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  1. CSR braids in sellersville Pa
  2. I understand that Barry Bischler died today.
  3. Beatnik.. what color is that supposed snyder prototype?
  4. i have an old SSE sentinal/altimaster(the old manual turn me on ,turn me off)
  5. Glad you are ok. Back in the day of hard toggles and NO riser protection, a blown toggle killed Carl Nelson (Roger's brother)circa 1977?) at the Herd Boogie,
  6. I agree . CKRET please come back!!
  7. "looking and grasping in all the wrong places"..lets not forget,too,it was dark and ol Coop wouldnt have even been able to see the ripcord thus adding to any terror/panic that would ensue during the hunt for the ripcord.
  8. i agree with 377.....shit or get off the can
  9. those vents were first used on para flite strato clouds. when DIck Morgan was working on the prototypes, (dick was a former golden knight and was responsible for MUCH of the ram air development that steve snyder is credited with). they are there to lessen the toggle pressure by making the cell soft.note the vents are in the cell next to where the short inboard steering line is.after the single vent was tested morgan liked it so much he vented a canopy all across the bottom. made it too soft and it wanted to roll up like a window shade
  10. in # 7a...... i spot at least 2 2nd generation ford econoline vans. they came out in 1968.
  11. TORNADO releases... thats what dick morgan had on his rig.similar to rocket jets except you had 2 sliding thingies instead of one . 2x more complicated than rocket jets.
  12. WOW you remember old conrad crowton!he was jumping dick morgans personal gear on that jump.morgan didnt have rocket jets tho( i cant recall at the moment what they were,but they werent r.j's.i will look at my old pictures i have of ol tricky dick and see if can recall what they were.)after snyder and morgan got back to jersey, ed callahan had the task of cleaning morgans gear.afterward, morgan sold the reserve to some other local jumper.everytime it was used , a suspension line would break.i guess body fluids do damage to nylon over time.
  13. in may of 1966, Mac MacGraw exited a Howard dga jumpship that the low time pilot had stalled during climbout at around 500 it stalled, the aircraft rolled over to the left.somehow he exited thru the door which was up at that moment, and deployed his para commander(was not wearing front mount reserve at the time becuse he was jumpmastering a load of students)one other person managed to get out but did not have enough time for his canopy to open.aircraft went in with a nearly full fuel load.
  14. try warren at parachute equipment corp