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  2. Hi All, I’m the guy from Belarus living in the Netherlands. A few months ago I was bored and start reading around Reddit until I somehow ended up on the discussion about wingsuit on /r/SkyDiving/. I was totally blown away by the complexity of it, 200 jumps before even try to fly some silly squirrel suit! I start reading and watching videos about other skydiving disciplines. I didn’t notice how my whole Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday night disappeared:) Then I read the book of Brian Germain “Transcending Fear: The Doorway to Freedom. It was one of turning points when I said to myself: stop reading and watching stuff and get to the air, man! So a month later it was tandem jump: the door, first 5s of free fall, full sensory overload. I don’t remember free fall except for the surprising loud noise of the relative wind. But when canopy opened, it was pure joy, happiness, the beauty of our planet from 5000ft and the very quiet whisper of wind of pressurized canopy. When we landed, I was the happiest man on the Earth. I watch the video later and god damn it, I never saw grin like that! So I was soo happy that I forgot everything. Including my wallet at DZ. I knew that it’s not cheep sport, but I literally left all of my money after first jump! Last weekend I started and finished my AFF in 3 days, 7 jumps. Did my first solo in the last AFF day as well. It was a hell of a ride! Especially last day, 5 jumps (4 AFF and first solo). Weather was pretty “interesting”, around 0C at some time it was even snowing. Now after some rest and getting my thoughts together, I can say - guys, the sport, lifestyle, and community are awesome! I’m so looking forward to discovering skydiving: my of solo jumps, some FS, some canopy piloting. You know, just taking my time, learning the sport, not rushing to get 200 jumps to put squirrel suite My thoughts for anyone going to AFF, I wonder if experienced jumpers might agree with some of them: Try tandem, even if it’s not part of AFF. It’s the easiest change to understand if you will like it. Also, get a video of it, you will never be able to do the first jump again. So, nice to get some memories, plus your face on video, I bet it will be hilarious. Get some tunnel time. 15+ minutes was kind of OK for me, still AFF my instructors sometimes called me “flying banana”, as my body was bend and spinning like hell sometimes. Watch some videos of AFF/A progression jumps, so you are aware of what will happen. USPA A progression is great collection Try to complete AFF fast if you can, it’s not best if you return after a month of the first jump - you forget everything. Instructors often(all the time?) also jumping tandems, so priority will go to tandem all the time. Because of that - be around them on the DZ all the time and try to get on all possible loads (if you are ready for the next level). I was kind of waiting and relaxed on my first 2 days that’s why I made only 3 jumps. But on last day I was always on DZ always ready and always poking instructors when they pass by. So I finished the day with 5 jumps. If you are crazy like me and want to start as early in the season as possible - make sure you dressed well. Flying through snow is fun but hanging like icicle under canopy for 5 minutes are not. And on exit altitude, it will be colder (7C drop per 4000ft or so) Drink water, and something hot as well. Eat well but not too full. Quick cracker after landing helped me to regain energy. Always check your rig when you get it and before the jump. Always ask someone to check you, the instructor will do it anyway, but its good habit to control it yourself and not waiting/hoping someone will do the job. It’s an active sport, meaning you have to be active and in control. A most important part of the program of your jumps is always one - pull. Don’t let it happen that instructor pull for you, altitude awareness first, moves and other stuff second. Don’t flare too high, look on the horizon. When you thinking that you gonna hit the ground it’s usually too high still. Count to 3 (oh shit - oh shit - oh shit - flare!) Don’t drink alcohol night before the jump. Definitely, don’t drink with dusty round canopy paratroopers from Do your first solo jump right after graduation of AFF, same day, next load (if you ready). You worked hard for it and now it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy the sky without those instructors. Remember to pull and flare Next month I plan some trips to Austria and US(Boston), if someone knows DZs there which allow pre-A license jumper without own rig - let me know See you at 12000ft Pavel
  3. gresende007

    Youngest Swooper?

