on it, the main canopy has 340, the reserve 0. If you're in Florida or coming to Florida I can meet at Z-Hills. More pictures available on request. Shipping in U.S. only


  2. jbhl4

    Classifieds Buyer Scams

    They never give up...... Eugene white Today at 4:11 PM To JB Message body Thank you for your reply. I would have love to come personally for viewing but am not around due to nature of my work,Am a Net working Engineer for Engineering company. We move from one location to another And believe that is in good condition base on your explanation,Arrangement for the payment and the pick up by my Shipping when Check cleared in your account,I really need it for my Son (Andrew)You will send the below information to me so that I can send out the Certified check to you as soon as possible,I will contact my Associate to sent the Certified check to you as soon as possible kindly bear with me,The check will take only 1-2 days to cleared to your account which will be sent to you soon .I want you to send the following details: FULL NAME ON THE CHECK:- FULL ADDRESS:- ZIP CODE:- CELL PHONE:- LAST OFFER More important there will be some excess fund on the check that for the shipping. Am buying this in good faith and trust. I will wait for your response as soon as possible. Reply
  3. jbhl4

    Bigway Wing Loading

    Personal opinion, but I think that big way rw organizers can, and should have learned from the big way crw organizers. 100 canopies, from 113's to 218's, all flying to the exact same air space, at the same time in a controlled manner all due to wing loading requirements. Ego's and mad skilz set aside for success and safety.