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  1. Thanks guys. I'm not sure of the exact DOM yet but I'll be borrowing the rig this weekend and getting my rigger to go over it completely. All the comments above are appreciated.
  2. Hi guys, I'm considering buying a used Cypres 2. It was manufactured in 2005 and due its 4 year service in 2009 but as the owner was not jumping it was not serviced until 2011. Just wondering where would I stand if I purchased it? Could I still use this device and when would I have to get it serviced next as originally the 8 year service would have been due in 2013. Appreciate any help
  3. I think you should take a step back Ouch and actually read my post. It is a question not a statement of my opinion. With so many canopies landing and in the pattern at the same time it is likely that if you have canopies loaded at 1 and others at 2.5 plus then slower canopies will be caught from faster ones behind. Obviously a faster canopy catching up on a slower one can go on half breaks etc but this only pushes the problem back up the stack. So I still have my original question, is there a minimum loading requirement or is this just part if the acceptable and consider risk of bigways. Maybe someone with experience of organising big events could answer?
  4. No Trev, it's like saying you should drive at the same speed as others on the highway so that someone doesn't catch up on you unexpectedly from behind
  5. Not sure if this should go in the canopy section but it's to do with RW bigway jumps in particular. For 100 way plus jumps, is there a particular range that your wing loading must be within or at least a minimum loading that you must have on your canopy? Im just thinking from a safety point of view you would not want very slow canopies in the landing patterns with so many canopies opening and landing at the same time.
  6. I'm approaching the 200 jump mark and have roughly 25 jumps in the range of 15-20 people formations. Does anybody know of upcoming FS events for my level that may not be advertised in the events section? Preferably in Europe.
  7. Does anyone have or know where I could view 4 way jumps that would be good for a rookie trying to study the movements between randoms ? I've looked at a few videos of the top teams but they just move too fast! So a team that is good but moving at a slow and steady pace would be ideal