    Hey guys, I've seen some posts about youngest skydiver to complete 1000 jumps but how about the youngest swooper? I am 17 and haven't competed yet but I plan on doing so and jump a JVX 69 loaded as 2.6 and swoop 810's for 110-120m on gates. What have you guys seen?
  4. dudeman17

    DB Cooper

    Here's a thought that may clear up one of the mysteries. Is it possible that that second chute, described as "an integral part of the parachute" is the PILOT CHUTE for that rig? A pilot chute is a small, spring-loaded chute that pops out when you pull the ripcord. It anchors in the air and pulls out the primary parachute. It could be another FBI typo, perhaps it's 24 inches, not 24 feet. Don't know if the manufacturer/part number/serial number is consistent with that, but maybe Joe or 377 can find that out.
  5. johnmatrix

    Ever been unable to find PC?

    That is ridiculous. What an idiot.
  6. Cyberdan

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    I'm no coach, but leg/body position awareness could be a challenge to some new jumpers. When I did my AFF years ago I remember my instructor used the term "let your legs scream at you" by curling my toes, this kept me aware of my leg position at all times as I had to think about them and not let them relax too much that they flop or go 90 degrees, try it on your belly on the ground and see if you become more aware of where they are. Hope this helps
  7. CoolBeans

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    If you expect you will have to fork extra money to repeat further levels you might as well spend that money towards wind tunnel and not repeat some future level. 15 min tunnel was great help for me personally. And somewhere around AFF 3/4 is a good moment because you know more less what's going on and what you need to work on.
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  9. Harrison Carrodus

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    Have to repeat stage 4 AFF due to legs at 90° instead of 45°. Anyone have any tips for keeping legs at 45° during free fall. Leg position has been a problem on all my AFF jumps. Anyone recommend the wind tunnel to correct this issue.
  10. Aerodyne1

    Icon + Pilot 168 + Smart 160 + Cypres

    How is this rig ready for shipment in 2 weeks? Aerodyne does not have a rig like this ready built in stock just needing a harness. Build time for them is 8-12 weeks. ...
  11. dannybhey

    Icon I-2 Mint Condition

    Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2011 Icon I-2 Mint condition, located in NZ suits jumper 5ft 10, 170lbs



  12. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    "Find info on a Steinthal 60-9707" I'm still waiting on someone to show a photo of the chute mentioned above?
  13. degeneration

    Riser design & toggle fires

    I also was interested in these, as they sound very intriguing, and I'm possibly on the look out for new risers. So I messaged them for more info, and the attached pictures are what they sent, as well as the video. They also stated the following: IMG_3578.MOV
  14. skydave89

    Ever been unable to find PC?

    Personally I never have, but a jumper at my DZ started in a P2 and reported having occasional trouble finding his handle, so when he had 25 jumps and asked my opinion on upsizing to a Funk told him it wasn’t smart. So did the other experienced flyer. What did he do? Bought the Funk, jumped it, and wasn’t able to find his PC (never did a practice touch up high). Tumbled from 5,000ft down until his AAD saved his life, because on top of all that he’d hooked up the suit wrong and had reserve handle inside.
  15. birdynamnam

    Beginner wingsuit recommendations?

    I have been vigilantly advising/monitoring effects of mods to standard skydiving gear over the years for people here. I will rank it based on this yearlong experience what works efficient; 1) Longer bridle 8-9" optimally also for studentsuits usage 2) A fresh pilotchute I advice Zpo material for consistancy and yes the Skysnatch indeed makes deployments more consistent as it doesnt woble in and out of burble area, so 1 and 2 can be done in one go by getting a skysnatch 3) Open corners in Rig main tray 4) Semistowless bag. A normal bag works just fine, if one leave some line slack in main tray and have fresh elastics all over and change them often. Finally all pieces must fit together. If you have a small Rig and pack a too large main in there, then at deploymenttime the PC can sometimes yank it out with a small twisting motion creating linetwists. The reserve, get it as big as can be fit, go for lightweight material so you get more sqft. Be safe.
  16. BBAG

    Sabre2 190

    Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    PD Sabre 2 190. DOM March 2002. Has about 450 jumps, I put on 85 of those. No tears. No patches. Lineset is in good shape. I can put you in contact with the rigger who inspected it, but I do not have a written report.


