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  1. He is either trying to keep morons from asking difficult questions, or he is just putting the FUN in FUNdamentalist. --- PCSS #10
  2. hagar

    Top 10...

    I think nr 10 is a perfectly valid reason. :) --- PCSS #10
  3. ~1:4 At least there is more jumps than posts. If I hadn't made a new profile a while ago I would have had about 1:1. --- PCSS #10
  4. Could America invade iraq? Some fear that it will be like another Vietnam. I think it can be more like another Stalingrad if Saddam choose to keep his units inside the cities. Capturing Iraqi cities held by an determinant defender, or even a militia, will cause lots of casualties. Maybe more than a democracy has stomach for. --- PCSS #10
  5. How about Zero-P pants? --- PCSS #10
  6. hagar


    Probably because of the Internet's ability to mishandle transmissions. Looks like someone have managed to harness the only infinite source of energy/cash/whatever: Stupidity. --- PCSS #10
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    got 92 in 1 minute --- PCSS #10
  8. hagar

    Landing Out?

    Places I have landed in one windy day: Jump 1 On a field several kilometers away that looked just like the landing area. Jump 2 I was standing still about 50ft above a power line, hoping that the winds would be calmer lower down. I was happy when I saw that I was going to fly over the power line but at the same time I realised that there where no way in hell I could fly over the line of trees 5 meters in front of the power line. After I had landed in front of the trees with inches to spare, I decided to get rid of my extremely ground hungry Maverick. Jump 3 When I hit some heavy turbulence at 30ft, my canopy collapsed and dove at high speed in between two big trees in a garden. Flaring didn't seem to reduce the impact speed but my canopy got caught in one of the trees, so I got a soft landing. Of course I carry a cell phone when I am jumping. --- PCSS #10
  9. You would maybe burst a lung if you held your breath during the entire ride to altitude in the fastest super otter in the world. Probably not since the difference in pressure is only 1/4. --- PCSS #10
  10. hagar

    Turbo ZX

    So far I got 50 jumps on my Turbo ZX. The first jumps I got really hairy openings, it wanted to throw me into a linetwist every time. After a while I learned to pack it properly, and now I get on-heading openings as soft as I care to make them. It is really easy to control with the light and sensitive toggles. Same with the rear risers. Double fronts is really heavy but possible. This canopy is definitly a toggle machine. Landing: It flares ok, not THAT much flare power but enough to keep a slow straight in landing endurable. The flare might be better at a higher loading. A good first canopy that is fun to fly on the first 50-100 jumps after student status.
  11. hagar

    Like a rock!!

    Here is another picture of a cock - the horrible
  12. I think some of the problems is caused by the strange and nonstandard ways IE handles Java. - the horrible
  13. post whoring. - the horrible meta post whore //Edit: Moderators: When you remove these useless posts, do I get to keep the post numbers?
  14. If no rational cause can be found - it is simply designated an Act of God, the question is wich God, and why? - the horrible
  15. Unless someone is really unsafe, I think we should always encourage them to continue jumping. They will quit sooner or later anyway if they REALLY where not meant to be skydiving. If they don't quit, they will probably thank you for pushing them after they have gotten over their fears. - the horrible
  16. IMHO anything that happends after you walk away or is able to walk away from a landing is not a skydiving incident. - the horrible The post whore wannabe previously knows as Haeloth
  17. How are you planning to get the roll with you on the plane unnoticed? - the horrible The post whore wannabe previously knows as Haeloth
  18. How could he be perfect if he was also a human? - the horrible The post whore wannabe previously knows as Haeloth
  19. Why would anyone create an intentional two out situation? - the horrible The post whore wannabe previously knows as Haeloth
  20. I wanna be a post whore too!!! - the horrible The post whore wannabe previously knows as Haeloth