    Scottsdale, Arizona - US

  17. Skyjeff03

    Small Parachute de France Rig in great conditions!

    ok, just text me here, 4034047736. What's the DOM of the Vigil 2?
  18. I remember the Strato Flyer was popular with little guys and little women. It was notoriously hard to flare. Also, it was released so the jumping public could do the test jumping for the Safety Flyer reserve version, only Para Flite never told anybody about that part. Safety Flyer was the first TSO'd square reserve, released in 1978.
  19. @husslr187 Thanks, its a 114 sqft and its not to big, the rig closes nicely. My rigger checked the bridle, kill-line and pilot and everything is like it is supposed to be. He asked sunpath about this issue and is waiting for a reply. I was just wondering if anyone knew the specs for maximum required pull-force for lifting the d-bag from the container if there are such specs (or pulling the pin for that matter). Peter
  20. EJU

    DB Cooper

    Daily DB Cooper Bite. I talk about how the FBI dropped the ball while investigating DBC.

    DB Cooper

    You have one National Guard statement on one side and many overwhelming FBI docs and Cossey's claims on the other.. If you want to claim perhaps it is all in error and Cossey is a liar then why not expand that to the entire case.. how can we trust any FBI docs.. You have to use reason and logic to sort these things out. Using a minor conflict to discount everything else will get you nowhere. Ultimately, this case is an intellectual puzzle, we actually have very few pieces, some that don't even fit and many being hidden from us. WE need to apply critical thinking to advance it and solve it, we aren't getting any new evidence and the info in the FBI docs has been evaluated by them with no results..
  22. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    Perhaps, a lot of it is in error?
  23. lyosha

    Beginner wingsuit recommendations?

    Phoenix Fly shadow or phantom if you're going to buy (recommended). Whatever you can generate your hands on if you're renting. Not sure what a hornet is, but typically beginner and medium sized suits do fine with standard gear setup. If you want to rush to a larger size like an rbird3 or ATC you may consider upgrading your gear. Of all the gear to upgrade, a semi stowless bag should be first. The added benefit of a skysnatch is much less in my experience.
  24. tabouare

    Brilliant Pebbles

    I have the first generation and it's installed in a Kiss It's plenty loud for me, you have plenty of options to set up the type of alarm sound and length. The software works flawlessly and customer is the best I've ever seen and you can't beat the price of that unit. Battery life is plenty long. When going up the alarms can be deactivated and you get only 1 beep at around 100ft. The alarms will all sound when coming down. There's no detection of fall speed to mute freefall alarms like other manufacturer but honestly I kind of like it. It reminds me of my hard deck on every jump. With the Kiss, I need to remove a screw to get it out of the helmet because the adapter mount doesn't allow the USB cable to enter the connector from inside. I find this part annoying but I don't change my alarms all the time. According to Aon2, Gen 2 will eliminate the need for the custom adapter mount for the Kiss but I don't know if that issue will still exist. I also have a X2 and they put bluetooth on that one so maybe in the future it will be implemented. All in all, I'm very satisfied with that product

    DB Cooper

    why, the 1957 Hayden got back was in evidence but not necessarily on the plane and several other docs ID another chute as the Pioneer found on the plane. Perhaps the 24' is an error/typo but all the other info doesn't match the chute Hayden rec'd.. the only real conflict is the "24' length" written down by the National Guard. The reserve found on the plane is clearly ID,d with different S/N and date etc... The packing date for the back chute matches Hayden's chute(s).
  26. DerekGodsey12

    DB Cooper

    No matter who your favorite suspect is, which path the plane took, whether Cooper lived or died, there is no reason whatsoever with today’s technology the case should still be an active investigation by the FBI.

    DB Cooper

    One thought I had was that one found on the plane was Cossey's Pioneer but it was packed the same May 21/71 date as Hayden's.. that would be an amazing co-incidence and slim... and the one Hayden got back was never on the plane. Cossey hearing that a Pioneer was found on the plane would have assumed his custom chute was taken by Cooper. Then Cooper would have taken Hayden's 28 ft.. But, any way you slice it, there had to be more than 2 back chutes involved.
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